Mohanji Transformation Method

If you want to experience total transformation, allow Mohanji to take your hand
and guide you through the process of coming back to yourself
Mohanji Transformation Method (MTM) is a karmic cleansing meditation technique given by Mohanji which works on removing deeply-rooted impressions from the past, blockages and patterns which no longer serve us, releasing suppressed emotions and removing negative energies in various forms.

Why Mohanji Transformation Method?

As one third of our karma is from our ancestors, this technique involves removing burdens from the ancestors, if karmically correct. Ancestral karma is the inherited influence of thoughts, words and actions of our ancestors. Whatever our ancestors have thought, said or done leaves an impact here and now, on us. If we choose to ignore the influence of our ancestors on us, it is like we deny one third of our life force. That is why it is important to work on resolving this aspect of our karma as well.

What does the Mohanji Tranformation Method session involve?

The MTM session consists of an interview, in which the client shares their issues (physical, emotional, mental or spiritual), followed by the actual method remotely performed by the MTM practitioner, further sharing a recording explaining the techniques for the client to practice after the session.
With deep cleansing and the practice of the given techniques, the aim is total transformation, guiding one to live a better, lighter and happier life. This technique is suitable both for children and adults.


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