“Enter into a zone of total emptiness. No thoughts. You are not pushed into any activity or thinking”


Bliss of Silence is a 40-minute guided meditation that is ideal for any spiritual aspirant, from a busy businessman to a teenager. It firstly helps us relax at the level of the physical body, and then slowly dive into stillness. We are guided to expand our consciousness to reveal our true identity.

Why BLISS OF SILENCE Meditation?

In Mohanji’s words, “Through this meditation, you enter into a zone which is totally empty, where there is nothing. Total emptiness. No thoughts. 

You are not pushed into activity or thinking. When the lungs are very peaceful and silent, the system becomes silent. Feel your lungs and make sure you are silent. 

Everything becomes silent and then it’s a state of peace and bliss. You won’t care what’s happening outside. No matter what happens outside, you feel, “It’s ok, I’m peaceful.” 

You are able to go within, to a zone where you are extremely peaceful. The benchmark of your progress in spirituality is silence. Silence leads to liberation.”

Bliss of Silence Meditation


Feel Relaxed

Experience a deep and complete relaxation of mind, body and spirit

Inner Silence

Experience the perfect stillness and Inner silence as you go deeper into yourself

Deep connection with the Self

Connect to yourself deeply and consistently with every breath

Increase Awareness

Achieve the state of complete awareness, yet remaining unattached to mind

Calmness in Mind

Achieve a sense of calmness amidst all noise around you

Connect to Guru Principle

Connect to your INNER Guru or Guide which has been guiding you to achieve the highest


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Out of all the meditations given by Mohanji, I love 360 Degrees meditation the most. To me, it has a special appeal. It is a very, very intense practice which has the power and potential to give one the highest of spiritual experiences.
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“Wow. That was so different for me and quite amazing. I really sank deep into my breath. Interesting concept with different speeds of breathing. And that voice! Mesmerizing!”