Mohanji’s Birthday Interview in The Awakening Times

Interview Conducted by Christopher Greenwood

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Christopher Greenwood (CG): Mohanji, good to be here with you, thank you. I’m excited to ask these questions about your journey so far, and the platforms that you’ve created. 2022 is quite a big year because it marks a decade since you embarked on selfless service. How would you describe your journey so far?

Mohanji (M): After 22 years in a shipping career, on June 18, 2012, I left my shipping career and completely deviated into spiritual services, philanthropic activities, and humanitarian activities. It was a big leap, and it was a plunge into uncertainty because I had no clue what to expect. All that I had done, all those years, did not matter anymore. It’s a new page, a fresh page. Now, looking back, I believe the purpose began then. In most of our lifetimes, or most times of our life, we are in a kind of autopilot mode; we take birth, go through education, job, marriage, children, house, retirement… Things like that. It never fascinated me; I knew that there is something much larger, much bigger, much more meaningful.

In that context, I’m satisfied. I’m very, very, very satisfied. Over the last 10 years, in June of this year, it’ll have been 10 years completed, it’s been really challenging. It’s like a newly born child in the world. Everything is new, everything is fresh. No roadmap. There is quite a lot of uncertainty, plus quite a lot of expectations from other people. So, “Where to put the foot… What to do next….” No idea. No rehearsal, no reversal. It’s a path of no returns, keep going. It has been quite treacherous at times; people whom can we trusted, betrayed; people whom we expected, didn’t turn up. Through all these times, flexibility was the only possibility. Remain flexible. Keep moving. How long? How far? Nobody knows. I don’t know. What was yesterday doesn’t matter. What is going to happen tomorrow? No idea. What you are today, right now, is the only reality. That’s the only thing that matters.

So, this journey, over last 10 years has been eventful, but meaningful. I could touch the hearts of many, in many countries. We are now in six continents. Everything started after 2012. In 10 years, we have a presence in six continents. There are so many people in the world who trust me. Money cannot buy this. Money can never buy this. There are so many people who trust me, who love me. Who opened their doors to me, invite me home. This money cannot buy. So, no regrets, no expectations. I don’t know whether I have completed my task so far, and whether or not I have, does not matter. Looking back today, there’s only one thing I can say: “The road never ends”. It’s a continuous journey. It’s a process and as I always say, perfection is always a process, it’s never an end. I don’t think I’m perfect as yet. I don’t look at me as perfect. I don’t look at my activities as perfect. Nothing that I have done is perfect enough, so that there is no more to do. I believe there is always more to do… Perfection.

I only look at it this way: Are my activities meaningful? Does the society need them? Does it matter to the beings of Earth? Am I making this earth a better place, with my heart beating here? Or, am I just being another greedy mouth, a hungry mouth on Earth. When I look at all these things together, I feel that there is a lot of refinement required, a lot more fine tuning required, probably the next 10 years would be for that fine tuning, that stabilization. Many more people may come together, because at this point in time, and the people who are with me, have just happened.  I never canvassed, I never promised, I never expected either, they came. All that we see today, in the world of Mohanji, it all happened. Like that more will happen. A time will come when I have to leave this plane. Still, the show will go on. This is sure.

CG: In these 10 years, we’ve had a period of time, which has never been seen before in the history of humanity. You could call it the COVID era. During that time, there has been an almost 3X growth in these activities across the world. How did you manage to inspire people in that adversity to do this?

M: We are all born free. We are freedom incarnate. Any kind of restrictions and bindings, in such matters, do not really work with human beings, nor with any beings. All beings on Earth are born free, and they die free. In the era of a pandemic, or in the era of a restricted atmosphere, people want to break free. All I have said, in this time to people, is just to be themselves. All that I have said is, “Be you 100%; what you are minus your positions, minus your positions, minus your relations, be that thing.” People are intelligent, people know what to think, and they understood this. That’s probably the reason why many more people could relate to me, connect to me; I’m telling the truth. I’m telling the truth in simple terms. I do not hold any claim to what has happened in Mohanji from the world since 2012. Actually, we started the meditations in a very small way in 2008. From there, it evolved to a level where I’m fully dedicated to these activities; philanthropic activities, humanitarian activities, spiritual activities. All I have told people is to be themselves.

