Wake Up Call!

Mohanji’s Message on Corona Virus Pandemic – 11th March 2020

It is a time to think. A virus has brought the entire mankind to its knees. A virus has really dictated the terms of our existence. Even with all our technological growth, with all our power, a high level of awareness, and scientific development, we still cannot fight a virus. There are so many factors that make us aware of how helpless we are.

This is a clear sign of our helplessness. Many people ask me about certain mantras which will help during this time. Mantras definitely help. Mantras are vibrations or frequencies. If you increase your frequency, you become more immune. And one of the mantras which come to my mind easily is the Gayatri Mantra which everybody is familiar with. If you keep chanting this, it will help you and your community a lot. This has been tested and proved a long time ago. Likewise, the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra also helps. Therefore, Mantras certainly help.

Gayatri mantra

Om Bhuur-Bhuvah Svah


Bhargo Devasya Dhiimahi

Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayaat

Maha Mrityanjaya Mantra

Om tryambakam yajaamahe


Urvaarukam iva bandhanaat

Mrtyor mukshii ya maamritaat

Chanting helps, detachment helps. Even the society has to redefine its existence today. We have lived a reasonably insensitive, unconsciously insensitive existence all these years. We did not care about anything around us. We did not care about ecology; we did not really take care of the environment that we live in. We have always complained and talked so much about rights rather than responsibilities. So this is a time, that this virus has brought us to a certain awareness, a certain question in our life.

What exactly are we doing? What are we up to? Is this what we are? It is very important that we define humanity; define mankind; define our existence in a much more detailed way in this context at this time. One of the primary things which we can discuss here is how committed have we been to the ecology or the environment around us? We have been blindly following our tastes, our desires, our imaginations, and our own pleasures. We never thought about how it will affect the world outside.


We do hunting; kill animals who wanted to live. We kill various beings for the pleasure of our time, the pleasure of our skin. We have manipulated and mutilated so many beings. Now it is payback time. This is a sign of payback where nature is telling us who is in charge. Because this virus is bothering us, it is bothering our lives, our daily activities, even the economy. It is affecting us on every level. But, if you look at the whole world from a different angle, human beings are the worst viruses that this world has ever seen, because we have affected every aspect of the world – the earth, the water, and the sky. We have contaminated every space. We have done so much damage to this world.

This is the right time to think about it. We brought oil from under the earth while nature has given us three energy sources – sunlight, water, and air. Pure energy sources. Instead, we chose to extract oil from inside the earth, which was supposed to be lubricating and balancing the earth. Today, we see much more natural calamities; many more earthquakes, we see so many other things connected to the Earth’s instability. When the Earth is unstable, we are unstable. This is one. Two, because of all this insensitive lifestyle, the Earth has warmed up – ‘Global Warming.’ That has also affected us and is affecting us every moment. It is melting the ice. It’s taking the drinking water, the pure water sources away. We can see that the water levels are rising and it will wipe away some islands in this world. That is again the destruction of life. We saw tsunamis affecting and killing many people. Therefore, overall nature is retaliating. Nature is fighting back because of our insensitivity.

We have seen forest fires. Most of them are supposedly manmade fires. We lit up the forests and billions of animals died; acres of land were devastated. So much of destruction has happened in the last hundred years. Meanwhile, technology grew. We are in the age of the internet. We have seen so many different dimensions of technology, technological expertise, and technological development. It is all very commendable. It is remarkable. The world has come together. However, have we grown in awareness? Have we really used this awareness to expand our kindness and compassion in this world? Absolutely not!


We are still fighting for the sake of greed. We live for profits; do business for profits. We do not care whether there is an inconvenience to the environment because of our business. We are so insensitive. In the name of money, in the name of profits, we compromise many things. When we compromise humanity, we lose mankind. Wherever we have touched, we have behaved like viruses. We talk too much about religion but we do not talk about humanity. Actually speaking, humanity is the best or the most important religion. We are one species. We should be talking about us as a species; we should be talking about us in terms of what can we do for this Earth; what can we do for this world? Not what we can take from this world.

