Conscious Walking

Conscious Walking is a dynamic walking meditation technique given to us by Mohanji. The philosophy behind Conscious Walking is linked heavily to ancient Vedic and Buddhist principles and practices. It works on multiple levels, bringing you to present moment awareness.

When CW is performed with full awareness, it is both a good form of exercise AND also a way to train the mind to remain in the present moment, in the NOW. “Most of us live in the future, which causes negligence of the present and anxiety over the future. Conscious Walking signifies being in the present and being in your own aura field. There is no energy loss. When energy circulates within your own aura field, most of the acquired blockages are dissolved.

Benefits of Conscious Walking include:

  • – Good for health, metabolism, digestion, circulation and Life,
  • – Helps self-control,
  • – Reduces anxieties, anger, insecurities and fears,
  • – Increases concentration,
  • – Increases togetherness and oneness.

Mohanji says 30 minutes of Conscious Walking can be as effective as 3 hours of sitting meditation. Furthermore, some people may find this easier and more natural than sitting meditation. When they sit they may feel bored, tense, or be easily distracted. The mind does not settle. Walking meditation can thus help to develop clarity and strength of mind, and a concentration that can carry over into other less active meditation postures.Many globally have been practising Conscious Walking out in nature, in community parks, gardens, school gardens and forests. Interested Groups around the world who would like to learn, practise and spread Conscious Walking may kindly write to


Shreelatha Nair, Vancouver CanadaShreelatha Nair, Vancouver Canada
For the first time today 10 years after my spine surgery, I jogged all the way down to the beach for 20min and came walking up without stopping or taking any support! I could never walk like this before the Conscious Walk!
Yohan, London, UKYohan, London, UK
At the last CW, I experience a ball of golden light 2m in circumference all around me. The energy from mother earth was deeply purify and invigorating. When opening my eyes after Gapless breathing, everything from the grass, trees and plants   was glowing with golden light.
Kishore, South AfricaKishore, South Africa
I had injured my back and was on crutches for a month. After doing Conscious Walking with Mohanji for a week at the South African retreat, I began to walk without crutches and could even walk for long distances. CW has changed my life.
Shivani, London, UKShivani, London, UK
Practicing Conscious Walking has greatly facilitated the development of mindfulness in ordinary daily life. Meditation has begun to permeate my entire life. Sai Ram
Caroline Moscato, North Queensland, AustraliaCaroline Moscato, North Queensland, Australia
After the Conscious Walk, I felt quasi-paralysed by such a feeling of deep peace, that all I could do was sit and bask in profound silence and bliss for the next ten or so minutes.
Neha Parekh, Toronto, CanadaNeha Parekh, Toronto, Canada
I have experienced that 30 mins of conscious walk each day since the past few days during my lunch hour is bringing in unbelievable stillness in my train of thoughts
Sanam from South AfricaSanam from South Africa
Since practising CW, apart from a delightful sense of peace and joy within, I've experienced an increased level of focus and concentration with regard to my studies.