About Mohanji

Mohanji is an everyday man with whom different people connect differently. Some say that He is a mystic whose presence turns you inwards, while others are completely at home and feel natural around Him. The essence of Mohanji cannot truly be put into a frame. He is what you make of Him. So why do people come to Mohanji? People come to Mohanji because Mohanji does not exist. They come to Mohanji because Mohanji has no dimensions. At the essence, Mohanji is a mirror. Like any mirror, He is empty and reflects back the aspirations, perceptions and concepts of the person so they perceive themselves as they are in a non-judgemental way. Mohanji‘s nature radiates that of a loving mother, a best friend, a devoted family man, a lucid philosopher and an unconditionally loving guide.

Coming from relative anonymity, He raised Himself to the level of global recognition with the grace and support of the powerful traditions and their associated Masters. He never had a proper Guru or guidance during His formation stage which pushed him to Source wisdom directly. He often says that He was never afraid to walk alone and it literally was the case. There have been many hurdles, many objections, many betrayals, many falls and many rises. But the walk continued.

Whatever He speaks is original and directly from the Source. Mohanji expresses many Masters, and many Masters express through him. He always says that “in terms of consciousness, we are all One”. He is a melting pot of various traditions which is visible through His associations. He advocates the path of Pathlessness where the flow is all there is. Superficially, it is just seeming contradictions but behind the obvious, He is relentlessly working for the liberation of generations.

Always spontaneous, living fully in the moment, childlike yet firm, His friends, associates and followers have witnessed many of His shades and have documented them below. Like the quintessential fable of the blind men and the elephant, he is all the below and yet beyond these frames.


Mohanji Golden Aura

“He is the state of freedom, free like the sky, still like the hill, change like the season. He is the Silence like complete emptiness. He is what you conceive him to be, He is ‘THAT’.” – Nilesh Parekh (Toronto, Canada)

“Mohanji is the summer, spring, autumn and winter of my life. Seasons may change like the ups and downs of life I face, but he remains unchanged in my life as a guiding light through thick and thin” – Bridget Chen (Malaysia)

“Mohanji is my amplifying mirror, my improver, sharpener, honer, mind cultivator and ego chopper, my wound healer and love booster. He is my everything, everywhere, a listener of the tiniest pulsations of my each cell and breath.” – Biljana Vozarevic (Serbia)

“Mohanji is a response to the innermost yearning of those who cry out for grace, who cry out for home. An echo of the highest, noblest and most divine in us. The very source of it.” – Hein Adamson (Jo’burg, SA)

“Mohanji is a gateway to connect to all higher frequencies, dimensions, acsended masters, angels and the pure consciousness of Lord Shiva. His energy field transforms all blockages allowing unconditional love to flow more and more in my life.” – Yohan (London, UK)

“Mohanji is for all beings – people, animals, birds. Everyone benefits simply by His presence. His presence itself liberates you and shifts your consciousness.” – Ekta (Delhi, India)

“I can only describe Mohanji as the most powerful transformative force in my life. He has given me direction, guidance, and an understanding of the larger purpose of our existence” – Madhusudan Rajagopalan (Mumbai, India)

Mohanji Golden Aura

“Mohanji is an Avatar who has a holistic understanding of reality at many levels, suggesting simple and easy ways for man’s liberation in today’s distorted reality full of half concepts – a challenging and crucial phase in global conscious evolution. His teachings are both spiritual and practical, open and transparent, honest and truthful, authentic and liberating without any other motive than to wake others up. He inspires us to drop the false sheath of our existence and start reaching the essential nature of ourselves, which is pure existence, pure consciousness and pure bliss, arriving through each one of us to be embodied in everyday life.

Every Avatar, at the time of descent, has a mission related to the specific problem at that time and revelation of certain transcendental knowledge. There are many enlightened beings, Masters, Saints, but Avatars are very rare. The descent of an Avatar is always in the company of his consort who is his inseparable counterpart, his own Shakti manifested in the female body. So, in the sea of copies of avatarhood on the spiritual scene of today, I found Mohanji to be a full Avatar. He and his beautiful wife Devi are real examples of Shiva and Parvati and the highest concept of cosmic energies embodied, as Ramakrishna and Sarada Devi, or Sri Aurobindo and Mirra Alfassa. Mohanji and Devi Mohan are the symbols of the union of East and West, purity and divinity, not fragmented but integral and real, holistic in the image of the creator and creation, who are Eternally One, Complete, and Whole.

Their co-creative relationship is the refreshing shift from the old dominating religious model to a new social architecture, co-creating and setting connectivity in all our relationships, from personal to social to planetary. All over the globe there is the need of a deepening spirituality as part of our everyday practical ordinary life. The need of today is a complete liberation from devotion to an autocratic male God figure and shift towards the embodiment and incarnation of the divine within.

