Mohanji on Mai-Tri Method

What is Mai-Tri Method?

Mai-Tri Method is a part of the liberation process. The whole process, the whole path of spirituality, is about liberating oneself from the bindings of life. We have various types of bindings – emotional binding, physical binding, structural binding, situational binding; so many different varieties of bindings in human existence. Mai-Tri Method is one of those practices that helps a person through energy to come out of bindings of various natures.

Energy blockages

All our ailments, all our diseases, pains are all situational. It’s been acquired over a period of time because we live through various situations in each moment. Experiences of various kinds leave their residue in the human constitution. Some of these residues sometimes cause certain blockages in the system – energy blockages. Through energy blockages, when the energy is blocked over a period of time, it causes physical ailments, emotional ailments, and psychosomatic situations. These psychosomatic situations are not easy to be released individually.

That’s where a system like Mai-Tri Method comes into play, where the intention of the Master comes as energy. The willpower of the receiver combined with the intention of the Master creates a situation where the release happens from the blockages. When blockages are released, automatically, the situation is cleared. The situation that created the blockages may not stay any longer when different energy comes into play.


Mai-Tri Method always helps a person to liberate himself provided it is acceptable to the person. Mai-Tri Method is a non-intrusive way of releasing from the blockages. Non-intrusive in a sense, it’s not forceful; it’s not forced onto anybody it’s provided to. The free-will aspect of every individual is well respected. Free will comes from the individual constitution.

Sometimes there are compelling memories, compelling situations that create a certain requirement in the lifestyle; even diseases are sometimes created by compelling memories, compelling situations. Somebody who’s afraid of certain situations will draw that to themselves.

Free will

In Mai-Tri Method, all these things are connected to free will. Even if it is an ailment which they have collected, conquered and captured and kept, it is respected. Somebody who does not want to be released from a situation or an ailment will not be pushed into it. It’s provided, the energy is provided. The energy is very non-intrusive so that it doesn’t hurt anybody. And the situation makes healing possible, release possible. 

Mai-Tri Method is such a system where anybody who’s going through it, a practitioner as well as a receiver, can easily absorb into it. It’s a very mild, very nice, very soft kind of energy. It doesn’t harm anybody; it doesn’t harm any system. And the intention of the Master is to liberate anybody who comes his way.

Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt

Proofread by Shyama Jeyaseelan

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