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Satsang in Zrenjanin, Serbia, part 1

24th October, 2016

Mohanji quote - The only way

Q: How to deal with people who make us feel guilty?

A: All of the experiences of life right from our childhood till now, all the people who came into our lives, all the locations, everything, even the food you eat, the air you breathe, the place you stay in – this is all karmically connected. In a way, you have attracted all the people who have come to you in your life. We have attracted every word, every thought, every experience. So there is no coincidence. If something has happened in our life, we have attracted it at some point in time. We have attracted most of this unconsciously. We have not been thinking. For example, if you criticize somebody, then you attract that effect into you.  It was scientifically proved. You tell everybody, “Hey, you look beautiful, you are wonderful,” you automatically start experiencing the beauty and the grace on yourself. People will look at you and start telling you, ”You look beautiful.” The more positive you become, that’s the kind of karma you attract. On the contrary, if you attract and participate in gossip, then your whole energy shifts to that mode and you attract negativities.  Your whole frequency reduces. The lower your frequency, the lower energies you attract to yourself. For example, if you say you are launching an alcohol party, how many people would come? When there is Mohanji giving Satsang with Shaktipat, 100 people. If it is an alcohol party, there would be a thousand people. Why is it so? Something which reduces your frequency is more attractive. The more you reduce the frequency, that kind of crowd you attract.

Spirituality is an individual journey. You should increase your frequency gradually so that you become completely immune to all the lower frequencies. The only way you can survive in the variety of frequencies is by increasing your frequency. You have that capacity. This is the advantage of human existence. You have the capacity to achieve the highest point in one lifetime. This is what we call the level of immortality.

There are masters in the Himalayas who have defied death. They have proven that they have been there for hundreds and thousands of years. There was one poet who writes four verses a year and he has written 3,000 verses. So he has lived 750 years. Anyway, the potential for us is unbelievable. Know one thing: we must believe that this personality which we keep projecting to the world, is our limited personality. Our personality is much more than we choose to project into the world outside.

Know yourself Be yourself

One of the key aspects of this journey is to know yourself and being yourself. If you start feeling your body, connect to your body. I’ll tell you your body never lies. It always tells the truth. If you start connecting to your body more and more, hear each cell talking to you. Each cell has the potential to be a new you. From each cell, you can create a new being like you. So each cell contains the ingredient called you. These cells will start talking to you. Each cell will tell you where you stand. That is the biggest awakening you can ever have while you are alive.


Instead, what are we listening each moment? We listen to our mind all the time. The mind tells you, “You are lazy, it’s time for eating, it’s time to go to the toilet, it’s time to do this… I don’t like this, I don’t like that…” The mind says all these things. So the mind is, in fact, controlling you. Our daily existence is controlled by the mind. Your daily life is so much controlled by the mind that you fail to be happy. What prevents happiness? If you ask anybody in this world, eight billion people,“What do you want in life?“ Everybody will say,“Happiness“. But the question is,“Why can’t you be happy?“

What prevents happiness? If you ask anybody in this world, eight billion people,“What do you want in life?“ Everybody will say, “Happiness.” But the question is, “Why can’t you be happy?“

the blame game 2

They will give a lot of reasons,“If my mother-in-law was better…if my child was studying well…if my husband smiled at me every day…if my car worked well…” There will be some reason for us to be unhappy. It is our birthright to be happy. There is no way you cannot be happy and if you look inside, you will know the man, the person or a being which makes you unhappy, which prevents you to be happy. The only thing which prevents you to be happy is your mind. All of us would have said, “I don’t like that person, I like this person.”

Why would we like or dislike somebody at all? Why should we dislike anybody? We don’t pay their bills, do we? Please understand, this is again the projection of the mind.

So, to answer this question, if we are unhappy with anybody around us, we are unhappy with ourselves. We have nobody outside us. If you do not exist, there is nobody outside of you. When you are in deep sleep, is there anybody else around in the world? You are sleeping, you cannot see anybody. Everybody is in a state of their own and they are projecting all these people around you. It is up to you to be happy inside so that the outside is also good for you.

