Feel Blessed If You Are a Devotee of Sai Baba

The path of Sai Baba is the ultimate path, the path of the Avadhootas. The Avadhoota path is a path of extreme purification, where self-realisation is only one aspect of it. It’s total dissolution, a state of nirbija samadhi. The samadhi states can be broadly classified into two, sabija samadhi and nirbija samadhi. Sabija samadhi has six stages – savitarka samadhi, nirvitarka samadhi, savichara samadhi, nirvichara samadhi, savikalpa samadhi and nirvikalpa samadhi. These six stages and then nirbija samadhi has only one stage. Nirbija samadhi in simple terms, I would say, the drop falls into the ocean and becomes the ocean.

A Master in the capacity of Sai Baba was a great Avadhoota. The Avadhoota path is a path of total dissolution. When I say total dissolution, all your patterns, all that you have stored, everything that you are, must become ashes. Only then can Shiva wear you. Everything which you have stored in every sheath of yours must burn itself into ashes. So, this path is a path of fire. The path of Shiva is a path of fire. And this path is not easy. Because, we have chosen over many lifetimes, over many paths, we have chosen a path where we say, now I had enough. Now I am ready for the ultimate. Once you reach there, it’s not sensations or experiences anymore. It’s hard core dissolution. Dissolution is a very powerful path. The path of Lord Dattatreya is a very, very powerful path. And it fast forwards all the aspects which you are probably supposed to experience over many lifetimes into one lifetime. And that’s not easy to handle. Some of these things are probably laid out over many lifetimes. They compress it into one lifetime.

Then they intensify that and then dissolve it completely, and you are free. This is a big favour the Tradition does to you. When you are walking the path of liberation, expect all these calamities because each moment becomes intense, because many lifetimes are getting reduced. It’s getting crushed into one; let’s say a hundred lifetimes crushed into one lifetime or a few lifetimes, so that everything is dissolved. That is why this path is intense. Baba never puts any obstacle in anybody’s path, that’s not his interest. His interest is to make you lighter, remove all the things, which he does. When situations happen, which are uncontrollable, Baba intervenes, sorts it out. But, it has to come and go.

Whatever is stored in your mind has to appear through the mind and dissolve. Whatever is stored in your body has to appear through the body and dissolve. Whatever is stored in the physical sheath, annamaya kosha, has to be sorted out through the physical body sheath. Whatever is stored in the manomaya kosha, the mind sheath, should be sorted out through the mind sheath. Everything has to be sorted out in its corresponding sheath. There could be problems connected to the mind, there could be problems connected to the body, all these are connected to its own location, its own nature, and that will be nullified or at least the intensity reduced by Baba. Every Master does that. All the Masters of our Tradition, the path of liberation, the path of Avadhoota, they completely reduce or they try to reduce the burden to a great extent. From hundred percent to 80, to 60, to 40, but some part of it has to be experienced. We do not know how it should have happened, if it was taking its normal course.

When someone asked him, Mohanji answered he gave part of his soul into the Shirdi Sai Baba idol in Canada and his eyes speak through the idol’s eyes.

Imagine it was probably death, but then it got converted to a few injuries or a fracture or something. It can change things in that drastic step. What was supposed to be a very bad situation became a minor situation, but we complain. Oh, I had this problem, I had this situation. But we never understand what was originally planned and what actually happened. All the great Masters, Avadhootas, they lift a lot of weight away from you, they take it away from you and that’s their blessing, their grace. When you are coming into contact with a Master as powerful as Sai Baba, or we come to any Master of the Datta Tradition, most people experience that life turns upside down, calamities happen, etc. When you are fully surrendering, let whatever happen – I am surrendering to you; I won’t leave you; I hold on to you. Then liberation is guaranteed. Because in the path of liberation, all the things, every aspect of you, every possession, position and relation, every aspect of you should be nullified. You should become empty and pure. This is vital, because even one pebble or one small dot can’t exist. When you are moving towards Supreme Consciousness; no desires, total emptiness and completion. This is exactly what a Master like Baba delivers.

When we are walking the path of total dissolution, we must always be aware that the Master never leaves your hand; the Master is actually reducing your burden. But you may not feel so, because you do not know the original agenda, the original script. The Master is really attending to it. It is not easy to understand while you’re experiencing it. But this is the truth. Let whatever to happen, its fine. You’re not worried about your physical, emotional, intellectual, and financial or any other aspect. You are fully there, fully surrendered, and whatever happens, you are not leaving the path. If you have that kind of conviction, tenacity, and consistency, Masters take over. Then it is Baba’s responsibility. Baba says, “Your job is to come, my job is to take care.” So you have to come, you have to stay; you have to stand there steady with consistency, with conviction, and with continuity. Then everything else is provided.

But always be aware, as I said earlier, when things are escaping you or when things are taken out of you, there will be pain, but that pain is worth it because, we are ensuring no more repetitions of it.  Patterns are getting destroyed, dissolved. That’s extremely good, so that you are free from all these things, because patterns have been continuing through lifetimes. That’s all going; it’s all leaving. We are lucky to be in this path, even whether we understand it or not. We are extremely lucky to be under the blessings or grace of Sai Baba. We’re extremely lucky to be under his umbrella. All you have to do is just stay there, nothing else. Don’t go anywhere just be there and accept everything. Acceptance should be total, acceptance of yourself, and acceptance of situations; no resistance, just be there. Baba takes care. As I explained earlier, whenever there was a crisis, there was his hand to support, he will take care.  You will not be a person anymore. You will be a force. That’s the difference.


Transcribed and proofread by Shyama Jay

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