Mohanji named Most Influential Vegan at the 2021 Vegan Food Awards by Peta India!

We are pleased to share that Mohanji was awarded the title, Most Influential Vegan at the 2021 Vegan Food awards hosted by PETA India, a non profit that works for the welfare of animals and animal rights.

One of Mohanji’s key principles and teachings is living a conscious lifestyle of non-violence (Ahimsa) and not afflicting pain and suffering upon any beings. Mohanji also brings to awareness the pain and torture that the meat and dairy industry imposes upon animals. And therefore adheres to a strict Vegan lifestyle. In a quote published on PETA India website, Mohanji says:

“We take the calf away from the mother. Mother is very unhappy. The calf is sometimes killed. [He] is unhappy. And then we are extracting the milk out of the cow. The mother cow is feeling injustice all the time. [She’s] feeling torture. [She] is not feeling happy. And that milk is coming into your body. Do you think you will have a good life? That is the cause of diseases. Because the vibration that is coming inside is creating diseases. This is exactly why I am propagating veganism.”

Accepting the award with gratitude from PETA, Mohanji said, “I thank you immensely for choosing me and finding me eligible for this award. I sincerely hope that I would be able to influence more minds in the path of a vegan lifestyle. My initiative has been to bring a positive change with respect to veganism in food, clothing and shelter aspects – the basic three aspects of human existence which I proactively work towards. And I am happy to see that this lifestyle is spreading and the world is waking up to it too.

A cruelty free world – this is my dream. We shall walk hand-in-hand to create this glorious future.”