People give you so many things, we get a lot of feedback from the society. People tell me, too, “Mohanji you should look like this, you should walk like this, you should talk like this.” I always say this is how I am. What can I do? I cannot change my face… all the time. So people will have their opinions. They will tell you what to do, what to feel, what to believe in, but at the end of the day, it is YOU who is experiencing. If others give you so many things, you don’t have to buy everything. You cannot. Please remember, YOU are important. Don’t believe anybody who says you are not important. I am telling you, you are important because without you the life which you talk about is not there. If others give you love, take it. Give more love back. If you sow more love in the ground, you can reap a lot more love. I am telling this from my personal experience. We all have a choice to be unhappy, but if you spread happiness, it comes back to you. I was walking down here with Maya, all people are strangers and they were looking at me like something from the zoo 🙂 so I tried smiling at a few people and they were looking, who is this fellow? See, this is what I am saying. Nothing should stop you from smiling. Whether you get a smile back or not, it doesn’t matter. If people don’t smile back at you, that is because they are carrying a lot of weight. Please appreciate that. When you have the ability to smile without any reason, it means you are light inside. You have the right, you have the ability and you have the power. When you walk in the street you will know this very clearly. You can see so many people going around. You hardly see the faces, you see the weight. I always wonder why are people so heavy? They are walking as if they have a lot of weight on their shoulders. You see them in the streets.

Nothing should stop you from smiling. Whether you get a smile back or not, it doesn’t matter. If people don’t smile back at you, that is because they are carrying a lot of weight. Please appreciate that. When you have the ability to smile without any reason, it means you are light inside. You have the right, you have the ability and you have the power. When you walk in the street you will know this very clearly. You can see so many people going around. You hardly see the faces, you see the weight. I always wonder why are people so heavy? They are walking as if they have a lot of weight on their shoulders. You see them in the streets.

Mohanji quote - If others give you love, take it

Many years ago, I was talking at a girls’ college. We were looking for volunteers for doing some charity work. I was addressing a group of girls. I think there were about 400 students and out of them, 280 registered to do voluntary service. We sent one batch to a place with abandoned people. They asked me, “What should we do for them?“ I said, “Nothing. Just put your hand around their shoulder and say, I love you.” They did that. Later on, when we were taking the feedback from these girls, many of them were in tears. They said, “We will never abandon our parents.” These people who were abandoned were waiting for these girls to come next time. Some of these old people kept some things to give them, even gold or something they had saved for a long time, but had nobody to give to. In the last stage of their life they found love. What else can you give to this world? What is more precious to give than love? When we love the helpless beings, we expect nothing back. We just express love. What you are expressing is the purity inside you. The genuineness, the love – the soul is expressing itself. The abandoned people in the society are a reflection of the heaviness of the society. When people in the society are heavy, then they abandon people. Who can you abandon? Those who are helpless. This is a shame of the society. I was telling this to the students. Look here, “You are responsible for bringing them up, bring love in this world. When people say, I would like to do something, then I say, ‘Share love’. This is all you should do. That changes you, transforms you, then you will not have any problems with anybody in this world even if people are angry, because you are so powerful the anger will not affect you.

Q: How to open up again towards love in one’s life after being disappointed with people? How to come out of the hell of depression and again build faith?

A: I think I have already answered this. Life can give us anything, various emotions, situations, experiences, but it is up to us to decide what to give back to life. When I was working for a company, one of my colleagues came to me very angry, “You know, I cannot work with this man. He is disturbing me so much, I cannot sit or work with him. I’m going to do the same to him now.“ I was the head of the company so I had to make a decision, either to shift him to another room, or do something with the other guy. I asked him one question,“Imagine that man is walking in the street without clothes. Will you do the same?“

He said,“No, my culture doesn’t permit it. I cannot become so cheap.“

Then I said,“Then why are you affected by him? You show your culture, your dignity, your elegance. Why do you have to fall down to another person’s frequency?” We have every right to maintain our elegance and our frequency. We must. The moment you become natural and elegant, I guarantee you nothing from around will touch you. They will try to bait you, don’t bite it, you are ok.

