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How to achieve inner transformation | Mohanji

It is definitely not possible to bring the fire from outside because the fire is already inside. 

Let us take the four major aspects of our existence, which will make you understand what I’m talking about.

1. The body

What does the body need?

It needs food, sleep, shelter, clothing, and sometimes medicine for health’s sake. It needs a balanced life. To keep the body, you need to have certain things which are sourced from the external. Because the body is also composed of elements like earth, water, air, and space, all of these we source from the outside, but we need it; without them, the body won’t survive.

2. The mind

What does the mind need? 

All the entertainment is for the mind. The music, the arts, the drama, all of these things are to entertain the mind, to make the mind alive.

3. The intellect

What does the intellect need?

All kinds of knowledge, analysis, all this is for the intellect because it’s asking for answers. The intellect asks for answers. Most of what I am doing now, with all of you here, it’s mostly answering your questions; and that’s for the intellect because if the intellect is not happy, it doesn’t allow the other systems to function.

So, these are the three aspects, which are functional all the time, except when you are sleeping. When you’re sleeping, the body is still functioning, but the mind and intellect are in a different mode during sleep.

4. The spirit – the soul aspect

For that, you need all these methods to reconnect, or to feel, to realise, you need all these – Meditations, yoga, Kriyas, Gurus, or books. All these things are for reconnecting back to your spirit. It is already there; you already know it, but then, to reconnect, you need methods.

If you do not get food on time, how will you feel?

I’ll tell you about one program we were doing, close to a forest, and there were about 100 people. So, I said every day I’m going to reduce the food. Some people were actually thinking about whether they should register

Inner Transformation

Then I said, the first day, the actual quantity, the next day 50%, then the third day 50% of that 50%. And the fourth day 50% of that 50%. On the last day, I will only show you a picture of food! Some people really thought I was serious. They were wondering whether they should continue with the program.

What does that show? What does that mean?

That the body plays a major role, it’s a very important thing. The body is very important for us because hunger is connected to the needs of the body. If the body is unstable, then other things are not stable. You cannot be very spiritual when you’re very hungry! Likewise, various emotions happen in our life every day. We go through various situations, various emotions. 

Stable mind

Can you sit down and meditate when there is a lot of noise around you; and people are shouting at you? Or, when you’re very emotional about some things when you don’t agree with certain things – at that time, can you meditate? Can you be silent inside? That means no activities inside. When I say meditation, it has only one meaning: your mind is stable, no movement; is it possible?

Inner transformation

I’ve gone through this situation in my life. I used to work in a company, a commercial organisation. Whenever I used to get holidays, I would go to the Himalayas. If I had a week of holidays, I would straightaway go to the Himalayas. I would sit there alone, and I used to feel very good, and I would come back totally refreshed. This was my habit.

Silence within

While I was deep in my silence, sinking into silence, silence means no activity in mind; at one point in time, this thought hit me, “Why are you faking this whole thing?” You are going to a place of silence for the sake of silence, and definitely, you will find it. If you go to the supermarket, you will find food. It will be there. But can you carry it home unless you’ve created it inside?

Transformation through stillness

By this, I mean you can definitely pay money and carry some food home, but then that’s not yours; it’s like a purchase you make. But what I’m saying is that while sitting wherever you are, amid the noises, can you still your mind? Can you make your mind still?

That was the biggest challenge, and this means you’re not running away; No escapism, no going to places. Places help to awaken the spirit; various places do help. But that is only to awaken, like igniting that inner flame. But you need to nurture that flame, carry it home and make it yours. So, you have to sink deep into your silence and become silence; then, it’s yours.

Transformation through stillness

That was a huge challenge at that time because we are used to the external (world). We get bored all the time because the mind asks us we need entertainment; the mind will ask for the internet and various items of entertainment. If that’s not coming in, the mind becomes disturbed, very disturbed. The mind brings expectations; if expectations are not met, the mind is disturbed. 

This stillness that we experience where everything, be it good or bad, be it as per our expectation or not, the mind is still okay; fewer thoughts, and stable, is that possible? That was the main question.

So, while all these activities are happening, while there are so many people, so much movement, try to get into that silence inside. It’s a tiny little thread, but if you catch it, it is yours. You can take it home!

Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt
Proof read by Vidya Rajagopalan 

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