“Develop unconditional love while becoming familiar with the infinite nature of our consciousness.”


Power of Purity Meditation is Mohanji’s signature guided gratitude meditation- the very first meditation that he received from the higher realms of consciousness and shared with humanity in 2007. It has a powerful effect of cleansing and opening the heart.

Why Power of Purity Meditation?

It starts with the process of blessing others, until we reach a point of a true inner alchemy through sincere gratitude and pure love.

Much more than just a relaxing meditation, Power of Purity Meditation is a cleansing operation for our inner space where we unhook from the past through forgiveness and gratitude.

Each time this meditation is practiced, deep inner healing and cleansing takes place. It is also excellent for healing relationships and shifting into the vibration of gratitude.

Power of Purity Meditation

First we need to accept ourselves as we are. Second is non-resistance, ”I’m fine the way I am.” Third is accepting the environment as it is. Environment also means relationships. If these three things are in harmony, your blockages start getting diluted or vanish. Simple medicine.


Letting Go

Learn to let go of unnecessary emotions, anger, sorrow

Living in the Moment

Rooted in the present , devoid of past or future anxities

Unconditional Love

The ability to receive and give love completely and unconditionally

Peace and Calmness

Develop a deep sense of calmness, gratitude and peace

Self Acceptance

Cherish in joy through self-acceptance of oneself and others

Overcoming obstacles

Remove emotional obstacles and things weighing you down easier and faster


We usually operate in 120 degrees, only focusing on what is in front of us. So 240 degrees are missing in our daily life. Operating in 360 degrees (being centered in the spine) is what gives completeness. When you start operating in 360 degrees, you can tap into any level of existence.


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Jameela Jayaraj
While reading the book “Power of Purity”, curiously I tried out the Power of Purity meditation, and amazingly, Mohanji’s divine soulful voice transported me into a world of absolute silence and peace. I love this meditation so much, I practice it often. Through the meditation, I have learned to bless all, people I love and those whom I thought I hated. Through the Power of Purity meditation, I have learned to evolve to a higher frequency.
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Kim Kihm
The meditation itself was just so healing. I was able to allow myself to forgive and let go of my brewing anger, grudges that I felt, and general negativity. I allowed myself to feel the emotions going on inside of myself, and then watch them vaporize as I listened to Mohanji’s sublime words. In this meditation, I was able to forgive myself and feel love for myself, which I have never done. I had amazing clarity and insight about things in my life, which I had previously felt so clouded about. I felt so cleansed in every way.
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I am a 28 years old woman, who all of a sudden lapsed into various neurological and psychiatric health issues. Many doctors and hundreds of tests never showed anything. I was bullied because of my wheelchair. Fed up with my life, I wanted to commit suicide after battling for around 8 months. Then a miracle happened and I got introduced to Power of Purity meditation. I never believed in meditation till then but just for a time I gave it a try. Now I do this meditation every day. My psychiatric issues have not gone yet, but I now have immense strength and courage to fight them. I also believe one day I can slowly get rid of my medicines.