Parasite Relationship

How to know if you are in a parasite relationship? | Mohanji

Right company

We need to know what is good for us. What is good for us means what brings us up. What makes us feel richer? What makes us feel powerful is good for us. What is not good for us is what drains us, what makes us feel dull. So, the right company is the company that stabilizes you, which at least maintains your stability. This is the right company.

The wrong company is the company that pulls you down. It sucks your energy; detach from it, stay away from it as much as you can. Focus on the company or the friendships that raise you, stabilize you, and make you feel powerful.

And lastly, you need to have good company with yourself, which means you need to accept yourself. We may have many weaknesses, we may have many strengths, but what is important is to accept all these things.

Detachment in relationship

Accepting ourselves

We have to accept ourselves as we are; it’s very important. The moment you start accepting yourself as you are, the world will accept you. If you don’t accept yourself and if you’re only focusing on your weaknesses, you start complaining, “Oh, no, I’m not so good, I am weak,” then that’s exactly how the world will tell you, that you are not good enough.

But we are everything. All people are everything; all people are positive and negative. It doesn’t matter in what dimension we normally operate from when we accept everything. And then we nurture what is positive in us, the goodness in us, the righteousness in us, we nurture that, we make it better. Don’t worry about what is not good. That’s okay, let it remain, no problem. We agree to sleep together, but we don’t agree to marry it.


Focusing the mind

So, what you focus on that you become. Where you park your mind, that’s your reality. Your body can be anywhere, but where you have parked your mind, that becomes your reality, not the body. You can be sitting here, but you will not be listening to me if your mind is in another location. The mind will be taking you out. So, it doesn’t matter where you have parked your body, but where you have parked your mind, that’s your reality.

How do you get out of this parasite relationship?

Stay away as much as possible. First is the recognition, the second is detachment. Stay away a little bit. But we can’t avoid all relationships of life; everything comes on its own time. Sometimes we can’t control them. This is okay. Don’t try to control them. Let them come.

When we understand a relationship is draining you, stay away from it a little bit. If you really have to help it, help it. But always maintain your equilibrium. If you do like in the airplane, where they say to put the mask on your face first, then you help other people. Similarly, you must take care of yourself, and then you help other people. You have to be stable, then only you can help others.

Transcribed by Ula Bernholdt
Proofread by Shyama Jeyaseelan

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