What is Mohanji Conscious Chanting?

Integrate several yogic practices to purify the inner being, uplift and align the scattered aspects of your life
Mohanji Conscious Chanting (MCC) is a powerful spiritual practice designed by Mohanji which can either be done as a personal practice or with groups in organized programs. It is an enhanced approach to the already profound, ancient practice of chanting mantra and the Divine Name, and it is very effective to add MCC to one’s daily spiritual practice. It does not require approval or initiation, so it may be done by anyone who wishes to deepen their spiritual practice, simply by learning the technique and choosing to do it.
Mohanji Conscious Chanting
“When the time creates restlessness, it tests the talent of even the most consistent spiritual seeker. This is natural. Meditations and practices (sadhana) will become difficult. On one side the looming cloud of tamas which constantly push one to “sleep a little while longer”, and on the other side, the lack of environmental support. Mind really sways. Many give up. Many will become disillusioned. Many change their Gurus, imagining that it is because of their Guru that they are suffering!!!

The name of Lord, the sound, the breath, the vibration, everything helps silence the mind. Chant the name, contemplate on the name of your chosen God or Guru and merge with that constitution, which would be the state of oneness.


MCC integrates several yogic practices (e.g., posture, control of the breath, concentration, etc.) into a potent combination which results in
Develops individual consciousness
enhances and accelerates the development of the individual consciousness.
Uplifts and balances
purifies the inner being and aligns the otherwise scattered aspects of our consciousness.

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If you are interested in learning how to add MCC to your spiritual practice, please write to the Sadhana Team at sadhana@mohanji.org.
If you are interested in learning how to add MCC to your spiritual practice and for any other information, Please visit our webpage.