Mohanji’s Unique, Life-Changing Talk at Global Volunteers Meet

On 21st March 2021, volunteers globally got together to share what they do, encourage and inspire each other. This is the first Global Volunteers Meet encompassing all Mohanji’s platforms – those which he founded as well as those which he inspired. In the end, there was a Q&A session with Mohanji.


Nikolina: Thank you, Mohanji, for your time once again; we didn’t expect it, so thank you.

I’m sure everyone here knows who Mohanji is. Mohanji is a humanitarian, and all these platforms that you saw at the beginning that Madhu presented, he is the driving force, giving us advice and empowerment every day, every second of the day, and always. Thank you for being with us today and for everything you do for us.

Mohanji: Thank you. Thank you, everybody. It’s lovely to meet all of you.

Volunteers Staying Stable

Nikolina: You said that the theme for this year is Flexibility, Friendship, and Stability, and we know from the talk with the volunteers that they sometimes struggle with this, especially with stability in the current time in the world. So what would be your advice? We heard practically from volunteers, but what would be your advice on dealing and staying stable.

Mohanji: Well, first of all, I feel that today, it’s one of the highest levels of uncertainty. If you look at the whole world, nobody knows what’s going to happen, totally uncertain. Everything is fragile, kind of, so what you can do is to have, of course, flexibility. The second is intensity. Let your actions speak because your words are often useless. When we talk a lot and don’t do things, it’s absolutely a waste of time. So, let your actions speak; this is what I wanted to tell you. Many people say that the whole platform is very intense. Many volunteers have said that.

Do you know why it is intense? Because the platform is Mohanji – it’s me. I have given myself to the world, not a platform, you know, and when you give yourself to an activity, that activity will become intense. There is no other way.  Why many times do things not happen? Because you’re not giving yourself, you’re just partially trying, don’t try. Remove the word ‘try’ from your dictionary. Do it. Give yourself completely. When you give yourself completely to an activity or a platform, that does not mean that you forsake your family or forsake your relatives or friendships, not like that.

It’s that whatever you do, you apply yourself completely. You know, people have the wrong notion that you have to run away to do something; absolutely not. You don’t have to run away from anything. Taking care of your family, taking care of your children, or taking care of your society; are all part of Dharma – duty, righteous duty. No way can you abandon that; you cannot run away from it, and I will never accept or recommend anybody escaping from the responsibilities. So, intensity is connected to conviction.

Mohanji-humanitarian-and-a-spiritual-leader-a-friend-of-the-world-talk at volunteers meet

Have Intensity

Do you believe in what you do? If yes, it will have power; it will have intensity. I believe in what I do. That’s why we have intensity in whatever we do. And also, this is a global platform, spread over five continents, you know, if penguins join us, we will have the sixth continent. We have a great, big platform for us. Correct? And you’re not restricted anymore. You are universal. Like the butterfly effect. A butterfly flaps its wings at one corner; a storm happens in another corner. That way, when you do something positive in your locality, its positive effect transfers or transcends space and time and reaches the other corner of the Earth. That big is our platform; it is growing; it is strengthening; the platform is powerful.

So, I would like to congratulate all of you, great volunteers; you are real assets; you are amazing. I’m not just trying to praise you. I don’t praise people, you know, but I really appreciate your efforts.  All of you who are doing anything in this whole canvas create some difference in somebody’s life. It doesn’t matter who is benefiting, but you are making a difference in somebody’s life; it is a big deal.

Otherwise, what are we? – Selfish, greedy, self-centered, you know, and we never get satisfied. There’s no satisfaction because we never have enough. We are filled with the insecurity of what might happen to us tomorrow because we don’t see the world outside. We think that we need all these things to be happy, like money to be happy, all those things to be happy, but that’s not true. The more you share, the more you receive.

