Apply to Become a Mohanji Channel

This page contains the online application form to become a Mohanji Channel (qualified to give Mohanji Energy Transfer (MET)). This form should only be completed and submitted after you have read the Information on Becoming a Mohanji Channel document. If you have not yet read or received it, please email to request it be emailed to you and put “MET Channel” in the subject line of your email. Thank you!
Please treat the URL of this application web page confidentially.
Once you submit your application, you will receive an automatically generated email detailing all of your responses to this online form. The Sadhana Team will review your information and email you within 7 days of your submission to let you know if you have been accepted to take the next step in the process or not. If you have not heard back within 7 days, please email the Sadhana Team at the address shown above.

Please complete all written responses in English. Please note: All fields are required to have input, so simply enter “None” or “NA” (for Not Applicable) in any field for which one of those applies.

Please verify that your life and lifestyle are in adherence with the Code of Conduct for Mohanji Channels as stated in the Information on Becoming a Mohanji Channel