The Golden Path of the Tradition

In one word, Mohanji’s mission on Earth is – liberation. The merging back to the original form of light and brightness to the supreme unmanifested.By living the teachings, and following simple virtues of faith, purity in thought, word and action, and non-violence one can walk the Golden Path. This is not tailored for any specific religion or nationality and is universal in nature. Absolutely anyone who chooses to practise the teachings, irrespective of their age, gender or beilef system is welcomed.

In The Golden Path, free will to follow any guru one wishes to is always respected. It is the Guru’ Principle’ itself which unites all Spiritual Masters. All are one. All are the same source. Mohanji’s consciousness guides us to higher awareness, respecting all paths, traditions and all spiritual Masters. At some point. he says, all traditions, names and divisions blur out as all Masters, traditions represent the same source.

The consciousness of being connected to the Spiritual Master, brings in higher awareness, unconditional love and peace. This leads to being always content with what you have, accepting reality with complete gratitude and yet always being ready to serve the world. The connectivity could also lead to absolute objectivity and compassion based on absolute objectivity.


When we try to limit GOD to a name, form or a place, we become limited. God still remains limitless. – Mohanji

In the Golden Path of the White Masters, it’s usually the guru’s job. When you fall, guru holds you. What happens is you are allowed to experience, and at the same time, you are allowed to come back. The door is always swinging open. Nobody will judge you. Nobody will criticise you.Individual karma is respected. Everybody is accepted as they are, because your free will is intact. And you wanted to experience something else, you even wanted to experience the fall. This is allowed so that you know what it feels like to fall. Then again you are lifted back, you are embraced. Guru needs nothing in our path.

Guru delivers everything. It’s not in teaching. It’s in activity that everything is achieved. Figuratively said, it is like a monkey’s child. The monkey’s child does not have the power to climb the tree. It’s small. But it clings to the mother, and mother climbs the tree, so it reaches the highest branch. So you are lifted. The path itself lifts you. And the corresponding gurus will come and hold you. Sometimes, if you did not understand the fall, you may not understand the elevation. That is also part of the path.

This Golden Path of Siddhas, also called as the The Path of Pathlessness, is most effective for those whose priority is total liberation from the birth and death cycle.


Gu-ru : The displeller of darkness. Tattva: Essence/ Principle. The Guru is a Tattva – a principle. Guru is not a man or a woman. Guru Tattva flows through time into eternity and takes any mouth to convey spiritual wisdom. Guru changes from class to class and time to time. Principle never changes. Connection to the guru consciousness gives you protection, elevation and eventually complete liberation.


If one follows the simple principles of purity and non-violence in every thought, word and action, and has firm faith in whichever Guru you believe in, or whichever god one likes, has unchanging firm faith, and does not change path whatever happens – which means consistency, automatically, you will see yourself progressing. – Mohanji

The guru tattva speaks through many mouths and forms. True Gurus are just road signs. Gurus are perfectly unconditional. They never bind a seeker to themselves. They never interfere in your experience or your journey. They never criticize, judge or censor. They are objective and truthful. Gurus never display their powers to attract and control. Gurus never demand anything from any seeker.They always had all the powers to have anything they wanted but wanted nothing. They always displayed extreme inner richness. Gurus lead a liberated existence and they lead the seeker to liberation as well.



In the words of His followers, “several Master’s continue to appear through Mohanji. Mohanji is a mirror. An empty vessel of unending compassion, unconditional love and embodiment of peace”

Lahiri Mahasaya
Bhagwan Nityananda
Bhagwan Nityananda
Guru Nanak
Shri Samarth Namah
Sai Baba
Meher Baba
Ramana Maharashi
Staya Sai Baba
Shri Gajanan
Shri Manik Prabhu

Eligibility needs surrender. Surrender should be with awareness. Awareness leads to stability in devotion.

Mohanji’s consciousness guides us to higher awareness, respecting all paths, traditions and all spiritual Masters. At some point. he says, all traditions, names and divisions blur out as all Masters, traditions represent the same source.Dattatreya tradition, Kriya Yoga tradition, Navanath tradition, any tradition for that matter, are one.
From Jesus, to Zoroaster, Buddha, Devi, Sai Baba, Mohammed, Shiva, Maitreya to Gurunanak, consciousness of all the Spiritual Masters is one. All spiritual master’s have had the same mission- taking one to complete awareness and liberation from the birth and death cycle on Earth.

We shouldn’t put it into any frame. We are essentially limitless. Let the river flow. The river cannot be put into any bottle. We can put some drops of water in the bottle. That represents the river, but that is not the river. River is much more majestic. – Mohanji.


Lord Dattatreya is not an entity per say. It is a representation of a much larger truth. If you look at Lord Dattatreya as an entity, and a being that will reincarnate in specific forms, I think we probably miss the truth. He represents the supreme Lord, beyond all forms. Remove the form which is acceptable by people, what do you see? Complete Parabramha;

I would not like to see Lord Dattatreya’s incarnation in chronological order. It does not gel with my understanding. I feel, Lord Dattatreya is an omnipresent being, living and expressing through various bodies. Some are very powerful incarnations such as Sai Baba. They are closer to that unique form of Lord Dattatreya. Some are at a different level. Some moved around in different societies for a different purpose. He is everywhere. I would like to look at it from a much larger scale than just a one to one incarnation.


Lord Krishna called all the higher beings before he left his physical frame and told them that the purpose and message of His avatar must continue in the whole universe. He chose nine people as its messengers. They are the Nav Nath Saints. They are the nine Narayanas. The name “Narayana” means the “destination of man”. Lord Krishna Himself Narayana, summoned the Nine Narayanas, who are projection of Himself to His presence and ordered the formation of Nath sampradaaya.

Thus Krishna expanded Himself from one to many. The purpose was the continued preservation of Dharma. Each Nath Guru displayed profound wisdom and distinct and unique character and characteristic which made people wonder if they were indeed part of the Nath tradition at all. Some stressed on Yoga, some on just observing silence.