Traditional Yoga: Into The Depth Of Yoga
Traditional Yoga: Into The Depth Of Yoga Back Cover

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Traditional Yoga: Into The Depth Of Yoga

The Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga (HSTY) articulates the essential practices of traditional yoga, covering knowledge of asanas, pranayamas, bandhas and mudras, as described in the ancient scriptures and oral traditions.xfor people to adopt into their daily lives.

The focus on fitness and commercial considerations have diluted the ancient yogic practices, thus reducing the holistic efficacy geared towards the body, mind and soul. The focus is on activity, not awareness; seeking out, not within. We see yoga not as exercise but as a set of practices that help take one back to their original state – increase one’s body awareness and align the system to expand consciousness.

Traditional yoga is about simplicity and being natural. A yogi is natural, i.e. lives in a state in which the body, mind and soul are in unison. This leads to alignment, health and equanimity, a state where one is happy without anxiety, anger or stress.

This book is a handy reference for any serious practitioner on their journey toward becoming an accomplished yogi. HSTY is dedicated to propagating traditional yoga, i.e. the essence as per the original teachings codified in the scriptures by Maharishi Patanjali, with no change in form or presentation. HSTY remains loyal to the original teachings marked by the simplicity and depth of practice, which makes it easy for people to adopt into their daily lives.