“Compassion, kindness and selflessness are the pillars on which Acharyas lead a non-violent existence.”


Who are Mohanji Acharyas?

Mohanji Acharyas have committed themselves to representing Mohanji and his teachings and adding value to society. Compassion, kindness and selflessness are the pillars on which the Acharyas lead a non-violent existence in thought, word and action.

“Acharya” means “teacher”, but in essence the meaning of the word is “the one who practices” or leads by example, by living a conscious life and revealing the Truth that is within all of us.

Bliss of Silence Meditation

” I am trying to create a breed of people, a creed of people who are able to deliver more and more to the earth and I am empowering them. It’s important to understand that our path is the path of purity, selflessness. We have no expectations. We do good for the people. We live a peaceful life, like a family. We evolve and we dissolve. It’s very simple.”


Acharya programs are focused on rejuvenation of the mind, body and spirit. Programs are based on simple but effective universal techniques suitable for people of all religions.

Techniques such as meditation, yoga, Conscious Dancing, and Conscious Walking bring inner transformation, and a more peaceful, balanced mindset and life. Based on the social setting and participants’ needs we offer diverse program formats. These programs are aimed at:

Feeling Relaxed

Reducing anxieties, anger and insecurities


emphasizing gratitude and forgiveness

Deep connection with the Self

connecting to our inner, true self

Getting rid of past

letting go and unhooking from unwanted, accumulated negative emotions and concepts


finding peace within

Letting go of stress

de-stressing the body and the mind

  • Our programs are suitable to be conducted in universities & schools, senior citizen homes, corporate institutions and business, prisons, sports clubs, etc., as well as with trauma survivors (violence, etc.), people with disabilities etc.
  • Special programs are designed for empowering people in overcoming the stresses and strains of the traumatic past experiences.
  • Acharya programs can be hosted online too, on Zoom, FB live and other different platforms. 


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Out of all the meditations given by Mohanji, I love 360 Degrees meditation the most. To me, it has a special appeal. It is a very, very intense practice which has the power and potential to give one the highest of spiritual experiences.
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“Wow. That was so different for me and quite amazing. I really sank deep into my breath. Interesting concept with different speeds of breathing. And that voice! Mesmerizing!”

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