Overview of Mohanji Global Initiatives - January 2022

The month of January was filled with various global activities and programs led by Mohanji, and Mohanji Acharyas.
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Programs and Retreats

In January 2022, a unique retreat in Cabrera, Dominican

Republic, was organised by the Mohanji International Foundation for the purpose of raising funds towards building Mohanji Centres of Benevolence. 35 people from across the globe gathered for this private event in the beautiful lush nature of Dominican Republic.

During the retreat, Mohanji also addressed an audience at the Santo Domingo University and spontaneously delivered a long-awaited Shaktipath to the sincere seekers.

Satsangs with Mohanji

Mohanji dedicates time to meet with the participants of the Empowered Program series, every 2 weeks as a lead up to the next program. In January, Mohanji conducted online Satsangs for all the participants.
After they met in late 2021, Mohanji was invited by Nithya Shanti to conduct a Satsang for the group, on the topics of light body activation


A small group accompanied Mohanji to Puri, India. The group visited the Siddha Mahavir Temple, the Queen Gundicha temple, and several others. The chief priest of Shree Jagannatha Temple, who is not easily accessible, had invited the entire group to have “Maha Prasad” – the grand lunch offered to Lord Jagannatha that includes 56 varieties of food items. Every year, Mohanji is traditionally invited to a special event organized at the Shirdi Sai Baba temple in Palakkad, Mohanji’s hometown in India, the 8th Pranapratishta Dina (Temple Consecration Day).

With Mohanji Acharyas

In the month of January, the Mohanji Acharyas conducted 122 programs for over 800 participants globally. An online program with the Indian Embassy in Croatia was organized in collaboration with the Himalayan School of Traditional Languages.
The Mohanji Acharyas in South Africa organised a 21-day VEGAN CHALLENGE, aligned with Mohanji’s teachings of non-violence and Ahimsa-living.
Special highlights for Mohanji Foundation

Mohanji’s “MAST” book was launched in Malayalam (native language in Kerala).

Social service

ACT Croatia, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Macedonia, Serbia, South Africa, UK, USA and all others, continue to spread happiness and cheer by donating food, fruits, stationery packs, bedding, much needed nappies and baby formula and clothes for the toddlers, underprivileged children, endangered families and sheltered dogs and cats.
A special highlight of social service happened on the 29th of January 2022, when members of Mohanji Family in Nepal were invited to donate stationery items such as notebooks and pencils to 25 children in Hope Rising Children Home orphanage in Kathmandu. In Bharatpur, Nepal on the 21st of Jan, the Mohanji team visited the orphanage Satya Sai Bal Ashram for 25 girls.

EBC Kids

A book with bedtime stories with illustrations, by kids for kids, was launched by EBC Kids.

EBC Kids Balkans, in collaboration with the Himalayan school of Traditional Yoga organised a Winter school camp in Serbia, attended by 60+ kids. The children learned to become aware of their breathing, heartbeat and feelings throughout the body, which also leads to calming the mind, improving attention and self-acceptance.


Team Mohanji is driven by a simple motto Adding Value to the world.

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