What is God? Mohanji answers a question about God

What is God?

What is God? | Mohanji

God is a very large subject. But because we try to make God a person, we don’t understand. When you think about God, God is not just one form, one religion. We make them in such a way that we can understand them.

God – the energy source

God is pure energy. Because we use the word God, there’s a lot of confusion connected to it. God is pure energy, pure consciousness. It’s described as brighter than a million suns. It’s that brightness, intelligent energy which a part of it is in our body. We call it the soul. This energy is still. It has no interest. It is like the petrol of the car. Without petrol, the car won’t move. Or electricity -without electricity, the bulb cannot shine.

God is that energy aspect which enlivens the universe and makes the universe alive, like the sun. The sun’s nature is brightness. The sun’s nature is light and heat, so we get heat and light, not because the sun chooses to give you heat and light. God doesn’t choose. Its nature is life, or it’s alive – live energy. It’s in an atom on the same level. It’s in a blue whale also – the same thing. But the vessel or the size of the things are different. So, God is in everything and behind everything.

God is limitless

Mohanji points to the space around him and says, “Where is God here?” If you go to the atom level, you can see the movement that’s making an atom alive. You can see the God particle. God is such a vast thing. It’s not just the physical universe; it’s non-physical also, i.e. pure energy play. Between planets, there’s space. That space is also filled with God, you know? There’s nothing you can see there. You cannot see, but there’s pure energy there, also.

When you start connecting to yourself deeper, you’ll start asking this question: “What in me is me? What’s this thing in me which is me?” So, you’ll cut across the physical body, the emotions and the mind and the matter. What’s making your mind function, what’s making your intelligence function, what’s keeping memories – all these aspects are connected to energy. That energy is God. So, God is a presence.

God is pure energy

Role of a Guru

A Guru is a presence. Guru is not doing anything for you. Guru’s presence gives you awareness. Your soul is not doing anything for you. The petrol has no interest in your destination. But, because the petrol is in the car, you go; you travel. So, like that, the Guru’s job is to give you brightness, but he’s not giving anything. By nature, the Guru’s job is to give you awareness. Automatically it comes to you. The sun is not giving you heat or light, but because the sun is there, you get it by itself. God is a very large subject, but because we try to make God a person, we don’t understand.

We think Guru is a person. Guru is a principle. A principle called awareness is Guru that can also come in a person, right? Dattatreya had 24 Gurus, but they were from nature. So, Guru is not a human being only. It can also come as a human being. So, when you think about God, God is not just one form, one religion. We make them in such a way that we can understand them.

My existence is in service to the Guru Principle. I am THAT. I am Everything. I am Nothing. I am like a Mirror. I mirror the people or Masters who come in contact with me. I do not have a particular identity.

– Mohanji

When Krishna delivered Bhagavad Gita, he said it in the format of God. He said, “I created this.” That “I” is not Krishna. It’s what sits in him – what made Krishna. He spoke from that angle. Sometimes when your consciousness is expanded, you behave in that mode. When your consciousness is expanded beyond your body, you behave like that. But otherwise, at other times, you are addicted to your personality.

What will you say? “I am so and so. This is my name. This is my form.” That’s the connection to the personality, but the truth is that energy is the only thing that matters. When the energy leaves the body, we call it a dead body. That energy is God particle. That understanding is God-realization, or experience is God-realization.

Transcribed by Ilinka Regodic
Proofread by Yogesh Pandit

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