Enjoy the pearls of wisdom offering inspiration and taking you to your SELF


Peace and Tranquility

Whatever affects our inner peace and tranquillity needs to be discarded. It does not matter what. Inner peace and tranquillity should never be compromised for

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Positive and Negative

Positive and negative are complementary to each other. One has no existence without the other. Positive expands while negative contracts. An absence of one is

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Candles in the Wind

We all are candles in the wind. Time keeps the candle. We do not know the duration. Shine bright today. Tomorrow is only a possibility.

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Light and Shadows

We cannot defeat shadows. When we choose light, shadows do happen. Choose light. Ignore shadows. Keep walking until you find yourself beyond light and shadows.

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Independent Life

Effective life is an independent life with great acceptance of oneself and happenings of life as well as all experiences from life on Earth.

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Effective Life

The idea of just a long life is useless. But an effective life is useful. What is the use of having a long life with

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