Blossoms Of Love - Guided Meditation

Develop unconditional love while becoming familiar with the infinite nature of our consciousness
Blossoms of Love- This is a 30-minute guided meditation helps us develop unconditional love that culminates in a feeling of containing the entire universe within us. It teaches us to acknowledge and become familiar with our infinite consciousness, as well as understand our relationship with the universe.
We experience ourselves as the source of unconditional love, showering every activity of the universe with love and peace as we witness it inside of us.

Why Blossoms Of Love Meditation?

As we experience the brightness of love, we learn to be this brightness and to love unconditionally and share it with the world all the time.
We learn to remain happy and peaceful and thus keep every being around us happy and peaceful.
This meditation creates a blissful experience for adults, as well as for children who want to begin their spiritual journey.

Develop unconditional love while becoming familiar with the infinite nature of our consciousness.


Feeling Light
Experience feeling light as you explore deeper inner silence
Deep Gratitude
Express your deepest gratitude for your existence
Unconditional Love
Feel the unconditional love and joy overflowing from your heart center
Connection with the Universe
Feel your connection with the inseparable connection with the universe

Other Meditations

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Krishna, in his most compassionate form, is Shree Jagannatha. Mohanji has dedicated this meditation to Shree Jagannatha for all the devotees of Krishna.