The Stronger the Purpose, the Stronger the Will Power

Satsang in Zrenjanin, Serbia, part 2

24th October, 2016

Q: How can I enhance my willpower?

A: Increase the purpose, then your willpower will be enhanced. If your purpose is very clear, e.g. heal the world, give a better life to people, take care of animals and birds, take care of environment… if you make your purpose very, very strong, your willpower automatically becomes strong. If the purpose is weak, willpower will be weak. It is connected.

Mohanji quote - Go for the purpose

What makes people daring, or what makes people fearless? Purpose. What was the driving force of Jesus and Buddha? Purpose. The purpose becomes so powerful, that even if it is death or crucifixion, no problem. When you are confident that what you are delivering is pure stuff and it’s worth delivering, nothing can stop you.

Our education system has given only a degree to find a job but has not given us sufficient power to lead a life. To make a life, to put a life in life, you need to create a purpose. There is no point in blaming the education system which is creating people ready for the job market. But a job is not what you were born for, you were born for something much higher. There is a thing called being in this life i.e. being complete in this life for which you need to create and recreate yourself. Spirituality comes to help in this journey.

(Mohanji talks seeing the questions hovering in audience’s minds,  so without interruption, he starts answering the question before it was asked 🙂

Please remember spirituality is not religion. You are free to follow Jesus, Buddha, Krishna… it is your personal choice. Spirituality is your connection with your soul. The job of people like us is to shake hands with your own soul – connect to yourself. We have nothing to do with religion. Religion is your personal choice. Spirituality is your nature. Whichever God or religion you follow, you can still be spiritual if you are connected to your soul. Do not think that being religious is being spiritual. Always connect to yourself, be natural, keep flowing and keep your purpose very high i.e. you should be able to give back to the earth much more than you take from it, thenyou will be fine and you will be respected by generations to come.

 Q: How can we understand that going to church and being Christian doesn’t conflict with meditation on our spiritual path.

A: I think I’ve already answered this. You are free to go to church, you are free to connect to Jesus, He was a powerful master. You are free to follow any system, that’s not a problem. Meditation is a state when the mind is still. So whatever makes your mind still, no movement, peaceful, this is meditation. Meditation is not an activity. It cannot be an activity. When all activities stop, then you are in meditation.

Many people ask me, “I have a problem. I am following this particular religion. How can you help me stabilize myself?” I said, “Why do you think a religion is a disease? It’s almost like you are saying, I have cancer, how can you help me? Religion is what you are born in, or what you have chosen. Let it be. There is no problem. But if you connect to your body, you will be body oriented, if you connect to your mind, you will be mind oriented, if you connect to your ego, you will be ego-oriented, if you connect to your spirit, you will be spiritual.“

Please don’t think meditation is an activity. Then you do not understand meditation. Meditation is a state you reach when all activities stop, especially when the mind is still. When you sleep, but you are awake. But this is not absent-mindedness  – when you are sitting while your mind is elsewhere. That is something else.

Q: Can you tell us any experience by an athlete who is on the spiritual path?

A: There are many people. In fact, there are sports people who are following me, whose names I am not disclosing out of security. Because of security reasons, I tell them not to come and meet me because a lot of people would come. We are in touch but in a different way. Like pop singers, too. I was told recently that in a pop singer’s house in a place near Hollywood, there is a wall fully painted with my face. I said,“Amazing.“ 🙂

Anyway, these are all connections which we can’t disclose because it’s a high-security issue. People have a lot of questions, I stay away from all these things.

There are many people who are connected, especially in the jobs or activities where you have to keep performing. They connect to me in a particular way where I tell them,“Stop being you. Be me. Shift the personality to something else while you are performing, so that the burden, the weight you have on your shoulders is also shifted.” That helps them. Many times it’s a success. Because the pressure of performance is removed, people perform beautifully.

I’ll tell you one example. Actually, there was a situation where one guy had to perform in a sequential way, like in a few days and he became so paralyzed, he couldn’t think about pulling himself to do this job because of some kind of remark he received from his superior. Then I told him, “You see, nothing can affect you because you are not doing. I am doing. I will do it.” He just went and performed. Eventuall, he succeeded in this whole thing. It’s not about my power, it’s about right attitude.

Q: What do you think about Theta healing?


