Overview of Mohanji Global Initiatives - September 2022

The graphic below shows a snapshot of our activities in the month of September 2022.
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Highlights of the Month

Mohanji as a respected guest speaker

On the 3rd of September 2022, Mohanji was invited as a respected guest and speaker to the National Interfaith Peace Conference in Nagpur, India. Read the full story here!

Pitru Paksha

Ancestral rituals (shraadh ceremony), using specific mantras and offerings, as per scriptural injunctions performed by the priests at the following sacred locations:
Gaya and

Annadaan performed at powerful spiritual power centres to renunciates, needy/old/sick people, cows, monkeys, fishes, birds, etc.

Visit to Varanasi

Mohanji visited a yogi of 126 years old in Varanasi, with his parents and close relatives on a private visit during the Pitru Paksha period, that is auspicious for expressing gratitude to one’s ancestors.
Varanasi 1
Varanasi 3
Read the full story here!

Amrut Manthan

On 8th September 2022, the sacred land of Shirdi witnessed “Amrut Manthan”, a one-of-a-kind gathering organised by Dr. Priya Shende, supported by the Shri Saibaba Sansthan Trust Shirdi that united leaders of the spiritual lineages of Maharashtra and Bharat. The lineages of peerless Masters of the past, such as Swami Samarth of Akkalkot, Shankar Maharaj, Eknath Maharaj and Tukaram Maharaj, were represented by their present-day successors. Spiritual luminaries from Maharashtra and Bharat graced this wonderful occasion, united in their love for Shirdi Sai Baba.

Visit to the mayor of Vodnjan

Global Ambassador of Mohanji Foundation and wife of Mohanji, Devi Mohan visited the city of Vodnjan along with Dalila Lakomica and Sanela Fekovic who are active members of Mohanji Foundation Bosnia & Herzegovina and Serbia. During this visit, the trio had the opportunity to visit the office of the Mayor of Vodnjan, The Honorable Edi Pastrovicchio. Devi also introduced the humanitarian activities and work of Mohanji Foundation to the Mayor. Devi also gifted a copy of Mohanj’s book, “Mind” to the Mayor.

Apprentice Acharyas

On September 18th, 49 Apprentice Acharyas had a live session with Mohanji, marking the completion of their training. Apprentice Acharyas aspire to be themselves fully, to be complete. They dedicated their life to adding value to society through selfless service.

Mohanji said, “Apprentice is an aspirant. When you stabilise yourself, you become a master.
Why are we creating this platform? We are trying to connect to connect to the source, our home. There is no deviation, no distraction here. Our focus is very clear, the purpose is clear. We have to become consciousness.
Where are we now?
Most of us are in the realm of our minds. What does the mind store? Personality – your name, form, and nationality, when the mind is in a waking state. We are always connected to consciousness. We have to walk this path. To live it through compassion, kindness, selflessness, honesty, truthfulness, and purity. Acharya means somebody who practises. When you practise these things consistently the world will become a better place.”

Mohanji Foundation at the Himalayan Vegan Festival in Kathmandu, Nepal

Mohanji Foundation was an Ecosystem Partner of the festival represented by Mohanji Acharyas Ulla and Chai. Ulla and Chai represented Mohanji Foundation as speakers at the festival on the subject “Journey from humankind to kind human” related to veganism. They introduced Mohanji platforms with the video “Adding value to the world” and played a video by Mohanji made specially for the occasion on the topic of veganism.

Social service

ACT Croatia, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Macedonia, Serbia, South Africa, UK, USA and all others continue to spread happiness and cheer by donating food, fruits, stationery packs, bedding, much-needed nappies and baby formula and clothes for the toddlers, underprivileged children, endangered families and sheltered dogs and cats.

Service in Nepal for the first time

Nepal ACT team visited 28 visually impared children who live in a boarding school connected to Jana Jagriti Secondary School.
The team planted 22 fruit trees at Dakshinkali Temple 22 kilometers outside the city. It was indeed a great start.

Fruit-tree Plantation Drive

Trees planted last month: 125

Since the Fruit Tree Plantation Drive began in 2021, more than 60,000 fruit trees have been planted around the world. 125 trees were planted in the month of September!
Read more about this project HERE


Team Mohanji is driven by a simple motto Adding Value to the world.

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