Quote Of The Day

Whatever society rejected has gained strength. The oppressed and suppressed have risen and gained strength over time. Time is like a wave. What goes up comes down and what goes down comes up eventually.

Master’s Thoughts

People judge people. Masters guide people. People are minds. Masters are Consciousness. It is not important what people think

Path to Roses

I have literally walked the paths of thorns and scorns before I could barely touch petals of roses, let

Repeated Existence

Everything external is another excuse for repeated existence. Every emotion is the same. This awareness is vital for liberation.

Peaceful Existence

When human beings deny life to other beings on Earth, Earth denies a peaceful existence to human beings too.

Acceptance vs Hatred

Acceptance leads to liberation. Hatred leads to binding.

Perpetual Meditation

There is no me or you. There is only Consciousness. This constant awareness is called perpetual meditation. Whenever we