If you come to me with a half-filled cup, only that can be given to you.
But if you come to me with an empty cup, your cup gets filled completely
Shaktipat is a purposeful transfer of spiritual energy from the higher realms of consciousness by the spiritual Master. It works on removing deep karmic impressions of the recipients and contributes to their spiritual elevation, depending upon their receptivity and eligibility.
In short, Shaktipat is a software change. In one go, it burns the accumulated debris and changes one’s constitution and energy blueprint, which helps one to move into different awareness levels much faster than usual.

Why Shaktipat?

Shaktipat burns down whatever is acquired and stored, but not required. It dissolves the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual blockages that we cannot take out ourselves or would have taken a long time to clear otherwise.
Each time the Shaktipat happens, a different set of blockages are removed.
Through Shaktipat, the Shakti energy ever present in human beings is enhanced and allowed to evolve from the lowest to the highest (the top of the head), which burns down all the unnecessary junk that one has collected, thus transforming one’s life and causing a dimensional shift, a shift in awareness.
The effects depend on one’s constitution: some experience a palpable lightness, some go into silence and experience much greater subtlety levels, some lose appetite, while some temporarily get more hungry. Some tend to sleep more to absorb the energy which they acquired into the system.
On the other hand, some people may not get any result. Why? Only an empty cup can be filled. There is nothing to fill in an already full cup. Anything the Master pours will simply overflow and spill over.
Shaktipat transfers are usually done from the fingertip of the Master to the forehead and crown chakra of the recipient. ​

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Note: Shaktipat only cleanses the person by clearing the channels. It does not jumpstart the Kundalini energy.
The Kundalini energy spontaneously moves up the central meridian when one is eligible. It needs no push or artificial intervention.Forcefully pushing the Kundalini energy can have disastrous consequences if the person is not ready. Hence, Shaktipat involves no manipulation or forcing.
Shaktipat should not be confused with healing practices that use consciously-directed Chi or Prana. Only a spiritual Master, who has mastered his mind and is connected to the Source, can effectively deliver Shaktipat. Shaktipat works better when the mind is not active, which is why a prior deeper connection to the Master delivering Shaktipat is very helpful to ensure receptivity.
In summary, Shaktipat cleanses karmic baggage and that transforms a person. Hence, whatever is achieved is not achieved through doing-ness. It is achieved through grace and being-ness; simply being there, ready to receive and transform.