I never believed that I will be happy to have many followers. Instead, I would like to see many masters. Each master will be a beacon of light and they will bring light to this earth independently, as themselves, in absolute freedom. This has been both my inspiration and aspiration. This group which we see today, who have come together, I believe it’s because they are all recognizing one truth: That they are the ultimate. They can change the world. They can change the way the world thinks. They can change the world for the better, by being compassionate, by being non-violent, by being kind people, and also by being selfless people expressing unconditional love. My teachings are very simple: I am only telling people to be 100% themselves. This has worked because I’m guiding people to themselves. It’s not rocket science, it’s not that I’m the first one, many, many masters have done that in the past. Many more will do it in the future. But, today in a relatively dark area dark time, a time of restrictions, the pandemic, we have to hold on to the truth. That’s the only way we can come out of it. Collective Consciousness has to change. Collectively, we have to work together for the betterment of each other, and the future.

CG: Usually, when someone sets out with an ambition such as yours, their energy is focused on one organization, or one activity. But you’ve created many platforms, touching on a range of different types of work in the world. Could you explain the reasons?

M: First and foremost, I never had a plan. I never had an agenda, nor did I have an ambition. I thought I’d be working. If not working, I‘d be consulting; Id be earning my income, and I would be serving the world. This was my thought process. This was my plan. But, when I started living the life of a philanthropist, or the life of a humanitarian, I decided that I should be able to reach, or that it is important to reach people of various frequencies. 8 billion people out there and growing. 8 billion different frequencies. One thing may not apply to everybody. One particular thing may not suit everybody. That’s why I created numerous platforms, through which I can speak to all these people directly or indirectly. In whichever way, our aim is to shift the collective consciousness to that of compassion, selflessness, non-violence. I did not really plan any of these organizations, but each organization sprouted based on the necessity, for the ability to communicate, for the need to communicate to different segments of people, people of different frequencies. The birds of the same feather can conglomerate and we deliver to them. So that, in every level, there can be fulfillment. There can be direction, there can be clarity of purpose, and eventually, all these amount to one thing: righteousness and goodness on Earth. That’s why numerous platforms were created. I didn’t create them, they happened because there was a need. Need brings forth creations. If need is not there, there will be no creation. The basic need for communication, for the purpose of elevation of awareness, created those platforms. I didn’t create it; the need was created through me.

CG: Many people from all over the world are drawn to you and your teachings. Why do you think it is that so many people are connecting?

M: Truth. People recognize truth. We must never underestimate the minds of people, we must never underestimate the intelligence of people; they can see truth. I’m not saying I’m the only one talking truth in this world, there are many, I am one of them. When people connect to me, if their frequency is not matching with me, they do not stay. Same with all the people of the world. If my frequency does not match with you, we have no communication; we may not even understand. It is almost like each of us talking a different language to each other. If people are connecting to me today, that’s only because there is some relevance, some relevance in their life, which is happening through me. There is a transformation happening. People are connecting, because they understand and recognize that there is a need for this, and there is a transformation, clarity of purpose. Purpose is very clear: connecting to higher awareness consistently, so that you become that. You have got to be consistent. Consistency is very, very important for any level of awareness, or any level of elevation. Even in school days, if you do not learn the lessons well enough, you cannot write the exam. So, you have to be very consistent with your studies, so that you are thorough with it. When you write the examination, you’re very clear. Like that, a lot of people who connect to me, stay with me continuously, they feel: “Okay, now we have found home, or now we have found a connection, or probably now I have found a path”. It is not my path; I am one of the travelers of the path. This path has been there before; many people have walked this path. Many people will further walk this path.

Today I’m walking, that’s my relevance. Today I am talking, that’s my relevance. Today I am delivering, that’s my relevance. People have come with that clarity, with that understanding, and so they are able to receive, but I do not make any claims here. I’m not doing any magic here. I am telling what I know to the world, or I am living life as I think is right. I think is right; I am not saying this is right. Because, we all believe whatever we do is right. Right is always a relative thing. Some people will say, or history may say later, that this wasn’t right. We can never make any claim that this is the only right. So, I would say I’m doing things as per my conscience, which is suiting many people. They come together, all this growth in the world, which has happened in the last 10 years, is all because there has been a relevance in people’s lives. People have actually benefited from it so, they continued with it. I do not think I am doing anything extra ordinary to bring people in; I never canvas. I never tell people I’m their guru. I never told anybody I’m their teacher, Master, Guru… I never told anybody I’m enlightened. I never told anybody I’ll give you something. If people come without expectations, then maybe this communion between me and them can create some effect, can create some transformation. That’s what I like. That’s how it should be.

