Spiritual Journey, Paths, and Guides

A deeply insightful and straightforward message from Mohanji, in a  Q&A format – to enjoy and implement :-). Loving regards, BTW Team Topics: Choosing Gurus and spiritual courses; The seeker’s relationship to the Guru; Fulfilling our own spiritual mission; How many e-mails can you handle a day? Q. How to choose a Guru?  Which spiritual

Q&A Sessions with Mohanji – Dec 2010

Post-BTW Q&A Sessions with Mohanji – Muscat, Dec 2010 Topics: How & why to be spine-oriented? What is the meaning of chakra being open or closed? Should one wear precious stones and why? How to overcome procrastination? What do you mean by binding/bondage? Q: This is a preliminary question: you said that we need to concentrate

The Right Management

Questions answered: What is Management?; How to remain in the present, no matter what?; How do we know which Master is talking through you?; Your mission, in a nutshell; How long will this service to humanity continue?; How long do you intend to work? Out of all the questions I received by e-mail, I will address

Q&A in Muscat, July 2nd, 2010

Synopsis: What if I don’t feel anything during meditation? When to come out of the meditation? Everyone is unique -why? Deterioration in purity – Masters and Acharyas – true Masters always GIVE unconditionally. Can we measure the Grace? Q. I do not feel anything during meditation! A: If you do not feel anything; it is

Q&A in Dubai – 25 June 2010

Experience vs. suppression; Does Jnana (knowledge) increase the ego; At which point is a person ready to become Guru; Path of annihilation; Why do we change Gurus; Whatever you deserve, you will get; Shaktipat is changing your software; How do we know that our Guru is the right one; Should one ask people to come

The Power of the Subtle – Q&A18 June – after BTW in Muscat, Oman

Topics: Power of Purity and Karma eradication; Creation-reflection of our consciousness; Is Universe still expanding?; Only two choices left: either to operate at the level of emotions or at the level of awareness; Subtlety is power; Limitations of free will, etc. In response to mobile that rang just at the completion of meditation… In any

Q&A after BTW on 21 May 2010, Muscat, Oman

Topics: Pretension & Cults;  How to know we are progressing spiritually; Accepting physical aging; How not to dissipate our energy; Great Masters put the axe at the root of the expectations; Increase in eligibility is always based on detachment; Third dimension of a person !   Q: I was thinking today that we always say that