Gautama Buddha

Buddha was sitting with his people, giving a talk. Suddenly, one of them came very angry, upset and started abusing Buddha, “All spiritual teachers are fraud, they are fake, they are misguiding people…”  He was abusing Buddha by telling quite a lot of things, that affected the other people who were listening. Buddha stopped talking and he was looking at him without any emotion. Then he spat on Buddha’s face. Suddenly everybody got up because they were very unhappy to see this happening. Buddha said,“Sit down.“

Then this man left. People asked him,“Why did you not respond? He was shouting at you, he was abusing you, he spat on you and you were keeping quiet!? Why did you not respond?“

Buddha said,“I am teaching people that nothing in this world should affect you, you should always remain peaceful. Am I eligible to teach this? This man was my examination. Now I know I am eligible to teach. Otherwise, if I am telling people, ‘You should not be affected by the world,’  and if I get affected, then I am not eligible to teach. This man came as an examination, a test. Now I’m fine.”

When disappointments happen, understand they are your tests. Are you eligible for life? Say, “Ok, test me.” Welcome them, face them. Succeed in it and eventually you become a master.

As I said in the beginning, if there is no destiny, there is no meeting. If there is no destiny, there is no experience either. I guarantee you I never thought I would sit and talk to people like this. I never knew people would come to see me. It’s all a surprise for me. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to believe that I talk to people. Destiny gives you place, awareness, momentum and experience. And destiny is defined over time. Today, on 24th October, at this time, we have to be here. There is no way we can be in Belgrade or Novi Sad at this time. So whoever came into your life, whatever experience you had, ok, look at them, smile at them, keep moving. Gain strength. Be powerful. That is your birthright. Nobody can affect you unless you allow them to.

Mohanji quote - When disappointments happen

Q: I’d like to go back to the story of Buddha. Where is the limit of patience? We are to be calm, relaxed, serene and then somebody comes like to Buddha who tolerated it all. Now I can be a girl or anybody, at work where you are tortured, it could be even harassment or rape. Should I just say, ok it’s karma, will it be a boy or a girl? Where is the limit if it exists? When to stop tolerating it?

A: What happens in life is induced by karma. Behind every experience there is karma. But a larger perspective of existence is controlled by dharma. The sun comes out in the morning, nourishes the Earth, retires in the evening. Sunrise, sunset, clouds, rain, the growth of vegetation, the birds, the animals, everything is controlled or oriented by dharma. Even though the activity, the experience is karma, the whole tapestry, the whole machine is run by dharma. Every master who has come to earth, or who has guided people, guided them based on dharma – truthful duty. None of the masters ever interfered in anybody’s karma. They only guided people on the path of dharma. It’s dharma of the police or the department of law to take care of the welfare of the citizens. Whatever is the reason for a war or rape, etc. we should be protected and controlled by the law. That is dharma of the department, dharma of the police, dharma of parents is to take care of the children, dharma of the children is to take care of the parents. Dharma of a teacher is to deliver messages to the students. Dharma of a student is to study and become more useful to the world. So the thread of dharma works through the whole existence, every aspect of existence. All of us are delivering or experiencing karma. Base on the ground is dharma on which we are experiencing karma. If you understand a larger ocean of dharma, on which karma is happening, then you will have the answer for your question.

