Doorway to Heaven Meditation

Experience tranquillity with Mohanji’s ‘Doorway to Heaven’ meditation, a breath-focused journey guiding you into the serene spaces between each breath, revealing the path to your inner sanctuary.

Why "Doorway to Heaven" Meditation?

xperience a transformative journey with Mohanji’s latest guided meditation, centered around the art of breath regulation. ‘Doorway to Heaven’ meditation invites us to explore the profound space between breaths, guided by Mohanji. As you immerse yourself in this tranquil meditation, you’ll discover the gateway to a serene state, where breath helps you relax, letting you sink into a peaceful state and dissolve into a profound experience.
For everyone who struggles with visualization, this is ideal, straightforward and grounded approach to meditation. Mohanji’s breathing technique can be later incorporated into your daily practice independently, even without audio support.
Let Mohanji’s guidance lead you through the Doorway to Heaven, unveiling the hidden abode of your Supreme Consciousness nestled beneath each breath. Embark on a journey of self-discovery and tranquillity with this meditation contributing to overall well-being and inner harmony.


Conscious presence
being fully aware and
living in the moment.
Inner tranquillity
Experience the state
of deep peace within oneself.
Simplistic practice
Effective practice to
seek mental clarity & calm.


Do I need any prior experience in meditation to start with 'Doorway to Heaven'?
Absolutely not. ‘Doorway to Heaven’ is designed for everyone, especially those who prefer methods without any visualisation. It’s grounded in simplicity, making it accessible and easy to follow.
Can I practice the breathing techniques outside of the meditation sessions?
Yes, indeed. The beauty of the breathing technique introduced by Mohanji is its applicability in everyday life. You can seamlessly integrate this practice into your daily routine, with or without audio guidance, to maintain a continuous connection with your inner self.
How does 'Doorway to Heaven' affect my day-to-day stress and anxiety?
By focusing on the space between breaths, you are gently guided away from external tensions and into a space of introspection and calm. This shift in focus is instrumental in alleviating daily stress and anxiety, promoting a sense of well-being.
How long does each meditation session last?
Each guided session is designed to be a short, immersive experience, easily fitting into your hectic schedule. The actual duration can vary, but on average, it spans 16 minutes, ensuring it’s not daunting for any participant.

Each time this meditation is practised, deep inner healing, harmony, and rejuvenation happen. You find a new ‘YOU’ – the true reflection of Shree Jagannatha with the vibrations of gratitude, love and compassion.

You become one with Krishna; You become Krishna.

Other Meditations

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