When we need nothing, we have everything

Whenever self-importance happens, when we feel that we have achieved something, even if it is spiritual stature, we understand that we are falling. We are falling in frequency.

Whenever we feel that we have achieved something, let it be terrestrial, let it be extraterrestrial – it doesn’t matter. But when we have that feeling, we are already falling in frequency. 

When do we know we are rising in frequency?

When we feel that we need nothing, we have nothing or do not need to have anything. That feeling – that is total surrender. 

Whenever we meet a Master who is completely occupied in Himself, whenever we come in contact with somebody who is fully aligned, usually life turns topsy-turvy. 

That’s because – imagine you are supposed to take another hundred lives. Now you come in contact with a Master who is fully aligned, who is fully with the Source and is the Source (when you are totally with the Source, then where your mind is, where you are concentrating, you become that)

When our mind is occupied with people of high stature (that means those who need nothing from the Earth), we become like that. So – what we are connected with, we become that. 

When you come in contact with such people, your lifetimes start getting reduced. That means each lifetime becomes very intense, very powerful, and sometimes painful.  

That’s what Baba asks: When you come to me, will you accept whatever I give you?  

If the answer is yes, sometimes it will be a pain. 

Baba is not delivering pain. He has no interest in giving you pain. 

But what we have collected as cache memory, just like our computer, we don’t know. We don’t see that, but that triggers desires. 

The cache memory is the memory that is spontaneous in you; it may not be what you have consciously collected. It could be what you have seen, what you’ve heard, what you have felt (not necessarily memories of your experiences). 

So these cache memories are the root cause of our karmic structure. 

They come down, and they reduce when you come across a Master of the calibre of Baba. It does not matter if he is in the body or not. 

If you are deeply connected, and you’re ready to accept life as it comes, then lifetimes get reduced. 


So the word is acceptance. That is the keyword – accepting life as it comes.  That reduces lifetimes. That releases you from the karmic cycle faster.

But each lifetime, each moment will be more intense. Sometimes the pain which you have collected and kept, which might have travelled through many lifetimes, gets accumulated into one lifetime. And there is intense pain, but there ends the story. The next life will be more relaxed, and like that. 

Fortunately, it can be even lesser if you’re still connected to a great Master in the next lifetime, if you come in contact with an aligned person, somebody who is fully occupied in Himself, fully connected to Source and IS the Source.

‘My Father and I are One’, ‘I am Baba’, or ‘I am Sai’ does not mean that ‘I am an incarnation of Sai’. 

‘I am Sai’ means: I am occupied with Sai, my mind is completely surrendered to Sai, I am in a mode of acceptance as Sai. 

Nobody can be Sai. Nobody is Sai. Nobody is Sai as Sai Baba, I am saying.

Sai is a state. A state of needing nothing

Everybody, all of us, can be Sai that way. But I’m talking about Sai Baba as an individual, as an incarnation – nobody is that. Nobody can be that. 

But we can all be Sai: the Sai which is a state which is perpetual, that which is the same all the time – in waking state, dream state, deep-sleep state. We are the same. 

We are only here to give, to share – not to take, accumulate, and stuff like that. So if this is clearly understood, we have understood Baba.

When we say: “We worship Baba, we follow Baba”, how much percentage of it are we actually putting into practice?

If you’re talking bad about people – Baba Himself says, “When you talk about people, you’re licking their karma with your tongue.”

This is very bad because you accumulate all the poisons connected to that which you have collected. 

Just like when we eat the body parts of animals or birds, we collect all the things which they contain: all the muscle memories go into our bodies. It contaminates us. 

Just like that, when we talk bad, when we character assassinate, when we go against something, when we resist, poison is entering our system. 

Poison can enter through the body physically, through eating. Poison can enter into our mind as emotions, or some can enter into our intellect as information. And poison can also affect our personality as insults. So, through the various openings and various faculties that we have, we are receiving all the time. 

It is important that we always stay neutral. Staying neutral has a lot to do with acceptance.

Self-acceptance is when you fully accept all your weaknesses and all the strengths.

Even Baba has said, “I don’t have a family, I don’t have property or mansions, I don’t have money in the bank, or I don’t have that kind of money. I don’t need anything. I don’t have anything. Still, Maya haunts meMaya teases me.” 

Maya is an illusion, relative truth. Maya will tease everybody.

This is something which we should always remember. Let Maya tease. 

If your conviction is firm, if you are fully occupied with Baba, Maya cannot disturb you. 

At the end of the day, it’s only Baba. That’s it. We need nothing more. If you only need Baba, you will definitely get Baba. Don’t expect miraclesDon’t even ask for them. 

State of Shiva

When I was in Kailash, in the Inner Kora, we climbed up with a rope; by the time I was so tired; all of us were tired. A very tall climb, it’s at 22,000 feet, very high. I lay down with my head towards Kailash because I couldn’t walk. 

Suddenly I heard a voice: “You can’t lie down here. If you lie down, you will not go back. People come here to stay, not to go. If your intention is to go, keep walking.”

Then I asked this question: “Who is speaking?”

I was told, “We wait here, hundreds of years to have the darshan of Shiva. We wait here, but we do not ask. We do not ask for the darshan of Shiva.”