Look at a few traps in the path of volunteering. The number one trap is ownership. The moment you start owning an activity, like ‘I’m doing it, ‘I have,’ ‘I,’ ‘I,’ ‘I’; then you will start comparing with other people, or you start competing with somebody, the whole idea goes down, then you will not be happy. Such people have left this foundation, or this platform, I’ve seen, because they did not have enough control. There is nothing called control; you can’t even control your heartbeat, your respiration, your circulation, your digestion, then what are we controlling?

Delivering is more important; what you are, what you are, you deliver. That is why the only authentic thing you can give to society is yourself. I have only done that. This is not rocket science. It’s not rocket science. I have delivered myself to the world completely. You know, I didn’t keep one, even one aspect of anything for myself. So this is what I’m telling you. If you have conviction, if you believe that you can do it, do it, and let your actions speak, not your words.

Don’t try to prove to somebody else by saying, ‘I am doing something great in this world.’ Don’t try to prove – it will speak for itself – your activity, your action will speak for itself. And you will feel it. And another trap is expectation! You expect appreciation; you expect rewards if you expect recognition. These are all traps. If you don’t get it, what will you do? You may stop the activity, and who’s losing the opportunity? You! Remember this, ownership and expectations are big traps.

Mohanji's quote - Lead only those who are worth leading

Break Your Comfort Zones

And another thing is that many people don’t do anything because of their dependency on comfort zones. You know, they can’t break those boundaries. I will do something like, I pulled the window a little bit down in the car, and I put my hand out and do something – it means: very limited. They do whatever they can do within their comfort zone, but they don’t get satisfaction. You know why?

Because comfort zones are a big trap. You got to take the step and break your comfort zones and do what is necessary, what is needed. You know, if you don’t do what is needed for the world, there’s no effect. Activity happens; the effect does not happen. It does not happen because we are doing something within our comfort zone, what is comfortable for us. That’s not what we have to do; we have to do what is required.

Every day something is happening in the world. You planned something yesterday, but that’s not valid today. It can happen, right? Things change so rapidly. In 2020/2021, we are restricted so much; we can’t move; we have a lot of restrictions. All these things you have to consider, and you have to remain flexible. This is very, very important. Right?

So remember these traps, a comfort zone is a trap, the expectation is a trap, ownership is a trap. If you understand this, your volunteering will become very, very effective. And when you volunteer, the reward you get is the love, grace, and respect you receive from society. That’s the reward but don’t even expect it. Some people may criticize you, you only did this, and you could have done better. No problem that is others’ opinion, you can’t help it. You can only do as per your capacity, within your capacity.

So if you can do something larger, do it, but don’t stretch yourself and stress yourself for doing the impossible -which means doing something beyond your capacity. You should do it within your capacity; that’s your responsibility; that’s the sign of your refinement as a human being.

Right. Ask me questions.

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Volunteers, Beware of Inertia

Nikolina:  You said as per your capacity, but I know that many of us experience the guilt of not doing enough. How to deal with that guilt that is always there?

Mohanji: Ask, what is preventing you from doing enough? And almost always, it would say the inertia, the Tamas, or waiting for the right time, waiting for the right situation. And please remember one thing very clearly, it’s not the quantity of action, but it’s the quality of the action. Like the story of the children who the teacher told that they should do a good act every day, and everybody came back and said: ‘I’ve helped an old woman cross the road,’ then the teacher realized it was the same old woman. Each child went and made her cross the road up and down. That’s not an activity, you know. (Mohanji laughing)

So when we do something, it should be realistic. It should be realistic. But these things happen, somebody has said Mohanji said that there should be some good activities, so you go and do something. It’s not about the quantity of activities; it’s about the quality, which is more important. And also, when you look within, you will know what is preventing you from doing that. That one will be an expectation that you will get appreciation – number one. Otherwise, it’s sheer inertia, sheer inertia. Okay, I’m lazy today, or the sun is not shining today, it’s cold outside, something will prevent you from doing the thing, and this is something which you have to tackle yourself. You know, whatever the situation is, ask this question: what else can I do today for the world.

