Partnership announcement between the Mohanji Foundation USA, World Consciousness Alliance, and The Diplomatic Club to promote Spiritual and Cultural Diplomacy Globally.

The Mohanji Foundation, a global non-profit organization founded by Mohanji; World Consciousness Alliance, a Mohanji-founded platform for artists dedicated to raising awareness; and The Diplomatic Club, a non-political, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting peace and prosperity through diplomatic relations, have announced a collaborative effort to encourage Spiritual and Cultural Diplomacy to impact people and this planet on a global scale.
Mohanji Foundation aspires to build a better world ruled by peace, harmony, and love. It’s activities are aligned with various sustainable development goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. Globally, they span a spectrum of social, cultural and humanitarian objectives and activities including empowering individuals to lead purposeful, productive and joyful lives and contributing to uplift the underprivileged and helpless, providing food, shelter, clothing, medical care, vocational training, and education.
The Diplomatic Club has been committed to fostering relationships and partnerships among prominent businessmen, trade associations, former diplomats, and ambassadors from various countries to bridge gaps and promote positive interactions between nations.
Speaking about the collaboration, Ganesh Venkatachalam of the Mohanji Foundation USA stated, “We are happy to partner with The Amicability Diplomatic Club in promoting Spiritual and Cultural diplomacy to further our mutual goals of peace and prosperity for people and the planet. This will go a long way in broadening our reach and impact!”
President of World Consciousness Alliance, Christopher Greenwood, stated: “Our mission is to unite the world through compassion, kindness, and respect, harnessing the transformative power of entertainment and the arts. By reaching more hearts, we can create a greater positive impact globally. This partnership with The Diplomatic Club, extending our initiatives through platforms like the UN, is a significant step forward. Together, we will drive a positive cultural shift worldwide,”
Dr. Murthy Devarabhotla, President of The Diplomatic Club expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “Our partnership with the Mohanji Foundation represents a significant step towards promoting peace and prosperity worldwide. By combining our efforts, we can leverage our respective networks and resources to create a positive impact on a global scale.”
One of the key initiatives will be the upcoming Global project, “Gratitude Joy 3”, where 108 Musical Concerts Globally featuring Multi Grammy-winning Producer Paul Avgerinos, Grammy Acknowledged artists like Keerthy Narayanan, and many other prestigious and famous musicians from around the world organized in collaboration with the World Consciousness Alliance, a platform founded by Mohanji, Soultrax, the Content and Knowledge Partner, Eco System partner – OOJ Foundation, and New Delhi, the Ecosystem Partner. This initiative aims to foster understanding, respect, and unity among people of diverse backgrounds and nationalities through the universal language of spirituality and music.
World Consciousness Alliance is a global network of artists who believe in raising awareness. They use their craft to spread love, kindness, respect, and non-violence worldwide. World Consciousness Alliance will be a key partner in these concerts, which will serve as platforms for cultural exchange, spiritual enrichment, and the promotion of global harmony.
The collaboration between the Mohanji Foundation and The Diplomatic Club underscores their shared commitment to promoting peace, prosperity, and positivity through innovative approaches to global development, diplomacy, and cultural exchange.
For media inquiries or further information, please contact:
Sangeeth Jayanthan
Mohanji Foundation