Shirdi Sai Baba Meditation

Shirdi Sai Baba Meditation is a guided meditation by Mohanji that brings a deep connection with Baba in the warmth of divine love.

Why Shirdi Sai Baba Meditation?

In this meditation, you establish Sai Baba inside your heart as his temple. Immersed in Baba’s presence, you will experience the ultimate joy and contentment with Shraddha & Saburi. The devotion and surrender to Baba will bring you miraculous healing, acceptance, and true happiness beyond any boundaries.
Mohanji’s voice guiding you through this meditation with the background of his powerful Sai Baba Mantra chanting and the heart-melting Sai Baba Aarati sung by Sulakhe Maharaj (retired chief priest of Shirdi temple) will take you right to the Samadhi temple in Shirdi.

Each time this meditation is practised, deep inner healing, harmony, and rejuvenation happen. You find a new ‘YOU’ – the true reflection of Shree Jagannatha with the vibrations of gratitude, love and compassion.

You become one with Krishna; You become Krishna.

Other Meditations

Power of Purity Meditation is Mohanji’s signature guided gratitude meditation- the very first meditation that he received from the higher realms of consciousness and shared with humanity in 2007. It has a powerful effect of cleansing and opening the heart.
360 Degrees meditation is a powerful, guided chakra meditation by Mohanji aimed at shifting the consciousness to 360 degrees resulting in access to higher dimensions & stability within.
Bliss of Silence is a 40-minute guided meditation that is ideal for any spiritual aspirant, from a busy businessman to a teenager. It firstly helps us relax at the level of the physical body, and then slowly dive into stillness.