World Consciousness Alliance -2nd Anniversary

World Consciousness Alliance (WCA) is two years old – this is the second anniversary of WCA. It is so wonderful that we are meeting and talking. 

WCA was born on the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day, and there was a clear purpose – the purpose is as clear now as it was then. It is important to shift the collective consciousness of this generation so that the next generation and the generations to come will have a better world, better life, better earth, better environment, better understanding, and better awareness. The seeds have to be sown now because, in the last hundred years, humankind has destroyed this earth much more than ever in history. That means that in the last hundred years, we saw more destruction than ever.

Now we see a lot of disturbances on various levels. There are natural calamities such as ice melting and poles shifting. And plenty of man-made calamities such as forest-fires, religious conflicts, ideological warfare, destruction, death, divisions of countries into pieces – all just because people want to rule, people want to conquer and capture. So we see the abundance of unconscious activities, or lack of awareness, or only ignorance.

How can we make a change when a generation is moving unconsciously, and pretty much ignorantly?

That is the time we have to remind people (not that people don’t know, they know) that their highest possibility as a human being is in living compassion, in living kindness, in living selflessness, in living purity in thoughts-words-actions. And in living nonviolence – Ahimsa. Live and let live.


Ignore the flaws and faults of people. Bring them in, collect them together in a brotherhood beyond caste, culture, colour, religion, and language, because people are all the same as human beings, one species. Humanity is the religion if at all, you need a religion. The method, the reason, and the practice should be nonviolent so that everybody can exist peacefully. No deaths, no displacements, no wars, no refugees, and no warfare. And especially no ideological warfare. 

Believe in whatever you like (but keep it to yourself), and spread love.  

Your expression should be love, unconditional love. And this is exactly what WCA stands for. 

Why did we have to create a platform of this kind? 

Because we have to do something to reach the hearts of people, and the best way is through entertainment – through the performing arts like music and dance, through communication via social media, through various art forms. This is the way we get to the hearts of people. 

Why do we have to reach the hearts of people? 

It is not to manipulate nor to control through fear. It is to transform to love, which is the highest refinement of existence, the highest possibility. We all have that in us! Just a spark is enough to awaken it. And that spark is this thought that there is a larger possibility – not the unconscious existence of me-and-mine, the binding and controlling things like ownership, conquests, killing, that are all barbaric. We don’t need them.

What can we own from the earth?

We came empty-handed, and we will leave empty-handed. And in between those, what do we own?

What do we control?


So this is the thought that we should let enter and merge in our understanding, in our every cell. And we should vibrate that, so we accept everybody and see no culture, no country, colour, community. We have only love; we have only acceptance; total acceptance, unconditional acceptance. 

The music, feature films, entertainment of various kinds, even sports – all these help unite people.

This is exactly what WCA stands for.

World Consciousness Alliance = unification of hearts. 


It is to unite people, to unite hearts. We have no hierarchy here. Nobody is higher. Nobody is lower. Nobody is equal. All are unique. 

We respect uniqueness. WCA is respect. 


And WCA is acceptance and understanding; acceptance through understanding that we are all one. We are one species. We have the same aspirations. 

And we look at every being on earth as potentially our own extensions, extensions that are interconnected. We do not segregate ourselves as a species from the world, which we have done previously. So many species are extinct now, they were all creations, manifestations. But because of our existence, they all became extinct. We have to reverse things as much as possible so that we can give a better Earth to the next generation. And this is exactly the reason why we need a WCA. 

And people who have come into WCA are also like-minded, they have great visions, they have great hearts. It’s not about qualifications or where you are from but what heart you carry. If you carry a very large heart, you are a member of WCA. You are part of it. And people have come together in WCA and brought all these hearts together. So WCA is uniting hearts – and for the sake of the entire world.

Imagine a world where there is no conflict, where there is no religion; there is no barrier, you don’t even need a passport to go, no frisking, there’s no checking, people are happy, people love people.

Now we don’t trust people; we don’t trust each other, we are in conflict with ourselves and in conflict with the world.

WCA means no conflict with ourselves or with the world outside.


What we are inside, that’s exactly what we get outside. It’s basically a reflection, a mirror. So we only reflect something that is extremely positive, extremely bright. WCA is brightness.

This is the idea behind WCA that took birth two years ago. But just as some people are very mature by birth, WCA is already mature and displaying that maturity in this world. So many great people are uniting, and so many great people will unite further. They will all come together further in purpose – to transform the world and tell them: “Look here, we are here to love, not to hate, not to take revenge, not for wars, no bloodshed. We are here to love, experience love, to experience togetherness and brotherhood, experience all the good and positive things.”

And then we hand over this world to the next generation, with the same mentality, the same attitude, an attitude of gratitude, and with deep respect.

WCA is respect. WCA is gratefulness.


So WCA is all the highest possibilities of human existence. There is a lot of relevance for WCA today, and it will have great relevance all the time because WCA can never get old. All those things which are limiting are only in the mind. We are limitless. WCA is limitless, unlimited.

In this context, I would like to sincerely congratulate and respect all the people who are putting this together. WCA’s president, Andra Baylus, and all the team members have come together and created this platform, bringing great ideas and motivating people in the activities that are being brought to the world, as we speak. 

So I wish everybody great health, great motivation, self-inspiration, and great success.

I am walking with you. I am very inspired by your activities, and I’m feeling really great that WCA is on earth now.

There will be many more great things to do; different things will be happening – it’s coming. 

So we should not ever limit ourselves. And the mind will not be our benchmark or criterion – but beyond the box, outside of the box. Go well beyond everything until we achieve the goal of all people on earth living in harmony and peace.

WCA is harmony; WCA is peace.


Until everybody is living in harmony, peace, and fearlessness, we will not have done the job.

WCA is fearlessness too.


We have a long way to go, but at least we know where we are going, we know the destination, we know what we need to do with WCA. And WCA is not a small thing. It is a huge global platform. WCA will have many more physical platforms in many countries just to establish this whole philosophy of togetherness and love, companionship and compassion, and that will continue through generations.

I wish you great success – we walk together, and we inspire each other. Let’s have great ideas, practical ideas. And then we shall implement them with conviction. We walk together with conviction, consistency, confidence. (Wish you a) great second anniversary! Long live WCA!

Lots of love, 


Transcribed and Proofread by Geeta Iyer

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