Mohanji at 7th World Parliament of Science, Religion and Philosophy

Mohanji joined the MIT World Peace University as a guest speaker of the 7th World Parliament of Science, Religion and Philosophy program held online on Sunday 3 October 2021. 

The key theme of the event is, “Shaping Peace Together” and various speakers from across the world joined in to speak on the topic of cultivating world peace. 

Mohanji addressed the audience in a practical way, he said that peace starts within us and spoke about the importance of understanding and accepting our uniqueness. “The shaping of peace in the world has to start with oneself.” 

He spoke about the importance of adding value to the earth and taking responsibility to make the world a better place, instead of only talking about rights, instead of responsibility. 

Mohanji concluded his talk, giving his full support to the World Parliament of Science, Religion and Philosophy and the humanitarian work they do. In closing, the organising team took the opportunity to offer their gratitude to Mohanji to grace this event. They also extended a warm invitation to Mohanji to visit the World Peace Dome when he is next in India.