10 pillars of a great personality

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Strong personality

Today, we talk about a strong personality. We all love to be strong, as personalities. And how do we create a strong personality? I would like to give you some thoughts about it, which if you can mould it into a method, it may help you be a strong personality. 

Our scriptures have said that: one who speaks, less, and only the truth, one who speaks honest and truthful words, (means with genuine intentions), one who spends only for the right reasons purposefully, one who eats sufficient food and nutritious food, and only consumes one-third of his stomach, and one who can control his senses or hold them back from breaking free and roaming on sensory objects will always have peace on earth while living.

I would like to continue with the same thought about making a strong personality. 

What are the pillars, or what are the benchmarks? 

First of all, it should be totally uncomplicated. We should be very uncomplicated. We love children. And the main reason for that is their innocence and that they are uncomplicated. I usually like elegance and humility in people. The opposite is arrogance and pride. 

We must always remember that we are always communicating with the world. Our body is communicating; our eyes are communicating; our actions are communicating. It’s not just words; we are communicating to the world in numerous ways. We must be well aware of it. If we are authentic, or if we are humble, our communication becomes more acceptable. 

Ten points for an ideal personality

MS76 - 10 pillars of a Great Personality

To have and to maintain an ideal personality, I have thought of 10 points, which might be useful to you too. 

  1. Authenticity: We should be authentic, genuine. We are unique, and it should show as authenticity.
  2. Integrity: Our integrity should be maintained at any cost, which includes reliability and various other factors. Integrity is very important in life. What we say we must do. If we cannot do it, we should not say it—simple things like that.
  3. Consistency: We should be very consistent in our relationships in our attitude in our love and care for society, or in any actions, or any words expressions. You should be consistent. We cannot love today and hate tomorrow, again love the next day, like that. We should be consistent in our love. We should be consistent in our activities; we should be consistent. 
  4. Humility: Humility is always appreciated. Our humility will open all doors for us. So, humility is extremely essential. 
  5. Love and care: We should be genuinely loving; we should be genuinely caring about all beings around us, not just human beings. Whatever you have around you, you should love, you should care for all the plants, birds, animals, and people. There should be love and care consistently. 
  6. Compassion: Compassion is essential for having a solid, sound personality. 
  7. Kindness. Kindness makes a strong character. If we are kind, we are strong. 
  8. Selflessness: Selflessness is a sign of true wisdom. Wise people will be selfless people. The other side is selfishness. Selfishness alienates us from people, from society, from the world. Selflessness makes us a part of the world. And that’s also a sign of the right awareness that we came with nothing and will go with nothing. Whatever we have now has to be left behind. We are only custodians of what we have. We can carry nothing when we die. With this clear awareness, we can leave selflessly. And that selflessness will be a very strong part of our personality if we practice. 
  9. Honesty or truthfulness: If we are honest and truthful, we may not have many friends, probably because many people are not capable of being honest and truthful. But we will be remembered as somebody reliable. Our honesty and truthfulness will take us a long way. 
  10. Non-violence in thoughts, words and action: That’s a responsibility. To have a great personality, we should have non-violence inside us in our thoughts in our expressions, as well as actions.

If we consider all these 10 points and work on them, you can assess whether these ingredients are part of your character, your personality. And if it is not there, you can incorporate it, fine-tune yourself. And I believe if you contemplate on it long enough, strong enough, you will come out as great personalities. I wish you that.

This is Mohanji for you.

Transcribed and proofread by Ulla Bernholdt

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