In the battlefield, when Arjuna said,“I cannot fight with my grandfather! I cannot kill my cousins. I cannot do this war! I’m sorry.” Krishna told him,“ Don’t be a coward. You are born a warrior. Your job is to bring the war. Win the war.“

When you see somebody is suffering, it is your responsibility, your dharma to help the person. Karma brought you to the person. Somebody is starving and you have two burgers in your hand. Offer one burger to the starving person. You are performing your dharma. So there is a difference between karma and dharma. The karma of the person was to be hungry, but your dharma is to give food to them. He has the karma to receive food from you. It works in that way. Everything works in the tapestry. Everything has a connection.

For example,  somebody had an accident. It was their karma to have an accident. But you went there, saved the person and took them to hospital, so you performed your dharma and that helped the person. Being kind, compassionate, loving is dharma.

If you look at my core teachings also, it’s just dharma. There is nothing else you can tell the world. You can only tell dharma, because there is nothing karmic to tell the world, “Aha, you are already experiencing your karma. Nobody can tell you that you have all your karma because karma is based on time, last year, this year, next year… It will continue. But dharma is a message every master is giving to the world. When Jesus said,“Love thy neighbour as thyself,” that is dharma. There is no karma to teach. Karma is only to experience.

Q: What to do when somebody deliberately abuses or hurts us, when to stop tolerating it?

A: That’s what I told you about Krishna telling Arjuna. You probably have to hiss like a snake so that the other person knows that you are dangerous, but you don’t have to bite. When you bite, it becomes karma. When you hiss like a snake, you give a message to the world, “Look here, I could be potentially dangerous. Don’t touch me.”

Q: After cleansing of karma with some person, what remains? Do emotions also get cleansed or remain? How does love we feel for the other person change during and after cleansing?

A: I am not sure what you mean by karmic cleansing. Karma is unfulfilled desires. Karma is agenda for an experience. A regular way of cleansing karma is experiencing it. When you have experience and accept that experience, karma is gone. Karma for that experience is gone, not total karma. When total karma is washed away, it’s instant death. You don’t need to be alive.

Prarabdha karma, or the path of destiny is set before the birth, continuously until the end of life. In the proximity of masters, or with Shaktipat, the junk which you have collected over a period of time called Agamya karma (which means you picked it up from life, as you live) and the part of which is not necessary gets burnt. But we do not touch the line of destiny which allowed you to take birth and which will continue until death. No master will ever touch the main thread of destiny because then it will be death for you. What you do is reduce the weight. When weight is reduced, the journey is easier. That’s the job of people like us. We are like washing machines 🙂

Audience: (Laughter)

A: We clean up people 🙂 One good thing is you don’t know how much dirt you have. So it’s easy.

Audience: (Laughter)

A: It’s a cleansing job anyway. That is why people come to see people like me. It’s time for a good bath.

Audience: (Laughter)

A: Now falling in love or feeling love for somebody, whether it is higher energy or lower energy, this is the natural process in the mind. We fall in love every moment, right? I think we are all very romantic by birth. It doesn’t need to be a human being. Being romantic is a beautiful idea. You can be romantic to the wind, birds, plants, everything. Then you start seeing only romance in life. The only problem is if you are romantic to another human being and you don’t get it back 🙂 Because there will be an expectation. That is why people keep dogs rather than human beings in the house. Because they will be natural with the dogs 🙂

Audience: (Laughter)

A: I’m joking, don’t take me seriously (smiles). Don’t replace your husbands and wives with dogs 🙂 But being romantic is beautiful. You should be romantic by nature. The moment you are romantic, you are romantic, you appreciate the sunrise, the sunset, you appreciate everything, even a bird, a flower, the ground that you walk on, everything will be beautiful. You spontaneously say,“I love you.” It’s a beautiful feeling. It need not be to another human being. Somebody has put this idea in our mind that we need to have a soul mate or another human being to love. This is actually a big, heavy thing on us. You know how beings respond to you?