And please remember, as I told in Turkey, in the program, that you need to know that we have to count days, not years anymore, because what COVID has given is that level of uncertainty. I’m not trying to create fear in you, but think about what you can do today. If your heart is beating, if you’re breathing, and if you are healthy, do something today. Because if tomorrow does not happen, I’m not saying that we all will die tomorrow, I’m saying that every day has to be used well.  Today is important. That way, if you consider, each day will be very, very powerful.

Because you’d have done enough for which you need a bit of pre-planning, you consider everything that you have to do; time with your parents; time with your children; time with your spouse; time with your office or in the office; everything you consider that day. Though I’m not asking you to delete anything, and even if it is uncomfortable, I would say, if it is your responsibility, you must honor it. If your parents are your responsibility, if your children are your responsibility, if your wife or husband is your responsibility, honour it 100%. I repeat, honour it 100%.

Still, you have time, in 24 hours, I mean, not the time of sleep, taking a bath, or going to shops, all those things you consider. Apart from that, you get probably an hour or two; that’s enough, that’s enough to purify you. Selfless service purifies you, and that one or two hours are enough each day. And if you can do four hours, excellent, but if you cannot do it, no problem.

But Dharma – duty, righteous duty, should be fulfilled, and yes, all your dependents are very important. You must take care of them. And don’t tell me that Mohanji said, “Don’t worry about any of your relatives, you just stay and take care of the society.” I will never say that; I have never said that. Please remember this very clearly, you know, you have to take care of whoever is dependent on you. I repeat you have to take care of whoever is dependent on you. And then you still have time, after you’ve slept, took a bath, eaten or everything; later, you still have time. And that’s what I said, delete that Tamas, that inertia part a little bit, that time is enough. If you reduce your inertia, laziness a little bit, that time is enough for excellent service on Earth.  Question.

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Inspiration Comes from Conviction

Sanja: When we speak about motivation in volunteering, whose job is to motivate volunteers, is it the leaders, and how they can do it and regards the self-motivation because we can see some people are self-motivated, and some of them are lacking self-motivation. Is that something that can be learned and practiced?

Mohanji: First and foremost, all you need inspiration. And inspiration has to come from conviction – meaning, you believe in what you do. You should believe in what you do, and you love what you do; it will become self-inspiration. If you expect inspiration from other people, you may have de-motivation; you may have a state where you do not get that. When you don’t get that, you may not do anything.

So always depend on yourself, and no less dependency on the world outside. Because externally, you have no control. You have absolutely no control over the external world. There are only two options in the outer world: they like you or dislike you. They accept you, or they reject you. Right, only two dimensions!

But our personal dimension, which is the third dimension, is huge, unbelievably huge. That means our potential is unbelievably huge. It does not matter what your social status is, what your position in society is, what’s your education, no matter, what is, what you are as a being. The third dimension is the most powerful, and that’s what you have to connect to constantly.

Am I happy? Am I contented? Am I satisfied? Which activity inspires me? Or, what gives me more energy, feeling rich inside? That will tell you what the right activities are for you because these activities or any of the selfless activities will be inspiring for you. It’ll be purifying for you, rejuvenating for you, but if we expect that kind of a thing from the world outside, you may not get it. And also, when you look at another person, and if you want to imitate them, if they change the path, you will be lost.  So, you’ve got to depend on yourself.

You should be self-inspired, and inspiration should come from a conviction. You should believe in what you do. Otherwise, there’s no strength. That’s what I told in the beginning, what is the source of intensity, the belief that I know what I’m doing. That gives you power and strength, and that the same power and strength I transfer to people. Those who have been with me for many years will tell you that; the power and strength that they have, it’s not metaphysical; it’s about the conviction on the face, consistent action.