CG: What would you say have been the highlights of your journey so far?

M: Purpose is the main highlight. I would say I did not have this clarity before. Each day, there is improved clarity, because it’s almost as though in the early part of my life, I was going through a foggy road. I had visibility, but not enough to see the whole way. Even now, I don’t say I have the visibility to see till the end, but at least I have more clarity. I know very well, my job here is to make this place a better place than I had earlier. I’m striving to create a better environment for the future generations, and this generation as well. One of the things which I always feel is that one of the great things in life is the trust factor. If people have to trust you, you have to be consistent. If people have to have faith in you, you have to be consistent. You should walk your talk. If you talk something and you do something else, there you are lost, friendships won’t last. No friendships will last, if you are inconsistent. So, I believe in consistency, I believe in trustworthiness. Also, I believe that only the weak will cheat, steal and betray. If you are strong minded, if you are strong here, you will never have to cheat, or steal, or betray, or manipulate anybody. Your own confidence will tell, in your lifestyle. You don’t have to really compromise too much for that. Just being you is fine enough. Just being you, as you are. Many people will like it. Many people may not like it. It doesn’t matter, we are what we are. When we live our life, one thing we must be very clear on is to never ever allow your conscience to be affected. Conscience should be clean. Whatever you do, you should be clear: “This is exactly what I wanted to do, and I’m doing it for a higher purpose, not for a selfish purpose.” Whatever we do for a selfish purpose, doesn’t last long, and it comes to your health eventually.

So, it’s important to lead a life of compassion, kindness, selflessness, non violence, it’s important, because your conscience will be intact. Many people have betrayed me, or cheated, all those things… But, I believe that they lost me. I didn’t lose anybody. Those who left me, lost me. I didn’t lose anybody, because I never left anybody. If I left somebody, then I should be worried, or I should have regret. I don’t, because I never left anybody. People walked away because sometimes their expectations were not met. How can I help it? I am what I am. If I’m not accepted as I am, then it’s their problem. Nobody can change as per the expectation of everybody. I am what I am, you are what you are. We have to understand and accept a person as they are. If this is not happening, then it’s not our problem. It’s the problem of the person who has expectations. I still love everybody. I love everybody who is with me. I love everybody who left me. I love everybody, because I don’t need to hate anybody. Why should I carry the weight of hatred? I don’t have to. I love everybody, and those who left me, I think that sooner or later, they will feel the loss more. I don’t feel any loss.

CG: Related a bit to that, to some of the points which you’ve touched on; 10 years is quite a good amount of time. I’m sure there’ve been challenges. What are the major obstacles which you’ve had to face and overcome during that time?

M: Trust. I have had many occasions where the most trusted people, whom I trusted very, very deeply, left me unceremoniously. I can’t say this is unethical; it is all up to the karma to decide the ethics of that. But, when people whom you love, whom you trust, whom you really care for leave you, it’s very painful. It’s very painful and then you have to sort out a lot of things. I have lost some money like that, many expectations were destroyed. But, then I realized that this is how it is, life is like this, you know, you can only expect to some limit, but you cannot control anybody’s karmic structure, or karmic pattern. So, I just left it: “Okay, this is how it is”. But, in the last 10 years, the maximum problems I faced, were from people whom I loved most. It’s almost like the story of Julius Caesar. You know, the Mark Antony, Julius Caesar, a Shakespeare story, when Brutus stabbed him, Julius Caesar looked at Brutus and asked, “You too Brutus? Now Caesar dies”. I didn’t die, but I was stabbed many times. But it’s okay. That’s all part of life. Many people cannot love back, cannot entertain unconditional love, and cannot keep trust. Probably because of their insecurities or whatever; expectations, insecurities. I don’t know what the reason is. But, all the people who left me, don’t think that everybody left me, some of the people who left me, I’m talking about very few people, that was painful. They left me for very small reasons as far as I can see. All these things, we could have discussed and sorted. So, something in their mind didn’t work.

