New Year Message for 2022

New Year Message 2022 | Mohanji

Namaste! Hello everybody!

I wish all of you a great new year, 2022. From 2020 onwards, the apprehensions of the world have increased. We all have experienced, especially with the pandemic, vaccinations, restrictions for travel, a lot of different experiences which we are not used to. We are not used to any of these, but it created a different dimension in us. We are forced to adapt to the new situation. 

We do not know what is in store in 2022. We have not seen the future. But, one thing we can say, what kept us, what maintained us, what brought us to 2022 should continue to take us forward. 

What did it bring us? What was the major change that happened within, which brought forth some dimensions which were hidden in us. 

Happy New Year


Something which was not so important until now and 2020 started it, and then we moved into it, and we are experiencing it is flexibility. Flexibility is one thing that maintained us. Flexibility was important for us to survive. Situations were unpredictable, but we survived. 

We survived, then what did we see in the last two years, 2020 and 2021? We saw a lot of unity. Many people started searching for truth – the real truth; many started exploring their own inner stories. All of us are stories, and all of us have histories. So they all are unique to us, and they are important. So many people have started exploring themselves, their own stories, refining and redefining themselves, their lives, their associations, various interactions, and to a great extent, life has become meaningful. 

Sometimes, in a restricted atmosphere, we go back to our basics. Many of us have experienced Covid, and I believe that experience was vital for realigning ourselves. Everything is positive. Don’t look at anything as negative. By resisting, we have not achieved anything in life. By resisting, we have only increased our pain.

Minimal requirements

So, in Covid situation, isolation, contemplation, going back to readjustments or readjustments for the sake of redefinition, we redefined ourselves. We started looking at what is real, what is important, what is really important, and how we can minimise our existence on Earth, or with minimal situations, minimal requirements how we can survive. 

I think we were surprised to see that we don’t need all these things to survive. Many of our habits got redefined. Many of our needs and requirements got redefined. And many times, we understood that we don’t need all these things. 

So, many people I know, from our group, larger family, and global family, have told me that they don’t need all these things to survive. Wastage is less; wasted situations are less, time is less. Wastage of anything is vital here. Materials, time, space, relationships, everything was redefined. And if you look at it positively, it’s a great thing. When do we get to do this? 

In the rush of life, we are unconsciously moving; we are like flowing with it. But in this time, during the time of the pandemic, we were not given all the possible conveniences or possible materials or supports by time. Time denied it. Time took it away, and that redefined our existence. 

So, my friends, I would like to tell you one thing. Look at life now, objectively, beyond all your usual associations, identifications. Look at life as an individual.  

How should this New Year be?

I am not talking about the new year resolutions, which we never fulfil. I’m talking about realism; I’m talking about reality. I’m talking about being real. Look at life: how much you need; how much you don’t need. How much do you have which you could share? How much you can expand your potential. 


Many of us are using only 20% or less of our potential in life because we don’t need to. But we have 80% lying in there. Our potential is not what it seems to be. This is not our potential. Our resources are not used well. For example, we have big houses and many bedrooms we hardly use. Having a lot of material support or materials means nothing. Pandemic showed that. Many people had a lot of money, but they could do nothing. 

Situations did not permit them to express their richness in this world moneywise. 

But there has been great hearts. They could express their richness easily. So, equations got changed. Social capital became more important. We all have that power. We don’t need money to increase our social potential, social capital. Just be benevolent. 

First of all, when you look at yourself, see how much you need. We may not need many of the things which we are addicted to—a minimal existence. A minimal existence is not denial. It’s using things which you have to, having that experience, but at the same time, you are not addicted. You are not craving for more. You are not kind of a slave to a situation, slave to a material, slave to a relationship or slave to any position in this world. You are not a slave. We are not supposed to be slaves. We are supposed to be kings in our own right. 

How can we be kings in our own right? When we realise ourselves; When we understand we are unique; When we understand that we have great potential; we have great reason to be here. We have relevance here; we have space here; we have our time here. We are needed here. 


So, I would like you to rethink, redefine using this time – it’s a new year. A page is being turned; a new year is coming. I would like you to take some time off. Sit down in a place, quiet, comfortable, and redefine, rethink, reassess, not judging, not criticising, not comparing, nor competing; that’s all unnecessary; you don’t have to do that.

But, at the same time, just feel: “I can do much more in this world. I can bring in warmth. I can bring in more love. I can bring in compassion. I can help spread nonviolence in this world. I can be more sensitive. I can love beings without expectations, unconditionally.” There are so many things we can do. It doesn’t cost anything. It doesn’t cost money; it doesn’t cost a penny. 

So, if you really understand what I’m saying, 2022 will give you a great chance for redefinition, redefining our lives, and it’s worth it. I always feel that we should not lose any chance for redefining ourselves, bringing forth a different potential from within; Recreating or identifying a different dimension that’s already existing within us. 

Please remember, we are human beings. That’s a big deal. That’s a real big deal. As human beings, we have the power to experience Supreme Consciousness. This is not possible with any other bodies. This is definitely possible with human existence. It’s a big deal. So, realise this. 

It’s not about our addictions to materials, to positions or relations. That will not define us. They will qualify, or they will give a qualitative experience, or they may give you support in this journey, or they may give you a dimension, or open up another dimension. So I do not deny all of that. This is all fine. All these are important. 

But at the same time, you are more important, you as an individual. Your self-respect is very important. Your self-acceptance is extremely important; your self-love is important. Sharing what you have in abundance is important. Caring for this world is important. Caring for the pain of beings of the world is important. It’s all-important. 

We cannot be insensitive. We are human beings. Our highest potential is to be kind, selfless, compassionate, and love unconditionally, having nothing to do with violence in thoughts, words, and actions. This is what we are. So, it is time for us to redefine, realign, reinvent our highest possibility into our existence so that we have a great life ahead. 

I would like all of you to be shining bright as beacons of light in this world. Please remember, we all have our weaknesses. We have all made mistakes. We had failures in life. Let that not bother you now. Don’t think about them. That’s past; that’s history. Don’t worry about them; they are not important. 

What’s important? 

Important things in life are simple. What’s important? You are alive; you have a life. This is important. You are living; you are expressing. You have a great chance for rediscovery and expressions of that in the world. We are amazing creations; we are next to none. We have great potential. As I said earlier, we have the potential to realise God. 

So, what do we do here? Kindness, our highest potential – express it in your own way. Take care of the beings of the water; take care of the beings of the sky. Take care of the beings of the Earth, and take care of beings of our species, the helpless lot, without thinking, “What I’m getting out of it.” What you get is expansion, an abundance of grace, purification, and finally, what you attain is greatness. 

I wish you a great year ahead, a year of awakening, a year of a great display of your inherent potential – a great year for love. 

We are all together; we are walking together. We are one family – a global family. Our hearts are close; we whisper love. We are here to support each other; we trust each other. We are trustworthy. We are great friends, great friendships, great potential, great togetherness. We are one.

Let’s walk together and make this world a better place amidst the darkness, amidst confusion, amidst situations; it doesn’t matter. Let’s do our part. Be together. 

I love you. I always love you. And I’m always with you. You remember me; you will feel my energy with you. You will know that I’m holding you; I’m walking with you. This is the truth. 

Let’s be together. Let’s love each other, and walk together.

Lots of love.

Happy New year.

Transcribed by Ilinka Regodic
Proofread by Rekha Murali

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