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Thanks for initiating your Consciousness Kriya Application! We sincerely request you to complete the following questionnaire. The answers will help us to in an effective way to decide on your application. Please be assured that, your answers will be kept confidential.

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I hereby agree that I will keep the Kriyas sacred and confidential.

I hereby agree to express non-violence in thought, word and action, selflessness, tolerance of the highest order towards all beings, unconditional love, kindness and compassion to all my fellow beings, which is integral to the practice of Kriyas.

I hereby confirm that all information provided by me is correct and true and that I bear all responsibilities and possible consequences of getting initiated into Kriya.

I hereby agree that Brahmarishi Mohanji, Mohanji Foundation, any of the people or venues associated with Mohanji shall not be responsible for any of the possible consequences related to the initiation to Kriya or any associated practices. I hereby agree that I release Mohanji, Mohanji Foundation, all organisers and assistants from all damages whatsoever and waive all rights to compensation in case of injury or loss of any kind.

I understand that contributions are not refundable and registrations are non-transferable.

I welcome supporting Mohanji Foundation and its associates by enabling them to use my images, if necessary, and video footage in its publications and media placements.

Please review if all mandatory questions are answered before you submit your application. Kindly note that we only accept fully completed applications with all questions answered and a passport picture included.