And also, discipline to a great extent. Discipline doesn’t mean, “I do something for one week, then I stop everything” – not like that! Every day, even if you do a little bit, you do all the time, years on, that means it’s a consistent expression, a consistency. Consistency has a lot of value. Along with conviction, you should be consistent. Otherwise, it’s just a spurt of energy, some inspiration you derived from outside, and then it’s gone. Then what happens: lack of self-esteem, and you dive deeper down into a level of depression.

So that’s not the thing here.

Commitment and Dedication

Moreover, commitment and dedication are very, very important: when you do something, be committed 100%, otherwise excuse yourself, this is better. Imagine ten people are doing a specific project. If you cannot be committed to it, if you cannot be dedicated to it, tell them in advance, “I probably won’t be able to do it.” This is better than staying there, not doing it, then pulling the whole thing down because you become responsible for the entire downfall. This is very important for volunteers.


Next is timeliness. See if somebody is hungry now; there’s no point in giving them food tomorrow. You got to provide the food right now. Always be prompt. That means timeliness of action is very important for volunteers in social service. What is most important is the timeliness, you got to do things on time, which means you can’t sleep and say, “Today, I’m lazy. Tomorrow I will give food,” you know, and in that bargain, if that person leaves the body or something like that happens, you will have all the guilt, all the time, the whole lifetime. Next question.

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How to Teach Children

Nikolina: I have some questions that we received from volunteers who are working with children. In schools, they are often offered competitions like in arts, math for example. How to teach them to approach the contest and participate, but not to have that competition mentality?

Mohanji: Awareness, you give them the awareness that this is roleplay. In the roleplay, imagine you’re acting in a feature film or a drama. You’ve been given a role to play, you play that role very well, but once you come out, you should remember that you have been acting. So, teach children, or tell the people what exactly is happening. The whole world that we see around is a bundle of role plays. We are all playing roles all the time, we play them well, and one cannot be compared to the other. The role you play as a son is not comparable to the role you play as a father. Every role has its value, its dimension, its reason, and its relevance. You should remember this.

And competition, if you understand that it’s competition and if you participate without emotion, it’s okay! Where is the problem? When you take the competition seriously, and you compete with emotion, and then when you lose, you have depression. That is not okay. That means you got carried away. Competition is acceptable provided that you know it’s competition, and only for the sake of inspiration or reaching the goal post. This is okay because that’s not going to pull you down.

But, if you are competing and you’re saying, “Okay, this is the whole thing.” And then you feel, “Oh! I did not win.” And then you have “I’m not happy, I’m sad” – those kinds of things will pull you down, so that is not okay. So, nothing is bad; it’s our attitude towards it that makes the difference. I don’t think anything, anything is bad in life, but, but you should consider, what’s your attitude towards that thing? That makes the difference.

Another thing I will tell you, all volunteers, in this whole context is the enthusiasm that you should have. If you do not have enthusiasm, if you do not have inspiration, it’s usually because you do not know the subject. “Everybody is doing, so I’m also doing,” and why are you doing? “I don’t know!” Then, where is the enthusiasm, where is inspiration? So, when you know why you’re doing something, like when you give food to people, and they are happy, and they sometimes express it, sometimes they don’t express it as some people don’t know how to express it.

But the feeling you get will be richer, more filling than the person who had the food. Because we do tremendous food distribution, so we know that when the hungry get the food, the satisfaction they have, and that vision of satisfaction on their face is more filling for us than them. They transfer you some inner richness, so don’t think that you are not getting any reward.

You are getting a reward, a tremendous reward. And this purifies you, and this elevates you. There is one type of energy within our body which elevates us. Feeding the hungry and helping the helpless gives momentum to that energy which elevates us, lifts us, that levitational aspect. So, selfless service empowers the levitational aspect of our existence, transforming us to the larger, the higher.