Okay, they left. I have no complaints. I have no anger, I have no hatred. I don’t feel anything about it now, because I have left it, why should I carry the burden of it. I think some day many of them will come back and say that it was not necessary. I also feel so because, life is a beautiful thing. Life is a really beautiful thing, provided we can see beauty in everything. We should have the eyes to see beauty in all aspects of life. Even in tragedies, even in pain, even in expectations unfulfilled; there is something in there. If you are able to be peaceful with all these things, we can have great relationships we can grow together, we can love together; we can always be together. So, I feel that it’s just a matter of time before many of these people will return and say that it was unnecessary. Where will I be? Where will they be? We don’t know.

One of the major things which I was recently listening to: Before death, most people have regrets only because of unsettled emotions. I don’t have unsettled emotions. I never left anybody. I never betrayed anybody. I do not have unsettled emotions. That’s why I’m free. But, when people leave people, cheat people, talk bad about people, scandalized people, they have unsettled emotions. It’s a huge price to pay. It may last lifetimes.

CG: Each year, you present a theme for all the organizations and platforms. The theme for 2022 is “Responsibility and Respect”, could you elaborate on that?

M: Our culture is that of respect, the whole Bharat, the culture, the tradition that we had, since centuries, since time immemorial, generations before, has been a culture of respect. We respected every plant, every tree, every animal, every bird. Most of the deities of the Hindu tradition, have their own corresponding vehicle, which is usually an animal, it simply means they have to be preserved, protected, respected. When you respect something, you protect that thing. We were respecting rivers, we were respecting trees, plants, the 27 stars of Vedic Astrology have 27 corresponding trees, 27 corresponding animals, birds, and Rishis (teachers), we had gotras and gotra gurus, gotra acharyas. All these things are because of the culture of respect. It’s time we brought it back, because when respect is lost, everything is lost. We respected women; women have equal status in our society, in Bharat. For example, when the debate happened between Adi Shankaracharya and Mother Mishra, the referee was a woman, the judge was a woman, the wife of Madonna Mishra. She stuck to justice. That respect we want to bring back, we have to bring back. Nobody is inferior, nobody’s superior, respect is all it takes. That is one thing which I’ve been stressing everywhere. Bring back the culture of respect, respect, gratitude, and responsibility. Responsibilities simply means, if you are holding the passport of a country, you are responsible for the well being of the country, it doesn’t matter who rules the country, you are responsible for the well being of that country. Very important. All the countries I mean, we can’t divide the world into pieces, in mind. Geographically there are many countries, but we are all citizens of the world. Every atom, every being every, living, nonliving, animate, inanimate, everything is connected to the world.

We are children of the world, we have to accept that. It is our responsibility to take care of the children, as potential leaders of the future. Take care of the adults, as potential representation of our lineage, heredity, our heritage, our past. We have to respect everybody; the elders, the young people, the women of the society, the men of the society, we have to respect every denomination of job, every type of job. Every animal, every bird, every being of water, every being of air, beings of earth; how to take care of them is our responsibility. Our responsibility as human beings, as intelligent beings, is to use our intelligence for the sake of preservation, not for the sake of destruction, not for the sake of profits, not for the sake of annihilation. Because we are alive, we should ensure everything around us is also alive, feed them, give them nourishment, give them support, protection. Natural calamities, natural things, are okay, because that’s nature’s way of responding to various situations. But, apart from that, we should never, as human beings, harm any being. Ahimsa should be our path. Humanity should be our religion.

CG: I was interested to know what’s next. Is there any idea of an end goal which are moving towards?

M: As I said earlier, perfection is a process. The idea for all these activities is to elevate awareness to a level where people exist in the highest potential of a human being. What we can reach as the highest, not indifferent, not as cheating, stealing, betraying type of people, not greedy of profits; people of compassion, kindness, completely helpful all the time, selfless all the time, non-violent all the time, in thoughts, words, action. Pure, because there is no selfishness. These kinds of people are needed. This kind of human being is needed in the world today. Until that happens we have work to do. We have to bring in awareness. I don’t know, in my lifetime, how much I can proceed, how much I can move and it doesn’t matter. If the Earth wants it, Earth will nourish it, Earth will nurture it, Earth will make it happen. I don’t have any agenda of that nature. I believe in doing what I can, at this point in time. Tomorrow, I don’t know, I have not seen and I don’t even worry about it. Tomorrow, if I have to die, today I have done my best. So, it’s the responsibility of each and every one of us to ensure that the Earth is a better place. We are not slaves of religions. We are not slaves of ideologies. We are not slaves of politics. We are all children of one mother, Mother Earth. We must behave like that: responsibly.