A: I don’t like to talk about something I did not experience. I’ve heard of this but I am not familiar with it. But as a thumb rule, whatever is selfless, I appreciate. If the intention is pure, I appreciate it. But the moment you take responsibility of healing, if you hit the karmic pattern of a person, the healer is affected. The healer is a facilitator. Healing is up to the receiver. We can use any tool for healing, but if the person who receives not to be healed, nothing can work. Then the healer sometimes uses force, uses more energy, more power. Then what happens is the healer takes the disease on. Sometimes I have asked some people, you don’t have a problem, but why are you taking other people’s burdens? Because most of us suffering today are not suffering because of our own karma, but because we have taken burden from other people and that too without knowledge. When you heal you should be totally neutral and totally selfless. Then you are safe.

Q: Theta healing is a process where a healer goes to a state where brainwaves are 4-7Hz, yogis do it in alpha state, but theta healers do it in 4-7Hz and the healer raises himself to the seventh level, where the source heals in a second. Do you believe in it or do you have any such experiences?

A: I understand that point, but then, most of the healers do not reach that state. Gravitation is so powerful that it doesn’t allow you to reach any higher states. If you can reach a level where you can receive the guidance from the source, you don’t need any medium, you just command. At that time, be very careful about the karmic pattern of the individual who is receiving. I do believe that everything is possible, because nothing is impossible, but then sometimes it’s illusion, mind projection which is working rather than healing. That’s why results sometimes do not happen. Then the healer gets angry or agitated. Then what they do, they interfere in the karma and they have it. A perfect channel has zero mind. Then they become a total channel of the source.

Q: How do you overcome sadness of losing someone who is very, very close to you?

A: Do something in their name all the time. Keep their name alive in the most positive way. So that their name will become your inspiration. The moment the loss becomes an inspiration, you become very powerful and that’s the best gift you can give to the departed one.

Q: How to protect our children who are very sensitive? We have a 5-year-old daughter who still wanders in her dreams at night and is very, very sensitive, she talks with other entities, shrieks, we cannot wake her up…


A: That’s very simple. Connect to a frequency of higher masters, proven masters who are connected to the path. They will just connect and they will channel themselves. The path of the white masters, the path of liberation is very, very strong. The moment you channelise the children on that path, they catch the vibration and they go. The way to connect to them? You can do that by telling them stories, life stories, autobiographies, explain to them, through hardships they went, but they still connected to the source and walked the path all the way and nothing could stop them. Every setback, every betrayal, crucifixion gained them more strength to move forward and deliver further to the world. Furthermore, they were all selfless. They did nothing for themselves. They did not make big establishments or lived with a lot of money and stuff. They always delivered, delivered, delivered, and then they dissolved in the whole thing and these people are now considered as great masters.

All you can do is just channelise them and they will go on their own.

Q: First I want to say thank you for all the lovely lessons you have given us today…

A: Thank you. That is because you are there I am talking.

Audience: (Laughter)

Q: As a healer, how to know whether it is karmically predetermined for a person to get healed or to go through the disease?


A: Make a mental prayer: “If it is karmically correct, let the healing happen.” That means you surrendered it to the karmic pattern and you are safe. You are just being a facilitator for energy to come to them.

Second, you can connect to any master who is unlimited source, it can be any of the past masters who walked the Earth and take opinion, advice or protection. They all work, they all support. Angels support. But you should be able to connect to them. So it’s probable you will connect to somebody whom you know so that you know you are there. Like a master who walked the Earth, who has a proven record of being kind and compassionate, say, “Please protect me so that no karma enters my system and let me heal the person if it is karmically correct for them.“ Because many people kept the disease as part of their karmic agenda. They are not supposed to be healed. They don’t like healing. They will tell you, their mind will tell them, “Oh, please heal me,“ but inside they say, “Don’t heal me.“

I’ll tell you one example of the soul deciding to leave.

A STORY of a person deciding to leave

This happened in 2010. I had a programme in Dubai and after the programme it was late. So I was sleeping around 12h. By 2AM I was getting a lot of SMS messages. It was bothering me. So I looked at the message, one man wrote to me that his wife was dying. It was in Mumbai. Doctors said she would die soon and informed everybody, so this man was in panic sending me messages, “Mohanji, please save her!“ So i shifted to her room in Mumbai, 2,000 miles (over 3,000km) away, astrally. When I was entering, the soul was coming out of the body and the parameters of the machine were stopped. I just stood there.

