Conscious Dancing - Guided Dance Meditation

A dynamic method of meditation and alignment through dance that removes inner blockages and emotional weight​
Conscious Dancing is a highly effective guided dance meditation through free, unstructured dance. As a powerful technique of alignment, Conscious Dancing awakens the vertical dimension of being as the participant moves the body freely, keeping the attention within. Dancing is combined with occasional vocalization and breathing methods, while the music creates internal responses that support expansion in love and surrender.
The focus of the attention is kept on the seven main energy centers (chakras), one by one, as the Conscious Dancer climbs the inner ‘stairway to heaven.’

Why Conscious Dancing?

The Heart chakra – the bridge between lower and upper chakras – is given special attention during Conscious Dancing, with an aim of awakening to the freedom of an open heart that is ready to give and receive Love in its purest, unconditional form.
Songs are carefully selected to touch the innermost strings of our spiritual heart. Ability to keep our heart open, even if we have been hurt in the past, is a sign of spiritual maturity and courage. Life without an open heart has no real beauty.

How Does it Work?

By the time the Conscious Dancing reaches the crown, a powerful and yet divinely delicate energy is felt within the dancer’s energized central axis and throughout the body, including the subtle layers of the aura. Nothing else exists but the bliss of a vertical pillar of light, with the mesmerizing inner silence which is deeply enriching, healing and transformative.

This joyous method of meditation and alignment through dance was a gift we received from Mohanji’s consciousness during Mohanji Retreat in Serbia in 2017, through Devi Mohan as the instrument of this blessing. Since then, many people throughout the world started recognizing the depth and beauty of this method.
The blissful sensation that lasts for hours after Conscious Dancing is a sign of a true inner shift that takes place deep within. The realization that one can experience such joy through dancing, without any external substances needed, bears witness to the innate power of our consciousness.
The depth of this inner shift that takes place during this guided dance meditation is individual. It depends on the level of one’s application during the process, as well as the ability to let go.
This guided dance meditation can be practiced by people of all age groups and all religious/cultural backgrounds. No prior experience in dancing is required.

Conscious Dancing is being your natural self when your whole being is in the ecstasy of being Alive. When every atom comes alive, it rejoices the very truth of being alive. The dancer dissolves into the dance. The dancer becomes the dance. All separation disappears. There is no beginning or end to the supreme dance of Consciousness. The never-ending dance beyond all boundaries and bindings begins and ends in the unshakeable stillness of oneness. Dancer and dance are one. Yesterday, today and tomorrow are one. Life and death are one. It is an eternal cosmic dance. It is ecstasy of creation and ecstasy of dissolution. It is celebration. It is being Conscious of the super conscious that is dancing beyond time and form. It is love. It is dance.


Alignment that supports health and spiritual awakening
Removal of many inner blockages and emotional weight
Increased capacity to deal with the challenges and stresses of life