Mohanji Awarded Vir Peace Award as Global Humanitarian

On 4th July 2024, Mohanji was awarded the Vivekananda International Relations (VIR) Peace Award as Global Humanitarian in a glittering function held at Hotel Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai.
VIR Peace Awards were presented to outstanding Indian achievers who have contributed substantially to the cause of global peace, welfare, harmony and diplomacy. The date was also chosen to honour the memorial (death anniversary) of Swami Vivekananda, a spiritual giant who placed India firmly on the world map as the home of a rich culture of peace and acceptance of people of all faiths and backgrounds.
The VIR Peace Awards have been newly initiated to recognize the global impact of Indians and to celebrate those who have contributed substantially to the cause of global peace, welfare, harmony and diplomacy across many countries. Mohanji received the award as a “Global Humanitarian”, recognising his work in spreading the messages of ahimsa (non-violence), kindness, compassion and the highest human values through the Mohanji Foundation, ACT Foundation and other organizations founded by him, across 50+ countries spanning 6 continents.
Amidst his busy schedule in the UK, Mohanji specially flew down to Mumbai for just a day to participate in this function. In his opening remarks at the event, Mohanji thanked the organizers for the honour. He added that selfless service is often a thankless journey with several detractors and in that context, genuine acts of appreciation such as the VIR Peace Awards act as a morale booster! He went on to deliver a powerful speech where he emphasised the importance of acceptance and urged everyone to think in terms of responsibilities rather than rights. He made a strong pitch to put humanity first and treat all beings, across species, and nature with extreme respect. Talking about world peace, he said the vision should be a world free of weapons, so that bloodshed and violence become a thing of the past. Reiterating his core beliefs, he shared how he viewed humanity as my religion, with ahimsa (non-violence) being the primary method to achieve that. The audience appreciated Mohanji’s hard-hitting message and several shorter informal discussions ensued, laying the foundation for more collaborations to further the shared vision of a peaceful and harmonious world.


Other illustrious awardees included Mr Ratan Tata (Lifetime Achievement Award), Dr Chinmay Pandya, Dr Gauranga Das, Ms Elsie Gabriel, Acharya Lokesh Muni, Mr Sundeep Waslekar, Mr Subhash Kapur, Mr Ravi Pandit and Mr Hemant Oberoi, thereby spanning a wide range of causes from education, peace, environment, oceans, enterprise, culinary diplomacy and technology. The function was also graced by Dr Asle Toje (deputy leader of the Nobel Committee and a distinguished scholar in Geopolitics).

The VIR Peace Awards were organized by Tarpan Foundation in association with The Times of India and the Government of Maharashtra.