When we shift our awareness to the spine and to 360 degrees, nothing will touch us deeply. Nothing will affect us. Nothing will overwhelm us.



360 Degrees meditation is a powerful, guided chakra meditation by Mohanji aimed at shifting the consciousness to 360 degrees resulting in access to higher dimensions & stability within.

Why 360 DEGREES meditation?

When we shift our awareness to the spine and to 360 degrees, the impact of the events in our daily life will be greatly reduced. We are able to maintain equanimity with deep gratitude and with the awareness that nothing happens by accident. Practicing to maintain that awareness helps us shift to that level easily and at will, facilitating our spiritual evolution.

Longer gaps in the spoken guidance during this meditation are intentional. It is normal for the mind to initially object to the silence and disturb the meditation with unnecessary chatter. Usually during the first half of the meditation there is more such mental chatter because of the cleansing of the painful inner impressions. 

Serious, dedicated seekers will persevere and then get to enjoy the well-deserved, beautiful benefits of this transformative meditation.

360 Degrees Meditation


Sincere gratitude and calmness

Increased awareness

Integration with the Self

Chakra Balancing

Sharper focus and centeredness


Every human being operates in 120 degrees of frontal awareness which is just enough to operate in daily life. But what about the 240 degrees behind us?

This is important – in the higher, expanded states of consciousness, 360 degrees awareness is natural. Until that is experienced, deep inside we remain incomplete. We normally don’t tap into this expanded awareness because we get caught up in daily life. That is why keeping our awareness on the spine is important.

Ideally, one should sit with the spine straight. If one has back issues, the lying position is fine while remaining in the waking state.


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Smriti, Australia
Out of all the meditations given by Mohanji, I love 360 Degrees meditation the most. To me, it has a special appeal. It is a very, very intense practice which has the power and potential to give one the highest of spiritual experiences.
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Moke, Germany
“I feel like I’ve just won a whole new dimension of my body. Thank you for the precious experience!”
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NellyAnn, United Kingdom
“Especially after practicing Kriya Yoga, Mohanji’s 360 degrees meditation has been an immense blessing, to witness thus increase concentration and awareness.”