About Mohanji Foundation

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What started as a spontaneous coming together of those who were deeply touched by their personal experiences with Mohanji, grew organically under Mohanji‘s guidance and vision into a global community. By now Mohanji Foundation is formally registered in three continents, serving followers in more than 17 countries; conducting thousands and thousands of free meditations, retreats and programs; and touching millions of lives.


Our practices welcome and give comfort to everyone regardless of their cultural or religious background. Mohanji’s meditations primarily guide to forgiveness, gratitude and a harmonious life, contributing to peace within the practitioner, his environment and society as a whole. Most notably are Mohanji’s three meditations – Power of PurityTM, 360 DegreeTM and Conscious WalkingTM – that are freely available to the public.


The Mohanji Foundation has set up centers in 17 countries to conduct Mohanji’s meditations on a weekly basis free of charge, bring together like-minded people and build a peaceful community.

From schools, colleges to corporates, many have benefited from Mohanji’s freely available practices which are conducted by our trained community members. For more information on the meditations, please go here.

Human success depends on man’s self sufficiency. When our dependency on earthly matters and materials reduces consistently, we start experiencing true freedom. When we serve unconditionally and become more and more valuable in the world around us, we become truly rich inside. Inner richness is true richness. Unconditional love is the true strength. The ability to give much more than we take from earth is true power. Being able to express compassion at all times is true freedom.


With service being one of the pillars of the mission we also make it our conscious effort to reach out to shelters, elderly homes and orphanages. We not only conduct meditations at these venues, but also offer further support through Mohanji’s charity arms – AmmucareTM Charitable Trust and ACT Foundation. Our volunteers address tangible needs of the underprivileged and support them with the provision of free meals, basic healthcare and blankets. Spreading peace, awareness and harmony with less fortunate members of our society is very dear to Mohanji and his mission. For more information on the service related activities, please go here


The first ever Retreat with Mohanji was conducted in Serbia 2009. It was an immediate success and soon thereafter it was established as a yearly event; always fully booked out. Further Retreats and Programs in Europe, South Africa, the Middle East and India soon followed and are now conducted around the globe all round the year.

During retreats and programs, Mohanji guides participants towards liberation from bindings and helps the participants to go beyond their mind that prevents them from having direct insights into the Absolute Truth of their Being. He works on diluting and burning accumulated karmic baggage, and elevating and raising their frequency. Retreats and programs with Mohanji facilitate detoxification, cleansing and purification on all levels – physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. The constitutional changes are extremely potent, helping the participants to maintain a peaceful, stable and happy internal space, regardless of which circumstances and environment they might find themselves in, long after the retreat and program is over.  For more information on Mohanji’s lifestyle programs and retreats, please go here