Mohanji's quote

That’s why I said that when you wake up in the morning, you think, ‘what else can I do today for the world?’ That makes life meaningful. You see, enthusiasm is essential to inspire people. When you do something, you should also inspire people. That’s why we should have good pictures, we should have some T-shirts and things so that people know that this group is doing things, and they will come to you and say, “I would like to do that same thing.” Then we can have great volunteers, we already have a volunteer base, great volunteers, and these people are all getting elevated. It’s not for reward or recognition. It’s not for awards. It’s not for glory or honor. It’s the grace that comes along with it; you’re not the same anymore.

When the purpose is built up in life, you can conquer anything, any aspect of you, and win any wars outside of you. If you conquer every aspect of you within, you can conquer everything outside. If you can’t conquer your mind, there is no victory worth it in the outside world. So, when you start giving, you start expanding; the more you share, the more you expand. Share, support, and grow! This is the whole thing, and this is how the whole creation works, especially around the human species, you know: share, support, and grow. Growing inside, not growing outside!

Giving Food to the Hungry

Speaker unknown: Mohanji, I have a related question about giving food to the hungry. If a hungry person or the poor person does not necessarily prefer vegan food, is it okay for volunteers to give non-vegan food just for that instance?

Mohanji: Well, if somebody prefers a five-star dinner, will you give that? That’s the answer. You give as per your capacity, as per your conviction. If you ask a beggar, “Would you like to have dinner in The Taj,” he would say, “Yes.” But can you afford it? So, whenever we give something, always remember, it should be exactly as per our capacity, our conviction because if we have to hurt somebody, hurt some being, kill some being, I don’t want us to sponsor it. Because you know, then you are to carry that karma as well.  I would like you to reduce your weight, rather than expand it or increase it. You know, so this is very important to understand.

Veg or Non-Veg Food for Animals?

Mina Obradovic: What about volunteers giving meat to animals such as cats, because they usually eat meat, right?

Mohanji: You make them vegan if possible. There are mock meats now. Every animal food has a vegan alternative. Let us promote it. The more there is demand, the more the price will go down. The price is up, which means there’s no demand, but the more we start buying it, the more they will start producing it. It’s always a supply and demand situation. I would like us to exercise what we believe in so that such things are produced more and are more available. Look at our community; we are in every continent, five continents. If all of us are focusing on these kinds of things…, like, we had Homa recently, on Shivaratri. There was vegan ghee. Of course, its price is a bit higher, but that’s a signature. It’s a statement. We are telling the world what we believe in.

Mohanji - humanitarian and a spiritual leader, a friend of the world - ACT Foundation at a dog shelter in Montenegro
Volunteers of ACT Foundation in Montenegro

Balancing Career and Selfless Service

Erica: I have a question. If our career choice is in service, social work, as a bodyworker, as a yoga teacher, how do we balance service work as volunteers with our career choice to prevent resentment?

Mohanji: What your profession is, in that level, we can do service as well. For example, you have an 80% of your waking hours, and you are spending on teaching something to people, etc. You can include some people who cannot afford it. When you teach yoga for money, continue that, but add a few people who cannot afford that course so that it automatically compensates. You have to share only what you have in abundance.

There’s no need to share only money or food or whatever. You share what you have in abundance. If it’s your skill that you have in abundance, share that. If it is love that you have in abundance, share the love. Share what you have in abundance. Everybody has something in abundance. That’s the only thing that volunteers need to find out, and then share it.

Erica: Thank you.

To Help or Not to Help

Ekaterina: Mohanji, I have a question about cats. There is a mini shelter here, a lady here supports around 60 to 70 cats, and she’s asking me for help to bring the donation and food. I am doubting because she’s keeping the cats closed in one room, and there is just a tiny yard, so they’re actually like prisoners. Should I support and bring food because they’re hungry or not help her, as when she does not have food, she will let the cats go?

