What are the 330 million dimensions?

There are 330 million deities what does that mean? We have 330 million possibilities, and dimensions in us. Each dimension can be taken out and created as a deity.

In Bharat the temples had a much bigger role in the past. Temples were points of distribution, education, and rejuvenation. The deities as per the Hindu system are like the landlord, the house owner. The same status. In the temple, the deity has the status of the owner. And the deity, as per the system, to maintain the deity, that’s the system of the temple; nobody can touch it.

A priest has to follow that system. And each deity has a different system. There are 330 million deities, what does that mean? We have 330 million possibilities, and dimensions in us. Each dimension can be taken out and created as a deity.

It doesn’t mean that we worship 330 million deities; it is not possible in a lifetime. But it is created in such a way, this is the beauty, that we have all these dimensions. It is respecting the 330 million possibilities of human existence. All are possible.

Unidimensional or Multi-dimensional?

We have actually forgotten our system. Our education system or the way we are brought up has completely eclipsed the truth that we are multi-dimensional.

What do we believe we are?  Unidimensional. How silly.  Our possibility is originally intergalactic. But we are stuck in, or we are locked into a particular form, a particular identity, a particular gender, the place, time and situation, limitation.

But that’s not us truly. We are truly multi-dimensional. That’s why we have 330 million possibilities. And you can worship any possibility or any dimension that suits you. You don’t have to worship the dimension that another one worships.

Uniqueness in each creation

We all are unique and different. Do not be ashamed of it. Our attempt to be the same as others is our true folly. Living the difference is our strength. That is our identity and our unique signature on earth. Yet we should not be deliberate or desperate to prove it. When we are natural and in full acceptance of ourselves, we are displaying our difference unintentionally. This is our true and exact representation.

~ Mohanji

In other words, 8 billion people can have their personal deity, externally.  Internally, you are all deities. You are all unique. Your thumb’s impression is unique to you. The texture of the retina of your eyes is unique to you.

Creation has always been unique. You are not like another, you’re not even comparable. But do we think like that? How stupid it is to compete or to compare us with another. We are all unique. But instead of accepting our uniqueness or originality, we tend to compare. That is insulting ourselves.

We are unique, we are original there’s nobody like us. But we think, oh, I’m not like that person. I’m not like this person, I’m not good enough. Who says so? You say so. Nobody else says this.

We actually diminish our possibility to a simple, single uni-dimensional nature and we suffer. Our suffering is because of that.

The entire system helps you to dilute yourself to almost zero or to be the reflection of another. In the education system, we force the children to compete with other students. In what? Getting some marks. That means a total eclipse of originality.

We all are born leaders

We all are born leaders

Each child is potentially a leader. All of us are leaders. At least we are leading a household, as a minimum. We have some leadership in us for sure. Sometimes it’s a state, a society or a country.

But minimum, all of us men, woman take any gender we are leading something, we have leadership in us. This leadership is connected to our originality.

We lead as per what we are. We cannot lead as per what other people are. We are leading a life, our life. We are leading a society; we are dealing with the society as per what we are.

We cannot deal with anything as another, because we are not another. I am not you and I don’t have to be you. You are not another; you don’t have to be another. What is your authenticity?

What is your authenticity?

What is your authenticity? Being you. That’s your total authenticity. If you don’t respect it, you don’t understand the philosophy of 330 million gods.

Be you - unique dimension

There’s only one God, supreme energy, pure brightness which is beyond dimensions, beyond everything, all-encompassing, beyond matter. This is the Supreme Consciousness which is impossible to measure. It’s infinity. We can only perceive it.

When will you know this infinity? When you become infinity. But then you don’t come back and tell how it is through the mouth. Through experience, by experience you can, but then you become the experience. Talkable experience, you cannot talk about God.

We cannot understand God. But we can understand the dimensions of God. That’s why we kept idols. I repeat we can understand the dimensions of God. 8 billion people are 8 billion dimensions of God, we can understand that.

We can perceive that, we can feel it, touch it. That’s why idols are created. So that you can understand okay, this dimension is possible. And that dimension has a range of activities and possibilities.

Possibilities of the deities

Ram - Vishnu Avatar - Maintaining space

We all have possibilities. One of the major possibilities is, that we eat food and sleep and work on IT. These are all possibilities. We do have possibilities. Every idol has possibilities, a range.

Shiva’s possibility is extreme stillness. Shiva, stillness. What is stillness? When you’re all-encompassing. You’re not moving. For movement you need space. Imagine you are filling the whole space. How do you move?

Can you move? You can’t because you are everything. The whole space is filled by you. That is Shiva.

Vishnu is the one maintaining this space, occupancy. Like your police department they ensure law and order. Sanathana Dharma, the righteousness, the duty, the continuity is maintained by Maha Vishnu.

Shakti is movement. What is the Shakti that is perceivable? Your Kundalini Shakti, the Shakti inside you. And when that Shakti attains the state of stillness, you call it enlightenment or God-realization.

Everything is scientific here. And everything is experienceable. But we are not actually looking at any of these possibilities. What are we looking for? Give me something. When we go to a temple, it’s glorious begging.

This is what we do. We create a God which is demanding, which has demands. And then we demand from God. And then we say I am your slave. Who asked you to become the slave of anything?

330 million deities are a reality, it’s truth. Many people do not know why the Hindu system has 330 million deities. It is just a representation of 330 million possibilities of Supreme Consciousness, and it is true.

An example is all the beings walking on Earth walking, crawling, swimming, and flying on Earth. They’re all representations of Supreme Consciousness.

Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt
Proofread by Rekha Murali

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