Gift A Pack of Mohanji Books

Mohanji’s teachings, life lessons, and guidance have transformed lives globally. Many have found solace and discovered a friend, guide, mirror, etc to guide them to higher awareness and purpose. The pearls of wisdom from Mohanji’s many books have provided deep love, guidance, friendship and answers to life’s challenging situations.

We feel that these pearls should be spread to a wider world audience so millions more can benefit from these transforming words of wisdom and discover their true life purpose. Join us in our endeavor to provide these books free of cost to powerful spiritual centres, public libraries, college and university libraries, art & culture centres, public spaces and similar platforms.

Avail this great opportunity to serve Mohanji’s mission by helping effect transformation in the lives of countless people. We are starting this unique initiative in India and will then roll it out worldwide. If you wish to participate, you can contribute by committing to gift a number of books (min 5).

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