Application for Trainers for Empowered

This is an application form for training to be a trainer to conduct Empowered programs. This program is open to only those who have attended all the EMPOWERED Programs with Mohanji.

Eligibility Criteria to be a trainer for Empowered Programs

  1. Strongly connected to Mohanji and sincerely committed to Mohanji’s mission.
  2. Should have been a volunteer for the Mohanji platform for at least 2 years
  3. Should have attended all 4 Empowered with Mohanji programs (not enough to have attended Empowered with Acharyas or having online Course videos)
  4. Must have a great understanding of the Empowered teachings and implementation in their own life.
  5. Must have very good communication and presentation skills.
  6. Must be able to handle questions from participants appropriately with passion, compassion, and maturity. Answers should be Mohanji’s teachings.
  7. The selected candidate is expected to attend Empowered 5.0 with Mohanji in Person as Mohanji himself will do the training in person immediately after the 5.0.

Selection Process and Timelines

  1. Applications invited from all people who have attended empowered 1 to 4 with Mohanji (Livesessions)  and Application response to be received by 8th Aug 2022.
  2. Applications will be assessed by a panel. Shortlist candidates for next level of assessment by 17th Aug.
  3. Written Test for all shortlisted candidates – 20th Aug
  4. Interview with all candidates – between 20th to 28th Aug
  5. Final shortlist of candidates based on both written and interview and final review by panel– 9th Sept 2022