It’s not our rights, our rights are already all given. Our right is to have air to breathe, water to drink, food to eat, shelter, everything is there. There are many people who have been denied. That’s because of human greed. If human greed is not there, if selfishness is not there, there’ll be no denial on Earth, and morality. My morality is non-violence. My morality is connected to non-violence, no hurting anybody. No cheating, stealing, no killing. Even for the sake of food, I do not believe that we need to take somebody’s life. I repeat somebody, because every animal has a character. Every animal is an individual. So, killing somebody for my belly, I don’t agree. Nor is my stomach is a graveyard. I do not believe in annihilating any lives for my sake.

So, what is the future? We have lots of work to do. 1000s and 1000s of animals are slaughtered; animals, and birds, and beings are slaughtered in laboratories. For what? What are we finding out, after all this? Experimenting, torturing, killing beings, primates in labs, various beings are killed in laboratories. So many beings are killed in our farms, in our abattoirs. All this is creating very, very bad energy on Earth. This is not human refinement. This is definitely not human refinement. Human refinement is has to be based on non-violence. For me, my morality is non-violence. Anything consensual is okay. When a tree has an abundance of fruits, and we consume that fruit, and the tree is not hurt, this is good. This is fine. We can live like that. We can be plant based. We can nurture an entire generation or generations to come in that mode, responsible lifestyle, responsibility. Until that’s achieved, we have miles to go, not yet time to sleep. We have really, really miles to go. I don’t know how far I can proceed, as long as my heart beats, I will work. After that, somebody will take this forward. Or, many people will take this forward, I’m very sure, because this is not something which can end. Nature needs it. Earth needs it. Life needs it. It will be taken forward by many, many people through the generations. What I’m say now will travel through time. I’m very sure, because I’m speaking the truth, not for me, but for the sake of humankind. Until humankind becomes kind human, we have work to do.

CG: The pace of your activities always seems to be an overdrive. Can you explain how you sustained that pace?

M: Well, that’s a perception. I’m moving things at my speed, my comfortable speed, but different people look at it different ways. Some people may think this is slow speed, some people may think it’s high speed, but the main thing is that I work as per the relevance of the time, of the nature, of the society; I work as per the need of the hour, I cannot postpone this. When somebody is thirsty, they should have water now. I cannot give water tomorrow. So, my entire work, all the things I do, I look at the relevance, the time, the requirement, and the corresponding action. In this thing, I do not think I’m particularly speeding up nor slowing down, I am providing as per my ability, at this point in time, for the sake of completion of something. I look at completion. If you look through karmic eyes, everything is about completion, fulfillment. If you look through karmic eyes, the very reason for the existence, is karmic fulfilment, completion. All the other things don’t matter. Am I completing this? Am I fulfilling this? I’m closing this, that’s what I do. We have been given a time, a space, and a situation for that completion. If we miss it, there’s no guarantee that the same thing will come back. It could be postponement for another time, maybe another lifetime. I would rather complete it now, so that I don’t need to take another lifetime for it. If you start looking at life through karmic eyes, you will see that there is no time to waste. No procrastination possible, because this time will not happen again. This time is now, I’m sitting here, you’re talking to me, this is now. Tomorrow we are in another place, the situation, surroundings, everything changed. Life changes things, time changes things, we have to do things right now because this is the only possibility for this thing to happen in this context, or this particular infrastructure.

I can see this very well, so I never procrastinate. In my dictionary, there is no delay. Why I Don’t delay is because I know very well that if I delay it for another time, that goes as a pending matter, something to be accomplished later and that later means probably another life. So, what is best to do? Given time, given space given a job, complete it, close it, move on.

CG: Do you believe it’s possible for everybody to have as far reaching an impact in the world, as you?

M: I’m not special, I’ve always maintained this. I’m just one of those people. I’m just another human being, I’m a perishable body, I will die someday, I am definitely not so important. I’m not great. I know very well, I’m not talking this as a as part of humility, it’s not that, I know this very well. I am an ordinary person, I am just another person on this whole world, at this point in time, living in this time. But, probably I have more clarity of purpose. That may look like there is something different in me. If you develop clarity of purpose, and you’re determined, and you do not waste your time, you’re clear in where you going; your destination is clear, your purpose is clear, you’re walking that path, you will also look “important” or “special”. This is something which the world looks at, because many of the people of the world do not have clarity, they do not have a larger purpose, apart from eating, drinking, sleeping, and doing whatever they want to do.

