An attitude of kindness

Welcome to Mohanji Speaks. Hello, my dear friends. Are you doing well today? 

Today, I was reasonably disturbed by one news; and that’s the reason why I came to do this talk. A young woman, who was in reasonable distress called her friend, a man, three times on different occasions. And all those three times, that man was genuinely busy. Not pretending to be busy, he was actually busy. And this voice conversation was on YouTube, so I heard that. And this girl is pleading to him, “I need some time with you. I need to speak something urgent with you”, etc. And the reply from him is that “Definitely I’ll give you time. I’ll come to you, or I’ll meet you, and please give me some time”, stuff like that. 


So, they are not arguing or fighting, he genuinely wants to meet her, and she wants his time, etc. They really wanted to talk to each other; they really meant it. In one of the conversations, this girl is asking, “Will you call me?” And he’s saying, “Definitely, just give me some time I’m just completing some work. After that, I’ll call you.” And then apparently, he didn’t call, or he forgot to call or something else happened. And this girl committed suicide.

That was very disturbing. It also reminded me that this kind of time we live in, or this situation that we live in creates tremendous anxiety. Maybe no job, maybe the COVID situation, maybe restrictions of COVID, any of these things. This might be the reason for such a crisis. 

But this is not an isolated incident. Here, two lives are destroyed. This girl committed suicide, and this man is devastated. He left his job, and he was in deep guilt, all sorts of things. Why are these kinds of situations happening? Of course, we can blame it on the circumstances. But also, I feel that it’s got a lot to do with our attitude. 

Be kind

Today, more than meditations, more than yoga, more than other philosophies; what people need is kindness, consideration, care, love. I think that this is what heals people now. This is what I see in the world. We need to have an attitude of kindness and gratitude. We need to have self-love and love for others. We need to express it continuously when somebody calls. We need to be really considerate for their time and their need to talk to you—all those things.

Be considerate 

So, a lot of people are on tremendous anxiety, and this anxiety is causing them extreme situations, psychologically. And that’s often leading to physical self-destructive attitude. We must understand that. As people walking the path of liberation, we must be really considerate about the people around us. This is very, very important. 

Be supportive

Today, we see such news in the media. There is domestic violence; there are unwanted pregnancies. There are many, many crises situations. So, somebody will be reaching out to somebody. 7.5 billion people out there; they will all be reaching out to somebody for help for support, or at least to speak. 

If we have some time to spare, we must use it well. We must also make sure that the people around us, who are connected to us, dependent on us or loving us, are also fine. This is very important in our life. 

Give stability

So, I wanted to tell you today that kindness is good medicine to heal the wounds and stress of time. Please practice kindness. When somebody calls, be kind. Even if the other person is upset or rude or whatever, please understand that this is probably a psychology aberration coming out of anxieties and fears, insecurities or some kind of disappointment, maybe. And please ensure that you give kindness, love, appreciation, and consideration so that they feel a bit stable. If you can deliver stability to somebody, that’s a great achievement.

Be loving

I leave you with this thought. Think about it, and work on it and please make kindness your attitude and care your attitude; love as an attitude. Let there be any temptation to fight or to argue back, or to shout back. Even if somebody is rude to you, be kind. And that kindness should show. Humility, kindness, these kinds of things will stabilize you, and the society around you. 

Think it over and talk to people about it and express it in your own life, through your life, living by example. 

Lots of love. This is Mohanji for you.

Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt

Proofread by Rekha Murali

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