Mohanji: I think I’ve answered this question to at least four people from your country already. Many people have asked me the same question. I think Hanumatananda knows this. Do we have a choice? Do we have a better space to give her? If we don’t have a better space to give her, at least she’s taking care of those cats. I look at it this way: some service is better than no service. It’s not ideal. You know, I do not recommend restricting anybody anything. I don’t like any restrictions myself. I don’t like to restrict anybody; we need freedom. Every being deserves it, and it’s right to have freedom, but we live in a world that is not so kind.

Until we have a kinder world, I would say that we support as best as we can, but don’t think that it is ideal. But, if we have a space of our own and can afford to offer that to them and say, “okay, you can use this bigger space,” then there is a meaning. Otherwise, not doing something will amount to Tamas, you see.  This answer I’ve given to a few people already. I think you’re all serving the same cat family.  Like the woman crossing up and down the road, you know.

Mohanji - humanitarian and a spiritual leader, a friend of the world - ACT Foundation visit to dog shelter, Montenegro

Expanding or Contracting the Heart

Nikolina: We are out of time. So, to conclude, what would you say the right attitude for volunteers is, how to overcome all those likes and dislikes and interruptions of the mind?

 Mohanji: The right attitude for volunteers is selflessness. Cultivate selflessness within, and also fewer expectations, as I told you earlier. If you have fewer expectations, you will have more power, and you will not be bound by society or the situations around you. Don’t expect everybody to appreciate you. Some people will say that you are not doing enough, some people will ask, “Why are you doing this?” and some people will give fear to you, “What will happen if you spend all the money on all these cats and dogs, or who will give money for your children, or what will your children do,” all sorts of things will come your way.

You need to stay focused and connect to your heart. What expands your heart is good for you. What contracts your heart is not good for you. So, have a plan, have a clear vision about it, and have clarity about it. This platform is enormous. This world is huge, and you have access to all five continents.

Remember, it’s not only what you do at home; you have everything you can do all around. You can talk to anybody, Madhu or any person, and they will guide you further because there is a lot to do. And when somebody says, “I have nothing much to do around,” it’s a sign of inertia. It’s another expression of inertia.

On the other hand, when you say, “Okay, I don’t have enough time to serve the world, yet I will do more,” – that’s a sign of power and stability. So, you can provide stability by your stability. You can only sell what you have. You can only give to the world, share what you have. If you don’t have stability, don’t try to give stability to other people because it’s not going to work, like a blind man leading another blind man.

Mohanji - humanitarian and a spiritual leader, a friend of the world - charity at a dog shelter in Montenegro, ACT Foundation

So, first of all, cultivate selflessness. Nature has provided all these things; Nature will provide. And the more you give, the more you get. It’s like drawing water from the well. The more you draw water from the well, freshwater comes into the well. If you don’t draw any water from the well, water is not even suitable for drinking afterward because it will become stagnated water, not suitable for drinking. If you start drawing from the well (the well is yourself), when you draw yourself more and more energy and start sharing, distributing, doing better and better, you will get much more of it.

And please, when you give excuses, ask yourself: what aspect of you is giving excuses? Please don’t do it for Mohanji; you should do it for yourself. This is a self-awareness thing, it’s for connecting to oneself, making the best use of your time for the right purpose, and the reward is coming to you; the grace factor is coming to you. You as volunteers are getting more and more power energy.

What you sow, that you reap. You sow, share kindness, goodness, compassion, selflessness, non-violence; you reap the same thing. When you sow kindness, there’s no way you’ll reap hatred.  But, if you sow hatred, you will reap hatred because that’s what you’re sowing. So what we sow on Earth is very important because you have a life – your heart is beating, you’re breathing. You have a body, and you have energy, you have a mind, you have the right attitude. Now you sow the right things, sow kindness, compassion, and it will breed more and more of it.

