Should we practice hypnosis?


Should we practice hypnosis and is it effective? | Mohanji

I think it’s a good idea. Whatever can penetrate deep into you and relieve you from blockages which have been created at another point in time is a good idea. Man has perfected various systems, and some of these systems are tested and proven. You know, scientific proofs are plenty.

There are a lot of books written by regression therapists about their experiences with clients, which takes you to the system of existence where you have a certain karmic backlog and because you didn’t fulfil them, you came back. Likewise, you had certain fears that got trapped and that became your character or constitution. So, all these things are experienceable in life. When you can experience something in life, that’s real. If they’ve found a method to go deeper and release it from that point, why not?

Address the root cause

We are definitely not aware of what’s stored as well. What’s inside us, we do not know. So, whatever helps you to bring this thing out is a good idea. As long as you don’t know what’s stored in your causal layer, your hard drive, it’s good to take them out through some means. Everything helps. I’m not saying this is the ultimate, but it helps. So, I think whatever helps us to dig deeper is a good idea – any tool for that matter, not just meditation.

Especially, please understand why do people say the proximity of powerful masters who are connected to the source is vital for spiritual evolution? It’s because they work directly on your causal layer. We have only the capacity to understand the effects of life as we experience it. We don’t know what caused this effect. What provoked an effect in life, we don’t know because we cannot see. We only see the effect, and based on the effect, we try to understand life. But true masters who are connected to the source go directly deep into your causal layer and burn things there, so the effects themselves will not happen.

So, anything which gets into your causal layer and removes things from there, I think it’s a good idea, but I don’t think that you should get addicted to anything. There should be a reason for searching inside and once the research is completed, get out of it. No addiction is worth it.

Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt
Proofread by Yogesh Pandit

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