Power of Purity meditation from Mohanji

The “Power Of Purity” is not merely a meditation, but it is a communion with Masters.With every Power of Purity meditation inner cleansing is happening. But when you step into the world outside, contamination happens again. If you want to maintain the purity achieved during our meditations, be aware of every thought-word-action. Whatever you take within should be pure. What is pure? Something which is not selfish, something which is selfless. No rituals can bring that purity. Selfless actions elevate man to the highest.

Presence of mind in every thought, word and action can eradicate karmas. It can liberate you. Rituals can bind you. Rituals are experiential in the beginning but soon become habits. You might start a ritual and have experiences but later on when it becomes a habit you cannot live without it! Thus it binds you. Any habit whether extremely good or bad is ultimately a habit and binds you. How can liberation be possible when you are bound?

Purity of thought, word and action liberates man from everything. It strengthens his existence. Purity is power. Purity is truth. Truth is pure. The whole universe resonates with truth and purity. When we live truth, purity happens. When we live a life of purity by consistently expressing purity through every thought, word and action, we elevate ourselves to an existence of supreme consciousness. There are no barriers in the realm of purity. There is supreme strength in purity. The power of purity is tangible. The power of purity unburdens on various levels. The power of purity liberates. The power of purity immunizes from the rocks and shocks of daily existence. The power of purity radiates. Purity empowers. Purity strengthens. Purity liberates. It brings gratitude into existence. It quells the wandering mind to a thought-less state. It quenches all questions. It brings contentment. It brings stability. It makes our very existence a great experience. It fills our existence with life. It brings purpose. It fills life with faith and hope. It connects us to the Highest of consciousness. The Power of Purity is unfathomable. It is the nature of the Supreme