We have 200 volunteers here, and all these 200 volunteers are doing the right thing. The right thing is basically, simply put, spreading compassion, spreading love, spreading non-violence. See, that will be like the butterfly effect, like when a butterfly flaps its wings at one corner, it becomes a storm in another corner. There’s a theory like that. So, when volunteers do this activity, it becomes an inspiration; it becomes a movement.

The Entire World is Volunteers’ Platform

You, our volunteers, have the whole world. Again I’m repeating the same thing here; the entire world is your platform; you have no boundaries, and don’t limit yourself. If you’re limiting yourself, it simply means that you are mind, you’re mind oriented.  Limitations are always in mind. There are no limitations in reality. If somebody can do something, you can do the same thing, but what limits you is that you do not allow yourself to express what limits you. You can break this boundary, you can break it, and you can become bright lights in the world. And that’s what I would like to tell you, be a beacon of light in your society and the world, which you can. You have this powerful platform.

And please remember one thing. Do not ever think about somebody’s opinion or criticism. People may say you’re good, or you’re bad. That’s all they can say. Somebody says, “I appreciate you,” somebody will say, “I don’t appreciate you.” This is okay! Because that’s the way people’s opinions will be people’s opinions, why should that affect you? If I had been listening to people’s opinions, there would be no Mohanji today in the world.

There will be roadblocks; there will be opinions; there will be criticisms; there’ll be everything in this world coming your way. What can you do about it? Please do not care about it; you focus on your target or your purpose. Focus on your purpose; keep going. I’m with you. I’m walking with you, and when I say this, I’m telling you this, with conviction, with perfect conviction.

Because I have contributed myself to the world, and that’s what you see as this platform. That will stay, even beyond my death. This is for sure. Just keep moving. Don’t stagnate, don’t stop, and do your best. If you need assistance, we are one family. I don’t call people ‘volunteers,’ I call everybody ‘family’ because it’s a value addition if somebody has joined our family. Each person comes with that kind of potential, which can transform the Earth. Each person, all of you volunteers, have the same potential, the power. Don’t underestimate yourself!

Clearer Purpose – Higher Intensity

Everybody who is coming, each new person joining in this family, is bringing in power and potential that can grow, but if you put your mind around it, you may not see the light. It’s like a bulb, which is lit, but you put a blanket on top of it. There is light underneath, but you don’t see it. So, remove the blanket, and you’ll see the brightness within you. This platform will give you that that support. Yeah.

I appreciate all of you! I really, really appreciate it, and I congratulate all of you.  Don’t think that I will only be hammering. You know people like Kamath can tell you how it is to live with me, but I will say one thing. You know what, see, sometimes intensity is necessary for things to move. Imagine you are moving very heavy stuff; you got to really push hard. Maybe not alone; everybody has to push together, right? If it is just a tiny thing, you can pick it up and throw it away. But sometimes, the whole thing is enormous, and the entire mission is large, you got to beat it, you know, got to get this moving. There’s no other way. And the purpose is very clear. There is a huge purpose, and that’s very clear.

So, when you have clarity of purpose, intensity is spontaneous; intensity has to come. When the purpose is clear, the intensity will come, so don’t think, “how can I handle the intensity?” When your purpose is clear, the corresponding intensity will happen. If that’s not happening, your purpose is not clear. All you have to do is to bring clarity to your purpose. You got it. (Mohanji blows kisses)

Mohanji-humanitarian-and-a-spiritual-leader-a-friend-of-the-world-Brahmarishi Mohanji

Nikolina: Thank you, thank you so much for this fantastic, powerful message. Thank you for having patience with us and allowing us to work with you on this path. All of us volunteers are truly grateful. Thank you to everyone who joined us today. It’s impressive to see more than 200 volunteers gathered here.

Mohanji: Love you! I love you all, always, always, I love you, and I’m with you. When you feel that you have less energy, think about me, you will feel me. I ensure that!!

Nikolina: Until the next meet, keep shining bright, do good and be good.

Transcribed by Padmini Ravikumar

Proofread by Eni Buljubašić

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