Meditations from Brahmarishi Mohanji

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A 10-minute guided meditation as a therapeutic solace for children struggling to cope with anxiety.

This meditation is a benevolent gift from Brahmarishi Mohanji that empowers children to blossom into vibrant young adults, exuding faith and confidence. The practice begins with using the breath to connect Mother Earth to the sky, which brings the child to a state of feeling light and free. This state of freedom and lightness provides an overwhelming sense of liberation and total relaxation. They no longer feel trapped in their fears and soar high, feeling secure and confident. The power of the breath is used to help connect to the universal consciousness where they dwell in a space which can be compared to the safety of the mother’s womb. The child feels empowered with the knowing that they are safe and secure. With daily practice, the child learns to manage his fears and builds faith and confidence in himself to handle any situation easily.

This meditation is the perfect tool to help children get total freedom from their fears and exist in a state of confidence, trust and faith that they have the power to succeed.

Note of Appreciation: Mohanji Foundation wishes to thank Benjy Wertheimer and David Michael for their gracious permission to use music from their beautiful Lotus track from their album Within for the background music of this meditation.