Mohanji feeding fish

I took Devi to a place in India where we were feeding some fish and turtles. They were all coming out, the fish were coming out of the water, taking things from our hands. Turtles came out of the water to receive food from our hands. How the romance works!
Click here to watch this.
Normally, the fish do not come out of the water. They were not standing out of the water, they just came, picked up and went away. All these beings are connected to us, the moment you become romantic, you actually see the life in everything. You see the love in everything. I always feel I am a chronic romantic.

Audience: (Laughter)

A: Because I do not expect love back, I’m fine. We have a problem only when we expect love in return.

Q: Very often during meditation, I get a strange sensation in my hands. I subconsciously visualize my palms growing very big and a feeling of bloating in them.

A: Sensations are part of your constitution. You are oriented to experience something like that. Whenever you feel there is expansion happening in any part of your body, or energy conglomeration, visualize someone who needs it, even if it is someone in the hospital or sick people. Mentally pass it on or surrender it to the masters or surrender it to the mother earth.

Q: I dreamt you, is it possible to connect with you even through dreams?


A: It is not necessarily dreams. There are multiple dimensions of all of us. When you look from the earth perspective, an astral experience can also be felt like a dream. Many of you have connected to me astrally. That’s equal to an earthly connection. When you are connected to me here it’s very likely that you will be connected to me astrally. Why some of you came here is also because of that connection. This meeting is natural for you. Because we already met. It was important to meet here.

So any dream, as you interpret it as you wake up,“It’s a dream, I met Mohanji,” may not be a dream. It could be a connection which we had astrally. Sometimes I have conveyed messages astrally, too. I said certain things which people remember. Sometimes they wrote back saying, “We had this discussion. This was clear and I wanted that answer.“ That means it was all real. Many of you are also connected to me from other lifetimes. Our meeting is not a coincidence.  Most of us met before, in other lives, so this is just a culmination of this journey.

I’ll tell you something funny. I was sitting at the airport waiting for the flight. I think I was completing final revision of The Power of Purity book. While I was busy finishing this, one guy sitting next to me said,“Hey, I know you! I’ve seen you!“ I looked at him. He was a stranger in this life, but I understood that he knew me from another life. I didn’t want to tell him, so I said,“No, no, no, you don’t know me.“

Audience: (Laughter)

A: But he insisted,“I know you. I’ve seen you somewhere.”

I kept denying and he kept asking. I saw I couldn’t do my job. Finally I said,“You met me in a zoo.”

Audience: (Laughter)

A: He looked at me like this and he walked away. You sometimes have to avoid people, you know 🙂

So there is no coincidence in life. Every meeting has a connection. Sometimes you may not know the connection, but eventually, it will wake up in you. That is why I always say, “Don’t be in a hurry to make a relationship, but experience and enjoy the connection.“

Q: What is the reason for being born and growing up in a city that we do not love?


A: There are usually a lot of different combinations which have provoked an existence. I’ll give you a hypothetical story, but don’t take it too seriously.

A hundred years ago, a group of people were living together. You were connected, like you are connected to a lot of people in this life. You say, “You will take a birth, I will also come to be with you.” It doesn’t matter which location, but because these souls are coming together, you also came as a child of these particular parents, with a particular uncle, or aunt, or anything. You took birth in a particular place because you made a promise to a set of souls. You can call them soul mates. The promise became a destiny. This promise continued as a destiny so you are stuck in that place. While living, you can always go out and experience other places. I was born in a small place, but I am all over the world. I don’t know which is my home country now. After a while every place would feel the same. All people are the same, all are part of you.

If you don’t like and you resist the location, it is very likely you will come back to the same location in another life. Because whatever you love and whatever you hate, stays. What you are investing in, grows. If you invest your energy in hating something, it becomes stronger. Invest your energy in loving something so that it stops there. You love something, you love your life, you love your place, people, environment, dog, everything. Don’t blame your parents or the place. There is no use. You are already here. Accept it and move on. Be peaceful in every situation is real spirituality. Acceptance has a big role to play in this. You have to accept yourself. If you cannot accept yourself, you cannot accept anybody else. Remember.

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Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic

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