Mohanji and Devi Mohan are helping humanity to break the old patterns at many levels – the philosophical, historical, emotional, spiritual, and enter into the field of pure potentiality, experiential knowledge and ultimate liberation. Thank you Mohanji for being with us. – Nensi Nainaa, Croatia

“It’s impossible to define Mohanji! My perception keeps changing as I dive deeper into my own search within. He guided me out of depression and fear into the light. Love is all I feel most of the time now towards everyone and everything in this life!” – Milica Bulatovic (Jo’burg, South Africa)

“Mohanji is innocence, love and a father to me. He is the connection within the light I see when I close my eyes. All I have is a blessing from his love. Thank you baba” – Linda Mthembu (Umlazi, SA)

“To me Mohanji is my divine earth angel, a Master sent by Shirdi Baba, a friend who knows me, understands me, loves me unconditionally and is Baba incarnate to turn to for blessings and deeper understanding of my karmic blueprint.” – Goolcher Navdar (Dubai, UAE)

Mohanji as Father

“Mohanji has touched my life in so many different ways and inspired me to do so many things that I had never felt was possible. He is my Guru and my guide towards the ultimate destination of liberation!” – Vijay R (London, UK)

“Mohanji does not exist. It is an expression. An energy emanating through a filterless human body. A vibrancy so subtle, fine, pure that it penetrates all matter and changes their substance.” – Mohini (India)

“Just as a broken seed gives life to a new plant, Mohanji is the spiritual nourishment I needed to blossom into a beautiful, unique and precious flower that will continue to emanate a beautiful fragrance.” – Arusha Sewram (Sandton, South Africa)

“Mohanji is my everything. Mohanji is my father, my guide, my strength, my friend!” – Ramesh Mahabeer (Durban, South Africa)

“The Great Unknown walk this Earth freely, in joy and bliss. Sharp as a diamond cutter, soft and soothing as Mother’s milk, His name is just a shell which hides Him from unready eyes. His physical form is just an illusion, a joke if you may, a deceiving manifestation of the eternal, unknowable Lord Shiva, the hidden Master of our souls. He is That. He is the One” – Milan Bojic, Editor in Chief, The Awakening Times (Belgrade, Serbia)

“Mohanji is the essence of my very being, the stillness that pervades the entire universe. He is the origin of time yet not bound by time. In every smile, every tear, every sound, every laugh, every wail, in everything bright, in everthing dark, in absolutely everything, you will find Mohanji as the causeless cause. To me Mohanji is the ultimate truth, of which my soul is just a reflection.” – Swami Mohan Bhaktananda Bharathi (Durban, SA)

Mohanji with Mila

“Mohanji is the center of my being. He is my every breath. From the moment we met my heartbeat follows his. All words fall short to explain what He is to me. My life has changed in so many ways, I don’t remember who I was anymore. Just merging more and more into His Consciousness. With a single Shaktipat he removed my addictions and depression five years ago and gifted me with life of highest purpose” – Zoran Stefanovski (Skopje, Macedonia)

“Mohanji is ‘humility’ personified – a spiritual leader with a difference. He is first a friend who knows to remove the shackles that inhibit the person from being their true selves. He becomes one among us when it’s fun and play, he is the strict director when it comes to work, a meticulous organizer in terms of implementing the schedules and an intense spiritual guide who just simplifies the whole serious gamut of it, with talks which are so easily digestible and understandable. The best part is, he will make you feel all of it with self-realization through his divine presence while you sleep, eat, talk and do your daily chores. He grows into our conscious and sub-conscious state and tingles every cell of our body into a renewed, rejuvenated being. – Sudeshna Saha (Chennai, India)


I am just an ordinary human being just like every other being, with all the expressions, emotions, strengths, weaknesses and requirements that every being on earth are unavoidably attached to. This incarnation is called Mohan and will die as Mohan. I am not another person or a principle. Do not connect to me as someone else. I cannot be someone else. I am not Shiva, Krishna, Baba, Buddha, Jesus or any popular incarnations of the past because all these are aspects of consciousness that had graced the earth in the past times.

I am as perishable as all incarnations will be. I walk this earth for a duration, for certain purpose just like you, and once the purpose is competed, this incarnation will end. I am nothing special. I am indebted if my incarnation becomes useful to the world and its beings. For you, I am what you make of me. Many people connect to me in many ways. I am all that and not that too because each incarnation is multi faceted. One can see or experience only a few facets of each incarnation as per their frequency and consciousness. As consciousness, I am never born and will never die and will serve the universe as long as it takes beyond life and death.

Mohanji smiling

Mohanji is also the founder of Mohanji FoundationTM, which has been spreading his core teaching of liberation from all binding and habits of life for the past seven years. The objective of the foundation is to guide all beings to a violent-free, peaceful and compassionate existence, contributing to the society and to mother earth. Under Mohanji’s guidance and vision, the Foundation grew into a global platform with communities around the world. He is a philanthropist, who has founded global charities, AmmucareTM Charitable Trust and ACT Foundation, spread across Europe, Americas, Asia Pacific and Africa that drives initiatives in education, basic human needs and infrastructure, healthcare and animal welfare for the last 15 years. He is an unassuming mystic who has provided practices, such as meditations, Conscious WalkingTM, Consciousness KriyaTM to accelerate spiritual evolution. All his practices are available for free to the worldwide community. He is a prolific speaker who speaks with remarkable clarity at public gatherings, conferences and satsangs (spiritual discourses). His interviews are published in print, radio and TV around the globe. He is a dynamic author who elucidates complex spiritual topics with lucidity via his blogs, books and columns on SpeakingTree. His writings have been published in several languages.

About Mohanji

The core of my teaching is liberation from all bindings and habits of life. Stay liberated and leave liberated.” Mohanji