We have always spoken about rights, but it is time we speak about responsibilities. This is a time to think about how many people will die because of this virus. As we know now, so many countries are affected. Travel bans are happening; Communication channels are affected; Traveling between countries are not smooth anymore; Business transportation is affected. Therefore, we can see that it is affecting every level of existence. Hospitals are on overdrive. Medicines are not suitable, or not all the medicines are suitable. I still believe that only natural medicines will be suitable for these kinds of viruses. But, do we have the nature to get those medicines? This is another question. Because we have made the earth so barren that the earth cannot give us anything more. We have used the earth in a very insensitive way.

We have reached a stage where we do not even talk to people. We look at people as profit centres, as a profit potential or the source for profit. We do not see people, we do not see animals, we do not see birds, we see nobody and we see nothing. We have become islands. Then suddenly we realize a virus has brought us to our knees, brought the whole world to its knees. It has devastated us. It is like a third world war now. Not between countries, but between nature and this one species – human species. This is not the end. Do not think that this ends here. Once this virus ends, people will go back to their old ways. Then again, we will create; the collective consciousness will create such incidents. We are looking at conquering the Earth. We cannot conquer the Earth; the Earth conquers us.

No human being has ever conquered the Earth; it was only an illusion. People have said, “With lots of wealth and property, we buy assets and we save a lot of things.” Until when? Until our death, up to our graveyard. That is it. We cannot take anything from here. The only things we can have while we exist on Earth are the experiences that we get. All the experiences through our five senses – eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and skin, and through the processors. Emotions are processed in the mind, information is processed with our intellect, and the materials which support our existence are processed through the ego. That is all we have. Therefore, we have five senses and three processors. Summing up, everything put together – experiences. Some we call good experiences, some we call bad experiences. That is all we have. That is life. So in this life, how much are we harming the world, harming people and harming nature? We have violated everything. We have manipulated everything. Then we cry now. What do we do now?

It is time to redefine ourselves. It is time to redefine humanity, to redefine human existence on Earth. It is time. We cannot be islands anymore. We cannot be isolated anymore. We have to behave responsibly. As we read in the newspapers, the place where it all started in China was a wild animal market. Wild Animals should be in the wild, what were they doing in the market? Also, how much of the killings are still happening? Trophy hunting is happening. Countries like Africa are offering their wild animals for hunting, for money. They do not care. People do not care. Why do we kill something for our satisfaction? Isn’t that an aberration? It is an abnormality to kill some being, to take something of a being, who wants to live. It’s abnormal for human beings to think like this.


We must redefine our existence; we must go plant-based; we must accept the environment. We should not use any materials (like fertilizers) that will harm or pollute the Earth or its beings. We should completely discard them. We should make our life cleaner, easier, and better. We should look at every species as a part of this Earth, as a part of us, as a part of co-existence. All species have the same rights on Earth, the same value on Earth. We cannot say we are superior and be isolated from instinct, because we have intelligence and imagination. We are not superior. When do we know we are superior? – When we add value to the environment around us, when we do not pollute the Earth, when we do not manipulate or destroy Earth or destroy life. When we do not do any of that, that time, we can say we are a refined species.

Recently, these forest fires of the last one year have destroyed billions of beings. A lot of flora and fauna were devastated. If it is man-made, there’s no mercy, no pardon. Because we created our own graveyard, we dug our own grave, and then we cannot complain. Now, when nature tells who is in charge, all we can do is sit down, watch and pray. But pray to whom? We have to pray to ourselves, to be reasonable, to be sensitive, to be loving, to be kind, to be compassionate, to be human beings. Humanity is the highest thing, which we can express during human existence. That is all we have to do.

So, this virus is definitely a warning bell for us, to our species as a whole. Discard all divisions that we have entertained; caste, country, culture, and colour. The virus never cared about them. The virus had no boundaries. The virus did not check which border, it affected everybody. It is really the time to think and it is really the time to act. If we do not do that, if you do not become one global family, one species – human species – beyond caste, country, culture, and religion, if we do not take care of each other, as lovingly as we take care of our children, we do not have a future. This is important to know.

I wish you good health, I wish you stability and I wish you great awareness. Please spread this message to the world. Tell people that it is time we unite and we come together. Once again, I wish you all great health.


Transcribed by Rakshitha Ananth
Proofread by Shyama Jeyaseelan

Watch Mohanji’s message on Corona virus given on 17 March here.

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