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Have You Lived with Sai Baba? – Mohanji

The usual questions that I receive very often from various devotees are whether I have lived with Shirdi Sai Baba, whether I was one of those known devotees of Sai Baba, whether I have a deeper connection to Baba from my past lives and such questions. My usual answer is – I do not know, and I really do not want to know because what you are in this life is your reality. That’s the only reality that you need to connect to. Whether I was living with Shirdi Sai Baba in a past life or whether I lived during that time has no value for me today. Because, if you keep on referring to another life… 

Today, we have technology like regression therapy etc., to go back to a past last life and see what you have been, but what is the gain out of it? Nothing. Because you’re carrying some emotions from that life or some idea from that life to this life, but you can’t live that because you are a different incarnation. You are here now as this incarnation. I always tell people, I’m born as Mohanji, I will die as Mohanji, I am nobody from the past lives because that’s finished. Past life is over. I have nothing to do with it. 


Today, what I am in this world is my only reality. There is no other reality for me. Secondly, whenever we are referring all the time to past lives or the future of this life – it’s a clear sign of insecurity. When we are too insecure, we would like to refer to something of the past or anxiety over the future. These are signs of insecurity. I do not have that, and I do not want that. 

How much I’m connected to Baba depends on how much value I’m adding to society today. If I’m connected to Baba, I should live it. There’s no other way. I may go to Shirdi many times, or I may worship Baba or pray to Baba; that doesn’t mean I’m deeply connected to Him. If I’m actually deeply connected to him, I should live his teachings, and it should show, it should be visible in the world. This is what I always tell people. 

I have seen so many questions, and some people say, claiming that they have been living with Baba in their past life etc. One person, I asked this question also, if you have actually been deeply connected to Baba, why did you reincarnate at all? You should have merged with Baba. What made you come back? Just imagine Baba as pure Consciousness. Baba IS pure Consciousness, and you are deeply connected to pure Consciousness. That means – all that you have stored inside, all your phobias, fears, concepts, memories, desires, everything is melted and gone, you become totally empty, and Baba fills into you – you won’t come back because there is no desire to create karma for you to reappear. 

Whenever we say that we have been somebody from the past life – think again. If I was so deeply connected to Baba, why did I reincarnate? There must be a reason for reincarnation. So that means there has been a set of desires, or perhaps we have never connected to Baba more than a certain level. It could be the reason.

Connection to Consciousness

But in any case, we must be very clear that when you are deeply connected to a Master, the highest blessing can be the merger with this Consciousness. Otherwise, if we have just looked at some individual we thought we are connected to, but we have not been really connected so much that we do not come back. That is a very, very important thing. 

Another thing I always feel is that some people say, Baba spoke to me and wanted me to tell you this or that. I ask them a question, “Why doesn’t Baba tell me then? If Baba has to tell me something, he would. Why should he tell through somebody?” So 80 out of 100 times, these are imaginations. We feel we are connected to Baba, and we have something to tell people. I’m not saying everybody is not connected to Baba or everybody is not saying the right thing, but many people are imagining things and telling, and this is also an urge for recognition. Sometimes it’s an urge for recognition. 

Testing Masters

I would also like to be recognized as a deep devotee of Baba, through whom Baba speaks. It’s not necessary. If you are deeply connected to Baba, you have nothing to prove to the world. People can accept you; people can reject you. People are people; people are walking, talking concepts. Everybody may not accept you. Some people will criticize you, some people will judge you, condemn you, and even crucify you. That’s how the world is. You cannot change that world. They did everything of this sort to Baba. They took Baba to court. They blamed Baba for something which Baba never even did. 

Every Master has gone through these things, and every person has their own tests in life, and that doesn’t change anything. You are what you are. There is nothing for you to prove to the world. If the world doesn’t understand you, that’s not your problem; that’s a problem for the world. You have to be honest and totally truthful to yourself, not to your past incarnation, nor your future incarnations, if at all. Instead, if you have taken a life, make sure to concentrate on one thing – make sure that you do not come back.

Transcribed by Nada Raković 

Proof read by Shyama Jeyaseelan

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