I believe that when we develop clarity, when we develop selflessness from within, when we have compassion inside, and it becomes visible through our action, when we have deep kindness inside, and our actions reflect it; we become important, or we become special in the eyes of the world, because we become different. I am not special in this, there are so many beings out there who are like this, many, many people, but I also do this and some people like it, so they are with me for this. Anybody can be like this; it’s not a difficult thing. I always tell people use at least a good amount of your time, for the sake of the world, without expecting anything from it. That’s the secret, very simple. Use your time for the sake of the world, without expectations. You will feel powerful. The more you expect, the weaker you become. The more you own, the weaker you are, or the more of a watchman of your stuff you are, the more you try to control, you start suffering. The more you start being possessive, you have agony. So, if you do not have possessiveness, you do not have ownerships, you do not have expectations. Imagine the kind of freedom that will happen inside you. You will be extraordinarily powerful, because of freedom. We have the right to be in that level, in that state.

When you have clarity, that we own nothing on earth, we are just like a tourist; the beginning was birth, the end is death, of this lifetime, then we are experiencing life as it happens. Time and space are provided for that. We own nothing, we don’t have to carry anything, whatever we are experiencing is our gain, and whatever we are stored, the memories, are our bank balance. Memories are our bank balance. That’s all we have and when we die, that’s only thing we carry. We carry unfulfilled desires, inclinations, tendencies, when we die, none of the things around us can we carry. When we are clear about that, we become extremely purposeful and extremely powerful.

CG: Can you paint a picture of the ideal human, and also the ideal society?

M: When a person needs nothing, absolutely nothing from the world, he’s very powerful. That’s the ideal human. Human refinement should reach that level where you don’t own anything, you need nothing from Earth, that level of awareness, because you are self sufficient, SELF sufficient. When you start connecting to yourself, you are sufficient, you are complete, you are full. If a person comes to that level, then he is very powerful. He is a complete human being. He is a complete person. If there are more complete people in the society, it’s a complete society. How do you know it’s a complete society? It will be run by compassion, no corruption, no nepotism, no greed, no need for murder, torture, betrayal, cheating. That’s the right society, run by complete people. Completion is self sufficiency, self, the soul inside is sufficient. That’s the truth. All the different people whom we see, they are only shells, run by the self. We call them names, we give them attributes, all those things we give, but at the same time, we are all essentially our self.

When self leaves the body, all that we have, our name, our fame, our fortune, our relations, our possessions, everything goes along with the body. So, what do we have essentially? Self. When a person actualizes oneself, realizes that the energy, the electricity inside is the truth. What you’re here for is to realize this, and live it in the society, and bring light to the many people who will also live the same, a great society happens. No religions, no bindings, no need for another liberation, because there’s no binding. Only those who are bound need liberation. You don’t need liberation because you’re unbound already. That complete existence is definitely possible, for every human being, in each lifetime, but people choose patterns, not realization. That’s why we are stuck. If you’re looking at a great society, a bright society, we should look at the possibility of more and more beings, humans, connecting to themselves, actualizing themselves, and living that actualization. That’s a bright society.

CG: What advice could you give to those people who would like to make the world better?

M: Self, fundamentally. Believe that you are unique. Believe that you can do great things in the world. Believe that you are indeed born not to waste your life just to eat, drink, sleep, and be entertained, and die. You are here to transform this earth, because you’re intelligent beings. You have imagination. You have capacities. Use your capacity, to your best possibility and create something for the betterment of the world. Not for emotional betterment, or physical betterment, it’s about spiritual battlement. When I say spiritual: Connecting to oneself, connecting to the energy inside us, that’s being spiritual.

It’s not about what path, which religion, which language. It doesn’t matter the country, culture, color, language, religion, nothing matters. It’s actually about you, you accepting yourself completely, connecting to yourself completely, believing in yourself, having conviction, and then reflecting that conviction, without boundaries, without borders into the world, the conviction of higher elevation, through selflessness, through non-violence, 100% non violence the world needs strong violence now, the world needs respect now, living the culture of respect, living the culture of non-violence, spreading that into the world, making the world a better place with your own life, lead by example. Thank you.

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