If we ask for the darshan of Shiva, there should be a form which He should choose or use to come to us. 

If we say, “I would like to have a darshan of Shiva as a body with the snake around His neck, poison in His neck”, He will come in that form. We will have His darshan. Then in an empty mind, that darshan will stay much longer! When there is no thought, there is only the vision you have, and that vision will exist on your canvas for very, very long. Then we have to wait till that image itself goes. 

So we do not ask for darshan. We do not ask for a form. 

We do not ask for anything. 

When Shiva happens, Shiva happens. 

Shiva happens at His time, not our time. 

We wait. We should be very patient. 


Baba specifies: ‘Saburi‘ or patience is very important. 

Patience is the patience of a glass filled with murky water, waiting for the mud to settle down and become clear. 

Patience is stillness. 

We remain still; we remain patient.

And Shiva happens as BRIGHTNESS, brighter than a million suns, His form, formless form!!

Then we don’t exist. We become that.  

The drop becomes the Ocean – the Ocean of Shiva.

We become the Ocean. 

Then we don’t have to see Shiva; we are Shiva.

This is why patience is very important. Whenever we ask for material, thing, position, relation, possession, it will come. If it did not come in this life, it would come in another life. We will have to take another birth. Again we will be prolonging, postponing our dissolution.

Ask nothing. Seek nothing. Just be. 

This is the fundamental teaching of the Datta Tradition. 

Be still, be thereBe stillDon’t move. Be patient. Be there

Everything will be given to you; delivered to you.

What you need is the Ultimate. What you really need is the Ultimate. 

You may need so many small things, but then there is no end to it. 

Most of these things you’re asking out of habit. You’re used to a cup of tea, so you’re asking for tea. You are not asking for something you don’t know; you would only ask for something you have seen or wish for (that means you’ve seen in other people). 

Fifteen or twenty-five years ago, nobody asked for an Android phone. Today we ask for it because we have seen it, we know how it functions. Fifty or eighty years ago, nobody asked for a laptop because there was no laptop. Today, people ask for that because we’ve seen it. So we ask for a thing we have seen or that we know exists. 


This is the continuation of habits or patterns that we have cultivated.

We have patterns. Patterns are binding. Patterns bind us – repeats things in us. We tend to repeat it, time and again. And there’s no end to it. 

We are all the time trying to create more and more needs, which is prolonging dissolution. When I say dissolution, it means becoming Shiva. 

Instead, every part of us – body, mind, intellect, sheets, koshas – every aspect should burn and become ash, which means neutralized. Then Shiva will wear you. Shiva wears ashes. Ash – where every desire is finished. 

All desires have become ash. We need nothing. When we need nothing, we have everything. Shiva is everything. Baba is everything. 

We have everything; we do have.


But when we ask for small things, pleasures, we get stuck in that mode, much longer. When we are against something, that thing stays much longer. When we are opposed to so many things, we have to stay and fight until we get defeated – we have to discard all that’s not necessary.

Bharat is a beautiful space. This is a powerful space, this space called Bharat. We are the only people who spoke about moksha or liberation.  

We did not talk about just heaven and hell. Heaven is when you are expanded. Hell is when you are contracted. We did not talk about this. There are only two states of the possibility of human existence. We did not talk about heaven and hell too much. 


We only spoke about moksha. And this one thought made us stronger, determined, stable: liberation.

What is liberation? 

When you are living, your desires are very manageable; your desires are less. You are happy, contented, stable, peaceful. This is the state of liberation when living. 

At the time of leaving the body, the state of liberation is the state where you have no baggage to carry. 

Imagine you’re taking a flight. You have no check-in baggage; no cabin baggage, hands-free. That’s a state when you are leaving the body of a liberated existence, with zero desires to carry. No memories to carry. No agenda. 

What is going are the sheaths or koshas, which are empty. No storage, no memories. Free, peaceful. Liberation at the time of death. 

Based on this one matter, religions were formed. Philosophies were created: Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, you name it. It’s all created out of this one point; a very important point. 

Great masters: Sai Baba, Bhagwan Nityananda, Anandamayi Amma, Paramahamsa Yogananda, Babaji – so many Masters…we have seen various Masters. They all lived love, and they propagate one point, one thought: Liberation.


The expression of liberation is compassion. 

Ahimsa paramo dharmaha: the supreme dharma is non-violence. 

We cannot harm or hurt anybody. We can’t. We help, we love, we are compassionate. This is the fundamental of Sai Baba’s teaching– compassion, kindness. Uncanny kindness. 


Forgive, it doesn’t matter – forgive. People can be good; people can be bad. Based on the situation, they work, and they express the way they express themselves. Nobody can change it. And nobody needs to do anything about it. 

What will the police and the judiciary do? 

Counsel them, bring them out, bring them out of their own cages.


Crime is a cage. Crime is a lack of alignment. A person who is opting to be violent means he is not aligned; bring alignment.

Love brings alignment. Kindness brings alignment. Compassion brings alignment. 

This is the future, the future of Bharat. If Bharat is expressing, it should be the alignment; alignment through compassion, through kindness, through unconditional love.

Transcribed by Nada Raković

Proofread by Geeta Iyer

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