I asked her,“What is your plan? It’s ok. If you want to die, die. I have no objection. But you will come back. You are leaving unfinished work. You are not supposed to die now. But because you are so negative and you don’t want to be in the body, die. Go. No problem. I allow you to go It’s ok, but remember: you are going to take another body and have double the suffering than what you have now and you will have to complete whatever you could not complete. You make a decision now.“ I scolded her a little bit more, I am not explaining the whole thing. I said,“You are a coward! You are not even eligible for life. Get out! Go!“

Suddenly she stopped and moved back. She entered her body back, came back to life and recovered completely. When she woke up, my pictures were on the walls in the house and there were also other masters’ pictures.

She said,“Remove all these pictures.“

Because when she looked at me, she could only see fire. She remembered the scolding, but she could not remember who scolded her. But when she was looking at the picture, she said,“Look at the picture, it’s fire!“ She made all the pictures removed. So this man was very unhappy.

He said,“I hate to tell you, but she is removing your pictures.“

HA HA, I said, I understand, don’t worry. Remove them.“

From then onward, that lady was totally different. She takes control of the house, she takes charge of the bank account, she takes charge of everything. Her life totally changed. Like a rebirth, but with a lot of power.

You see how souls work. Sometimes in one life they go into depression and they want to leave. The moment they leave and return it’s a different life. All these patterns are existing in one constitution.

So when you try to heal, remember it is not that personality you are healing. You are healing much differently.

Q: Is it possible to heal ourselves and if yes, how to do it?

Mohanji quote - Healing is a natural processf

All the beings of this world. Take any being including a human being, have the power to heal within us. You see cats and dogs in the street even if they had an accident, they heal themselves. They have that power. Every being has power to heal. For us the mind is overwhelming this is exactly what prevents healing.

There are two things which we actually need to practice.

One is, there should be no eating after the sunset. No food after the sunset. Eat between sunrise and sunset. That means e.g. 6.30am and 6.30 pm. So you fast for 12 hours. You allow your body to be natural or detox for 12 hours. If you observe this as compulsory, you will be very, very strong.

Number two, most of us do not sleep on time. We should sleep early, wake up early. That is a good ingredient for health. E.g. if you go to bed at 9.30pm or 10pm maximum, and wake up at 4am or 4.30am, it immediately shifts your metabolism. Normal, routine life itself, if regulated, can bring you a lot of energy and power. That heals you. So sleeping is important, eating is important. These are two things which are preventing us from living. We stay awake at night, drink things like coffee, alcohol, concentrated stuff, etc. which actually affect the metabolism.

Then our body is not actually conducive for meat or materials like that because it stays longer in the body, releases toxins and most meat on the market is from animals which were injected antibiotics and so many things into them. All these are coming into our system. All these are making us sick. Then the vaccines are making us sick. Quite a lot of things are there.

But if you are able to detox on a regular basis, e.g. decide you will not eat anything after 7pm and you will go to bed maximum by 10pm so that you have a healthy lifestyle. That lifestyle itself will give you balance and longevity.

These are two aspects.

Third and the main aspect is mentally you can decide you will be fine, healthy. It’s a mind’s decision. Also never stop from what you do. If you are ill or whatever, if you have an agenda, perform it so that you are not surrendering to the disease. Like that we can recover from everything.

In January this year, I admitted myself in a place of naturopathy, where everything is fasting.

They asked me,“How much can you fast?“

I said, “It’s up to you. You tell me.“

They said, “Three days?“

I said, “No problem.“

First day it’s only water. Just water. Second day they give you one glass of coconut water along with water. Third day they give you one glass of orange juice along with water. By fourth day you are fine. You can fast forever. I fasted for 87 hours like this and there was no problem in the energy, I was doing my work, everything was fine. They only said, “You should sleep 10 hours and one day you should not speak.“ So this was the pattern. After that I lost my weight and was fully charged, there were no medicines, nothing. Just regulated food. So this is in our control, that is what I want to say.

Q: Is there any difference between God and Mother Nature and if yes, what is it? Second, what is the essence of the soul?

A: God is pure energy. Mother Nature is its manifestation. Mind is the faculty which cannot understand either God or Mother Earth. God has no form, it’s pure energy and will remain pure energy and whatever is manifested as part of God has duration.

The constitution of soul is God, pure energy. But when soul sits in the body, it adapts to the requirements of the body, its constitution, character, personality, form. Soul is connected to all these aspects. But soul is always aware and clear that it is not the body, nor the personality, nor the constitution, nor the character. The soul is clear. Soul’s aim is to be one with God, which is its Father, that is why Jesus said, “Me and my Father are one.“ When Jesus was connected to his soul, he said, “There is no difference between me and my Father which is pure consciousness.“

In a way, soul is one, bodies are many. Soul-wise we are related. It’s the same soul in everybody because soul is not bound by the character or the personality. Mother Earth is a living being, just like us, it is occupied by energy. Every living being is occupied by the energy, and that energy is God.

