Krishna, in his most compassionate form, is Shree Jagannatha.

Mohanji has dedicated this meditation to Shree Jagannatha for all the devotees of Krishna. This will aid in transforming the devotees through the power of Bhakti yoga: devotion, unshakable faith and love for their deity.

Why Shree Jagannatha Meditation?

In Mohanji’s words, “In Kali Yuga, the easiest way to merge with supreme consciousness is through bhakti (devotion), bringing purity and deepening the connection with God.

In this meditation, we invite Bhagwan Shree Jagannatha to our heart centre, visualising it as the Sanctum sanctorum of Shree Mandir (Jagannatha temple of Puri, Odisha, India).

Our heart center is said to be the seat of consciousness. In that location, the most sacred location, when we lovingly place Shree Jagannatha, it becomes prana pratishta (consecration) and he becomes our personal deity.

The presence of Shree Jagannatha in our inner space fills us with immeasurable joy and contentment and the experience of being one with him. This merging enables us to feel Shree Jagannatha in everyone with pure unconditional love and benevolent thoughts, words and actions.

Each time this meditation is practised, deep inner healing, harmony, and rejuvenation happen. You find a new ‘YOU’ – the true reflection of Shree Jagannatha with the vibrations of gratitude, love and compassion.

You become one with Krishna; You become Krishna.”