Mohanji giving Shaktipat

Derived from the Sanskrit words sakti(energy or power) and pāta (to fall), Shaktipat is a purposeful transfer of spiritual energy from the higher realms of consciousness and refers to the act of a guru or spiritual Master conferring a form of spiritual ‘Power’ or ‘Awakening’ on a receiver. Shaktipat works on the deep karmic impressions. It often has a profound effect on the life of the recipient, contributing to their spiritual elevation. Indeed, it is said that the very consciousness of the God or Guru enters into the Soul or Self of the recipient. But, the effect of Shaktipat depends upon receptivity of the receiver.

The first ever Shaktipat happened with the first creation, when life entered matter and became a living being. That was a demonstration of Love and the Shaktipat which is life was a gift of the Almighty; Love is the basis of creation. Life itself was the first of Shaktipats. Thenceforth, every Shaktipat that happened from every Master who represents the Guru Principle or the Almighty has been transforming lives and bringing them, in awareness, to the level of the Almighty. Although Shaktipat has been practiced from time immemorial, it was initially used only very rarely. In this Shaivic path, the ascended masters might touch the disciple to give them the “big shift”.

Shaktipat should not be confused with healing practices that use consciously-directed Chi or Prana.

Shaktipat works better when mind is not active. Shaktipat burns and cleanses karmic baggage. That transforms a person. It is like a software change, each time one receives Shaktipat. Hence, whatever is achieved is not achieved through doing-ness. It is achieved through being-ness; being there for meditation with faith. Each time the Shaktipat happens, a different set of blockages are removed. 

SHAKTIPAT: Complete Grace

Shaktipat transfers can be performed in various ways, for example through gaze, sound, thought, objects, or even via telephone or email. One may ask, how does Mohanji give Shaktipat? During meditation, he gives Shaktipat on the Third eye or Sahasrara chakra. But we know many who have received Shaktipat through his words, writing and astrally also. Many people from many countries are practicing Mohanji’s meditation. Many have conveyed that they felt hand their head while doing meditation alone without physical presence of Mohanji. So, one’s connectivity with Mohanji is what is more important.

Mohanji delivering Shaktipat to Mohana Hanumatananda


Mohanji used to initiate selected disciples into delivering Shaktipat as his extended hands in this sacred process. In the Moksha Marg (Path of Liberation) that Mohanji belongs to, Shaktipat is meant to create alignment within the system of the recipient. After several years, he discontinued these initiations and instructed the closer team how to create a method of sourcing his energy and transferring it to the recipient effectively. This is called Mohanji Energy Transfer (MET).

Based on Mohanji’s instructions, a system of initiation and delivery of MET was formed and nowadays there are hundreds of people around the world who are empowered to deliver MET.
MET is delivered through the fingertips and received through the forehead and crown chakra. It is experienced as the most loving, warm energy that helps the recipient to achieve alignment of body, mind, intellect, ego and spirit. When we are more aligned, we spontaneously become more receptive, which helps higher awareness. MET is usually delivered during Mohanji’s meditations or immediately afterwards.

The results of MET are not measurable, but Mohanji teams in various countries have received many testimonials so far that confirm how helpful MET was in the process of becoming more aware and more loving.

Mohanji Energy Transfer is a sacred gift of the Tradition to all genuine spiritual seekers. It adds a deeper dimension to Mohanji’s meditations and is enjoyed by many people across the globe.

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