Q: How to deal with present situation in my country?
A: What is the problem with the country?

Audience: (Laughter)

A: I fancy one thing. Every country is the same in this world. If we look at a country and say, “Oh, this country is not right,“ think again, “Who does this country belong to? What does this country consist of?“ It’s us, people. If everybody decides to do more for the country, the country will be better. If you are talking about politicians and ministers, they are all part of the society. If the society is better, the country will be better. So everyone can contribute for the betterment of the society. Don’t think, “It’s not my job, it’s only the ministers’ job or the politicians’ job.“ It is not so. They are all part of us. Everybody has come out of us. So if we decide to change, if all of us decide to do more for the country, suddenly it will start changing. So it’s up to us. We make the country or we break the country. All countries are the same in the world.

Q: How to deal with stress?

A: It’s very simple. Don’t identify with stress. Instead identify with love. Stress is always connected to personality. Personality is what you have projected from the person. It’s like a projector and the feature film. You are projecting a personality to the outside world and you believe that the personality is you. Like a projector projects drama, action, comedy, tragedy, all these things on the screen, we are constantly projecting something into the world. So how can you release stress? Be aware of it. You are not on the screen, you are the projector. Keep projecting romantic films 🙂 Love can conquer everything.

Q: Alzheimer and dementia – if possible, which actions to take or how to avoid these disorders in cases where they already appeared in one’s family as a genetic disorder?


A: Many of the things are coming out of vaccinations. Because vaccinations as far as I understand, are all experimentation. Each fifty years they say that vaccine was wrong so we use the new one. So they were all experimentation on human body. A lot of this experimentation is affecting people in the long term while World Health Organisations and powerful bodies like that insist on vaccination, so most people cannot avoid it. This is probably the reason for autism and quite a lot of diseases today. The awareness should change in people so that this kind of thing becomes a choice, like, you choose whether to have vaccination or not. Today it is not so. Today it is compulsory thing. Then you are bound to go through the suffering. Then it helps medical industry. Because you can produce medicines to prevent it. First you create a disease, then you solve the disease. Anyway, humans suffer. We are guinea pigs of the world. We are all being tested on. Once it happens, it is not so easy to prevent it. Probably the way to prevent it or the way to control it is by reversing it and reversal needs something from a much higher intellect mostly related to nature. Because nature has been handling all these things since long and nature has no problem. Why do human beings have all the problems? First of all we are overpopulated with eight billion people. There is hardly any space for people now. Then we have encroached on the nature, destroyed it, so we don’t have recycling happening spontaneously. All this is affecting our life. Then the food habits, the life habits, all sorts of things. Look at everything. It’s affecting all beings, not only humans. We are in that state at this point in time. Neither I nor anybody can give direct solution unless the whole pattern changes. Every country, everybody should believe that there should be a change and there should be selflessness happening in this world. But the medical, food  and war industry won’t allow this to happen. They all need business.

Q: How much does sadguru’s grace mean when void occurs because many come back and say there is nothing further than that?

Mohanji in Ahobilam

A: I think it’s a big blessing to be connected to a sadguru or a master who is connected to the source, especially at the time of evolution because when you are connected to a master who is connected to the source, they work directly on your causal layer. Causal layer is a layer where the seeds of all your lifetimes’ karmas are still and we do not know what is in it. We can only see the effect in life. We do not know what is creating the cause. We only see the effect. If you are connected to a master who is powerful, who is connected to the source, it directly works on your causal layer and burns the seeds there so that you do not return back  after reaching a certain level. The state of void is the state before the fullness. The state of void is not a permanent state. You achieve it when the mind is still and there is a vacuum for some time. A caterpillar is one state, cocoon is another state, butterfly is the third state. When a caterpillar enters a cocoon there it is the void state. Then from there a butterfly happens – that’s a completion. Even as a butterfly you will not stay. You will dissolve completely and become pure consciousness. So in a state where you are in a cocoon, the master holds you. I feel that the presence of a powerful master is a great blessing. But many people do not have it, even if some people find the master, they miss the master because the mind has frames. They try to put a master in the frame and he doesn’t fit so they sometimes miss it. This also happens.

So I believe, especially since the master works on the causal layer, it’s very important to have the connection, you don’t even have to ask. Just be present, be there and whatever has to happen, will happen. Just have faith, keep the doors of the mind open.

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Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic

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