Pranapratishtha Slovenia – part 1

Pranapratishtha Slovenia – part 1 | Mohanji

Mohanji: This is a very important event in our presence in Slovenia, and before we start anything, I would like to thank two important people. One is Moissa, who brought us here; she brought us to Sveta Ana, and the second is Renata. Renata looks like a simple lady, but she is a superwoman, super-efficient, and she does things in no time. She is a very, very big support, and because of her, I came to this land. She brought me to this land, and when I stepped into the land, she told me, “There could be snakes; be careful.” I said, “We love snakes, and this is our land; we are buying it.” We bought it.

Today is a very important day where we lit a lot of lamps. It’s symbolic of bringing light to this place and showing the way. Two things – one is bringing light to our lives, and the second is showing the way. For whom? For the energies which are going to come here and bless this place and the people. So, we are invoking higher energies, master energies, or good energies to come here and bless the place and the people. Tomorrow is the main function for that, and there are some methods to do it, which we’ve been doing traditionally for centuries and are very effective. This works.

Today what we did in the morning was to purify the place – inside and outside. We should be very pure; to bring purity to the earth, to this ground, we should be pure. Secondly, we bring purity to this place by purifying the place first. We did that today; we did a lot of purification work. The priests were doing it and were guided by Sulakhe Maharaj.


Maharaj has served Shirdi Sai Baba, and he was the chief priest of Shirdi for 40 years. He served Shirdi Sai Baba for 40 years. He was telling me, initially, many years ago, hardly a few people were coming to Shirdi. Now those who’ve gone to Shirdi will know there’s no space to step in. Hundreds and thousands of people come there, and that’s the power of a Master!

The power of the Master brings people together. Remember, the power of the Master brings people together; it’s not a ritual. It’s not about the activity. It’s about power, energy for a good purpose, not to disturb energies, not to disturb anybody, not to attack anybody; that’s all weakness. If you’ve to attack somebody, it’s a weakness. We’ve got to support, nurture and love. This is loving energy – pure energy. It enhances you, makes you pure, and brings purpose to your life.

Significance of Pranapratishtha

See, we all are born here with a clear purpose. Why we’ve come here, we may not know, but we have a great clean purpose, and that purpose is to bring forth harmony, peace, love, care, and compassion into this earth. That’s what we’ll exactly do. We’ll not kill any beings here on these premises; not just that, we’ll nurture all beings here.

Anybody coming in is welcomed as a great soul. We welcome everybody as great souls in different bodies. Bodies are different, but inside souls are great. We welcome everybody. We’ve lit these lamps today, which means we’ve welcomed great energies to this place. We’re showing the way that this is the place to come. Tomorrow we’ll invoke those energies into these idols.

What’s the main important thing about it? Why do you think that you were chosen to come here? There’s a reason. It’s not an accident. So many people wanted to come here, but they couldn’t come, but you were chosen to come. When the energy is invoked into these idols, it goes through you. That means it purifies you too. It’s a great occasion, a great event. It’s like a rebirth.

When you have a great sankalpa (sankalpa means intention or a wish inside your heart) to do something great for the world, to do selfless work, keep that in mind. When the energies are invoked and when they enter the idols, they’ll enter through you, too; they purify you. Today we did purification work, and tomorrow it’ll be established. This is what we’re approximately doing today and tomorrow, and that’ll remain forever.

When the energy is invoked into these idols, it goes through you. That means it purifies you too. It’s a great occasion, a great event. It’s like a rebirth.

– Mohanji

How do we maintain it? Through the right action, good activity, pure action, pure intention, pure words, pure expressions, no competition, no comparison, no hatred, and just love. This is a peace centre.

What’s peace? Our birthright. We all love peace and harmony; we are that. This space is to establish that, and through methods and practices, you’ll enhance that. You’ll bring this higher and higher and higher. We’ll not compare anybody to anybody. It’s silly to compare. We all are doing our job on this earth. Everybody’s job is different.

Everybody’s work is different, everybody’s orientation is different, and everybody is different. That’s the beauty of creation. Everybody is different, and that’s exactly why creation is remarkable. The beauty of creation is that everybody must be different; only then is there variety in life. If everybody is like a factory product, it’ll be a boring life. All the emotions and the drama of life are because people are different.

Now we are human beings, so we have to express humanity in this world – important. We’ll add value to Slovenia, not just Sveta Ana. We’ll look at Slovenia and do everything possible to bring Slovenia to one more level higher.

How do we do it? We don’t know because it depends on situations, needs, necessities etc., and I sincerely hope there’ll be no more wars in Europe. Even if there’s hatred and things going on in Europe, I hope it’ll all dissolve and disappear. I sincerely hope and pray that all the discord and disharmony will dissolve and disappear. Eventually, there’ll only be brightness, light, and love on this earth: beautiful land, place, and people. We should have a beautiful life; that’s our effort.

Once again, I thank you all for taking your time and coming here. I’m one hundred per cent sure this time will be worthwhile, and you’ll not regret this.

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Transcribed by Anusha Yennaram

Proofread by Padmini Ravi Kumar

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